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April 2017


Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer!!!..


People are left with no option but to stay at home during summer. For how long can you stay in the sweltering outdoors? You can’t possibly make the sun go or use air conditioners all over the house 24/7 for that will cost a lot and is not an environment friendly option too. Here’s how to summer proof your home. Check out these cost effective ways to keep your home cool this summer.

1.Get aluminized blinds or insulated curtains

For your windows. Also go around the house and drape sheets all over the exterior. These makeshift exterior curtains will keep the sun’s heat away from your windows but the breeze will be blowing if you wish to keep the windows open.

2.Leave a few windows open after sunset

So that the cooler night air would be blowing throughout the evening. Also, leave all the internal doors open. You may also want to open the closets and the kitchen cabinets as well, as they store the daytime heat and your house won’t cool off as much at night. Be sure to close the windows and the blinds as soon as the sun hits your house.

3.Plants on windows


While you are leaving windows open, also place some plants on the ledge. Easy to install and help humidify the dry air circulating inside.

4.Grow plants on the terrace


Cultivating plants on the terrace helps cool down a building naturally,The mud used to grow plants acts as an insulator, absorbing the direct heat from sun, thereby keeping the slab cool.Using plastic gardening sheets will also help in preventing any kind of water leakage.



5.Use smooth white linen to cover your beds and upholstery.



Use light-colored cotton bedspreads and throw white fabrics over your sofas during the day since the upholstery fabrics are thick and make you sweaty. Light-colored fabric will reflect the heat instead of absorbing it, and the smooth texture will give you an impression of coolness.


6. Cross-ventilate.

If it’s windy outside, you can create a breeze inside your home by strategically opening your windows. When the wind blows against a building, it creates a high-pressure area on the side where it hits and a low-pressure area on the opposite side. As the wind naturally moves from the high pressure area to the low pressure one, opening the windows on both sides of your home will allow the air to move through the house, creating a breeze.

7.Paint your roof white.

In much the same way the ice/snow reflects UV rays instead of absorbing the heat like the oceans do, cities are now giving white roofs a second look for cooling homes and fighting climate change. So paint your terrace and roof white to reflect heat.