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September 2016


  1. When is the Right time to buy a flat/villa, it is difficult to anticipate the right time to invest in a home. Real estate market is always varying it has its ups and downs, hence there is no time as the Right Time or Perfect Time
  2. The right time to Buy/Invest in a home – is when you find a home that you can afford.
  3. Before investing in a Flat/Villa check the neighbourhood. Visit at different times of the day to check traffic at peak hours, find out the nearest grocery store, school, hospital etc.. Good school and hospital in the vicinity will add value to the property in a big way.
  4. Location should suit your personal requirements and budget.
  5. Location is a key factor to consider before making an investment. It is prudent to make an investment in a high-growth area where there is potential for growth, subsequently you gain on your investment.
  6. Proximity to business areas, educational institutions, and hospitals has to be kept in mind. It is also important to be aware of future developments in the area that could have a positive effect on the value of the property.



  1. When there are leaks in a flat concrete roof, the fast fix is to apply some kind of sealant or waterproof cement.
  2. Clean the entire roof surface with a pressure washer. Fill large cracks with roofing cement, and then apply a good prime.


  1. Construct your home so that your siding is about 6 inches or higher above the ground.
  2. Seal cracks in your foundation or basement walls, vents and window seals.
  3. Make sure you regularly clean gutters and downspouts to remove the waste.