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luxury homes in calicut



Easter is the merrymaking of a holy rebirth. In this jolly day decorate your villa to commemorate the sacrifice and love. Here we share some simple ideas to adore your villa in this Easter.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

EASTER IS HERE!!! THE BLESSED CELEBRATION OF RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. Celebrating this festive season in your villa with family and friends is indeed a felicity. Let this be the best opportunity to revive your villa as well. Since your guests are waiting for an appropriate day like Easter to visit your villa, decoration becomes the most part. Easter decorations are always close to nature. The stuff used as décor needs to be simple and jubilant. Let’s have a look;

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Décor Close to nature

Select decorative that is costless natural materials. Like using green grass with little fresh flowers instead of plastic. Fruit and Vegetable carvings are tremendous options for beautifying the Easter day. Paper crafts and cotton threads can do magic when combined with vivid imagination.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Dining

The axis of ester décor is your dining table. Place a spacey table in your living room. Because food and related decorations are important in Easter. Mix seasonal blooms and exclusive dishes together. Ester decoration demands thinking out of the box. Find crazy matches to garnish and adorn. Chinese clay plates and pots can enhance the true beauty of your dining. Tie crockery with decoration and colour. Try to make an abundant effect on the table. It must tell the story of prosperity.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Cards everywhere

People still love to have a card that whispers about love and wishes. Adorn every corner of your villa with cards that welcome guest at a glance. Religious or not, try to make it with your own hand. Your efforts can make it more valuable. Hang some cards on the front door or in any other favourite position of yours.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Brighten up
    Spread the light
    Fill your villa with warm lights. These lights act as a makeup for your decor. You can improvise your electrical bulbs to bulb bunnies. Easter calls for creativity. When you can combine art with a light it will be a delight. LED and candles create a wonderful atmosphere. And It’s economical. So try that also.
luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Easter eggs

In any religion, eggs represent fertility, birth etc. Easter eggs, sometimes depict the sealed tomb of Christ. You can make it with edible items like chocolate or simply painting a boiled egg. It is a custom to place coloured eggs in the villa. But rather than traditional practice Easter eggs embellish every other decorative.


  • Walls

Fill your wall with style and joy. These are the place to express your unique emotions. You can place wood bunnies, leafy wreaths, or any funny stuff you can make. Some people love to place pictures of family and other Easter wall hanging on the wall. There are many kinds available on the market. Banners and stuff with scrapbooking paper give other options for more creativity. Find your own ideas that outcast the common practices.

Prisunic Builder wishes you and your family the happiest Easter of all.

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5 ways to enjoy your holidays at home.

As a most trusted leading builder in Kerala, Prisunic builders offers best luxury homes in Calicut.

Holidays are the time for leisure and fun. Drooling in front of the television, taking a nap, or lying on the couch staring at the ceiling could be your usual thoughts of amusement. But, does it always have to be just that? Wouldn’t it be great if you could incorporate some glorious stuff that would enrich your inner self, as well? Read on. Here are some ideas that you could use. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out at all from your luxury home.

luxury homes in calicut

Here are five awesome ways you can spend your holidays indoors at your home.

1.Lift a few weights :

As we all know, working out is important, for a healthy body and a healthy mind. And no, you don’t always have to go to the gym to do that, unless you are planning to become Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Doing a little cardio and strength building workouts, like power lifting will help you to get fit and hey, you don’t have to spend a single rupee at that expensive gym that you hate going to.

2.Grab a good book:

luxury homes in calicut

 Yes. The undying art of reading. “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand,” said Neil Gaiman. Reading is the most exciting thing to do if you plan to stay at home. Books are these magical things that carry you mysterious and marvelous lands. Or if you aren’t already a good reader, now is the time to start. You are not only getting a chance to explore new worlds but also the chance to gain some knowledge and polish your vocabulary. So grab a book and be lost in a reverie at your luxury home.

luxury homes in calicut

3. Do a little networking:

They say it is not good to bring your work home. But in the age of constant connectedness, it is not a sin to do that. It is okay to make effective use of your devices to connect with your peers and co-workers outside the office. So, after you are done with a bit of reading and working out, you could do just that. Strengthen your connections at the workplace. Maybe, increase the chances of that promotion you wanted so much, right?Invite them abode.

4. Clean up:

Yeah, I know. Its boring. But hear me out. Organising your luxury home helps in organising the mind too. Do you know that it relieves tension and boosts our confidence about ourselves? ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’, so goes the saying. Instead of sitting idly and calling that relaxation, you should be giving yourself a makeover. Trust me, it gives astounding results. You will be glad that you did it. Chores like ironing your clothes, organising your home office and cooking for yourself gives you a feeling that you are in the right path, unlike that depressing feeling that you get when you are in the middle of a mess. I am not saying that you must be remodeling your  home. Starting from the smaller things is just enough.

luxury homes in calicut

5. Kiss Mom and Dad:

This has been repeated over and over and you are tired of hearing it. But guess what? This is the most important thing of all. Spending time with your loved ones. If you are a person who can’t stand having a nice casual chat with mom, you are making her feel alone and you, yourself aren’t in much of a good mood either. Talk to them. Share your worries and insecurities that even you are afraid to confront. They are your home and home should be the place that makes you the most happy. Sit with them and enjoy a nice little evening movie marathon. If you are up for spending time with your family once in a while, you will be pleased to find how enjoyable and worthwhile the experience had been for you.

So, that about it. Happy Holidays!

Five tips to make your kitchen look spacious.

A spacious is an essentiality for any good home. Without a big enough space to feed your family, the concept of a good home is always incomplete. It doesn’t really matter, if you didn’t allow much space for the kitchen in your house plan, proper arrangements and furnishings can always make the available space more than enough for your needs.

premium flats in calicut, budget flats in calicut

premium flats in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

Implementing some simple tricks and tips can change the whole outlook of a kitchen. Try these tips to create an Illusion of a bigger space than you have.

●Light it up!

A beautiful blend of natural and ambient lighting can create a huge difference. First and foremost, make sure that your kitchen gets Ample sunlight. This can be made possible by the right positioning of the windows. small glass portion on the ceiling will help a lot in this. well, thought and creative combination of artificial and natural lighting simply creates an expanded look. Artificial light should be chosen carefully. The light provided in the kitchen must be comfortable to the eyes during both the day and night.A beautiful blend of light create a relaxing atmosphere and elevates the look and space of a kitchen.

●White theme.

 White floor, white walls, white ceiling, white cabinets and everything else white! sounds great right? it feels the same as well! The colour white does magic in a kitchen. it has the ability to reflect light well and brighten up everything. Choose white tiles for the floor and tile up the wall as well .white ceiling appear higher and Brighter than they actually are. It makes the kitchen lot more airy and open.The same colour ceiling gives a rich and full atmosphere that feels complete.

You can also opt other pretty shades of white which can serve the purpose.Cream, Ivory , beige, cosmic latte& peach are other preferable options.All these light Shades give an open

villas in calicut

and spacious look your kitchen.
premium flats in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

●Clever cabinets.

Cabinets used in the kitchen decide the style and overall outlook of the kitchen. Therefore, you should be very cautious and creative in choosing them. the design, colour, material and positioning of the cabinets are very important. cabinets play the two most important functions -storage and style. cabinets satisfying these two purposes can make your kitchen look and feel luxurious.

The most important thing to keep in your mind while trying to make your kitchen look spacious is creating the look of Emptiness. the idea is concealing your appliances, cookware, groceries and everything else that is supposed to be in the kitchen in the cabinets. nothing of the above should be showing up in the kitchen when you enter. all you have to see is clean plain surfaces. This is why cabinets are so much relevant in a kitchen .even the biggest kitchen can look spaceless and terrible if it is filled with items. so, the decluttering process has to be put on top of the list. Eliminate all unnecessary things and promise yourself to not grab unwanted items when you are out for shopping the next time. give a proper and fixed ‘home’ for each and every item in the kitchen. if something seems to be ‘homeless’ in your kitchen, it obviously means it’s not supposed to be there! so toss it out.decluttering your present kitchen and making sure to not clutter it again can save you so much of space and time.

Install more upper cabinets than lower ones .make sure that the lower cabinets are Shallow. it provides lot more floor space. you can compensate it by fixing deeper cabinets on top. use cabinets with glass doors. it elevates the style of the kitchen to another level. you have a bonus too! cabinets with glass doors compel you to keep it clean and organised as you happen to see through them everytime you are there. the more organised you are the more space you have. fixing light coloured cabinets go very well with our white theme. altogether the kitchen turns out simply fabulous!

premium flats in calicut, budget flats in calicut

premium flats in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

●Make it simple!

 The kitchen is not the perfect place to display intricate woodworks and embellishments. from the door to the ceiling, leave everything simple and beautiful. it gives the area an expanded look .while purchasing appliances, cookware and utensils choose the slim ones .these little ones can perform the functions of the huge alternative and free up some space for you which is great!

 Go for single sinks than double sinks which eat up a lot of space.

It is an untold Reality That bigger sinks are directly proportional to more dirty dishes. So stick on to the simple single sink! the ideal kitchen contains only necessary items and not everything and anything .very often we find the corner space in the kitchen is wasted use it efficiently by fixing appropriate sized corner shelves with glass doors.

●Keep it organised.

premium flats in calicut, budget flats in calicut

premium flats in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

Keeping everything organised is the secret to a spacious and beautiful kitchen. it makes much easier and comfortable to work in there. Here are some tips to make your small kitchen feel much bigger and useful space.

 – use medium or big sized food storage containers of the same size and shape(preferably square or rectangle) instead of using many small mismatched containers.

– keep all your appliances in one space rather than scattering the kitchen counter. This helps your kitchen to be better organized and also helps you save time..

– clean your draws and cabinets once in a while and get rid of all the items you do not need. also, remove the appliances that are obsolete and dust collecting.

– use labels on your spices and other powders so that you do not take out ever jar/bottle and create a mess when in need of a single one.

– instead of digging in an overcrowded drawer for a single utensil, easy it up by investing in a cutlery tray which has divided sections for different types of cutlery.

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How to make your Guest Bedroom more Appealing

Prisunic Builders offers you Villas in Calicut at an affordable rate within the City limits. Make your dream come true with Prisunic builders owning your Villa in Calicut.

This article shares some ideas about making your guest room in your Villa more welcoming to your loving guests. This section of Villa may be the least used one. But when a guest arrives, your home will be rated on the appearance of the guest room. So make it captivating with some simple tips.

The guest room may not be the most sought out place in your Villa. You once gave a place for it in your house plan. And eventually forgets about the necessity it owns. But this room silently brands your Villa in front of an unexpected guest. So it demands a classy appearance.
Let’s discuss some ideas that can recreate your guest space.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

  • Keep it simple and make space
    If you want to make any space in your Villa awesome then simplicity is the way. Don’t clutter the guest room with unwanted items. Keep the room clean. Avoid exaggerated furnishing tendency. So perfect number is one/two chairs with one table. Limiting the furniture smartly gives more space to your guest room. Of Course, Space gives cosy look for the room.
  • Remember the essentials

Always prepare your guest room by foreseeing the needs. Such as space to keep luggage, a table and chair, a pot of water, and a mirror for sure. Remember to empty cupboards by removing your possessions from it.  Ensure there is working plug points for charging mobile and lap. After a long journey, your guest will certainly search for these.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

  • Bedding is an art

The main attraction of a guest room is the bed. So bedding becomes a talent. Choose to clothe according to climate and comfort. Select themes for children. Place bed at the centre of the room as in hotels.  Whoever your guest is , keep it clean. Don’t forget to provide duvet or blanket.  Match pillows with beddings. That makes it classy.

  • Importance of bathroom

Nevertheless to say your guest room must have an attached bathroom. Your guest deserves that. For a refreshing, he/she will visit the bathroom. So make sure there are a first-hand towel, soap and shampoo with face creams. Be sure that Washroom smells good.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

  • Privacy

Room always implies privacy. Inside those for walls, one is their own. In guest room importance of privacy doubles. So cover windows of guest rooms with beautiful curtains. Recheck the strength of door locks. To keep the privacy uninterrupted you can place a telephone in the room. By this, you can avoid knocking at the doors.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut


  • Determine the Decorative

Again keep it simple. Decorative imparts life to an inactive room. A must wall decoration is a working clock. And you can adorn walls and tables with pleasing pictures of scenery. Don’t try a stuffed tiger head instead. Place a basket of fruits on the table. You can also choose an exclusive paint for your villa’s guest room.

  • Lighting is special

What if lighting fails? Then your every effort to revamp the room goes in vain. Select trendy bulbs with the rich look and soothing light. Try to lit up every corner of the room with a different set of lights. And if there are different switches to control each set, guest will love it. A cool bed light is recommended which can be controlled from the bed.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

  • Entertainment

If you can provide entertainment options in guest room then it is called luxurious. A TV or music system in this room is a wonderful option. Books are an alternative. Select some books and place it near the bed. Consider the character of your guest in a selection of such items.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

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5 reasons why living in an Apartment or flat is awesome!!!

Prisunic Builders, one of the top builders in Calicut, provides the best range of budget flats and Apartments in Calicut which will satisfy your dream. Make your choice and grab the finest Apartment in Calicut you deserve.!!!

Choosing a budget flat or Apartment in Calicut as an abode is a beautiful and productive choice. Since most of the Apartments in Calicut are situated within city limits and are rich with amenities, you will never regret on such choices. Below are some top reasons why living in an Apartment in Calicut is awesome. Let’s checkout.

  1. Economical

It may be a little offensive for home admires. But the fact is that renting an Apartment or flat is relatively pocket-friendly than catching up with house chores. Builder values your money and in business money implies quality. You have the valuable privilege to select the flat or Apartment of your choice. When building a house of your own, there are many concerns you need to address. Those include finding the location and proceeding the herculean task of building the house from ground to reality. But renting an Apartment or flat provides presets of homes which are tagged under a particular tagline. By easily comparing the price, you can determine your business.

  1. Maintenance free

Maintenance of own property is always costly and time consuming where both time and money determines our life harmony. So by choosing flat or Apartment in Calicut, you are crossing over the hurdle of maintenance. Most builders are bound to handle the maintenance work of their building. It covers plumbing-electrical works, painting and every other fixing.

Apartments in Calicut

Apartments in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

Apartments in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

Apartments in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

  1. Safety assured

When you become the resident of a particular Apartment you are becoming a part of their security system. An ideal builder ensures its customer safety. Surveillance camera and security personnel are common characteristics of such establishments. Some Flats are even ready to look after your young child in your absence. So opt Apartments/ Flats for more organized safety measures.

  1. Amenities you dreamed

Apartment life is considerably less expensive but at the same time richer in amenities. Builder consolidates the gain into a customer based infrastructure development. So you will get trendy rooms and space within the budget limit. Compare quality and quantity of amenities listed by the builder and sort out the best.

  1. Exclusive lifestyle- Unique service

Living in an Apartment or Flats means entering into a new lifestyle. You will be more organized and the location advantage reduces the time wasting. There are extras you will get in an apartment like Swimming pools, gardens and what’s more. Recreational area and well developed outdoor spaces and library redefine your way of living.

Unique services like payments of bills and other customer appreciation programs make Apartment/ Flat living inimitable.