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How to convert a Villa to a modern masterpiece!!!

Prisunic builders offers villas in Calicut at affordable rates and believe in the influence of home in human existence. So if one is hoping for a smooth and jubilant worthwhile existence with his or her beloved mates then reassure home is happy. Modernize your villa and breath  fresh air from the masterpiece you just made.

Modernization is an ideology used to represent the gradual transformation of traditional and unbearable condition to a new and demanding progress line. This is a unique and unavoidable process in the pragmatic and prosperous human life. So how can we modernize our prestigious but often objectionable life? Beyond the theories and studies, there are some practical ways to achieve the very idea of modernization within the living condition. Adapting the new technologies and accessories which ease up the daily mechanical life we follow will be the first but the best step to modernization. To be more precise your home villa is the wonderful workplace you have to begin the successful modernizing set about.

Your villa and apartment have tremendous fruitful possibilities to experiment with. It’s an innovative thread which you need to develop with creative and prudent vigour. Each inch of your home can be converted into a sensual piece of art. As your villa or apartment is made with utmost care in each step, steps that span from drafting of the master plan to structuring of infrastructures then the process of modernization is advised to play out bit-by-bit with a sheer consolidation of effort. Here we are going to discuss the same. How to modernize your villa or apartment, actually inch by inch.

Your villa can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle. Missing one piece may result in the total downgrading of your hard work. So like completing a jigsaw, you need all elements of your apartment. These elements include nook and corner of your villa, bedrooms to bathrooms, windows to a wardrobe. Retouch and redraw every unfinished and out fashioned décor and infrastructure. Believe it or not, even an appropriate set of the attractive curtain may trigger a sensation of novelty in your home. So let’s analyze the characteristic of a typical modern villa.

How to convert an ordinary villa/ Apartment to a modern masterpiece

Home is definitely the primary asylum every human wish to inhabit through-out the unpredictable life. Our residence must give us some remedy and relaxations from the miseries of life. So make it sure that your home is not another dilemma that gnaws your indeed surviving possibilities. Imagine you are back in the boring house with unbearable tension and tiredness of the daily mundane life struggles only to find out that the remaining time is reserved for tuning the housing chores under the pale smile of your electric bulbs. Absolutely it is the worst disaster you should avoid. Adapt to some modern environment which is the best and demanding option you got. Modernization of your villa means converting or transforming the most annoying moods created by those sections of your villa to a sensible and beneficial living condition.

Here we are concentrating on the modification of different section of an apartment which has the ability to provide mesmerizing outcome after the renovation. See the following;

  • Start with the Doors and Windows:

Doors and windows are the supreme receptors of natural vibes. Your home respires through these windows and doors. Wide open doors give the feel of Luxury Villas in Calicutopen arms welcome. It’s the first chant of the impression on your graceful guest. So make sure your villa or apartment has the beautiful set of doors and windows. Doors must be strong enough to keep away the external threats and at the same time, it needs to be classic craft. Choose a product which is the amalgam of tradition and trend. Definitely, it will contribute to the overall outlook of your sweet home.

  • Choose furniture wisely and save the space:

The need for furnishings is undeniable. Maybe those wooden chairs and divan are very costly. But if those essentials snatch your precious living space then time for rethinking. Simplicity explains beauty. So keep it simple. Never opt for a behemoth dining table which is half the size of your living room. Glass table tops are a preferable alternative for wood due to comparatively low cost and trendy look. Don’t buy an excess number of chairs which aren’t really necessary for your actual needs. If you are buying a furnished villa from an authentic builder you will know the art of furnishing proportions.

  • Curtains and colours

These are game changers. A window curtain conserves your privacy as well as preserves the aesthetic of room. Like this, the wall paints redefines the space of your living room and bedroom. You can choose any exterior painting colours of your taste but in the case of interior painting bright colours are advisable since it can create an illusion of wide space and peace. But you can try different colours in each bedroom or even in different walls! Remember to match your curtains accordingly. Wallpapers are another economic and potent favourite.

  • The importance of Plumbing and wiring

Allocate money and time for stitching up the ‘veins’ of your villa. If electrical-plumbing works are done without proper devotion then you will regret it in the near future. Choose a quality product for such process. Again, never compromise on the quality. Your willingness to adapt quality will save money eventually by less electrical and maintenance charge. Use high yielding electronic devices like led lamps which consume less energy and contributes more shine for home.

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  • Bathrooms& Kitchen

Every enthusiast visitor of your new villa or apartment will certainly find time to sneak into rate and analyze your bathrooms and kitchen. The kitchen tends to be the busiest area of your home where the bathroom is usually the most private area. Both require utmost consideration.

In bathrooms, you can try the most ‘viral’ pipes and showers in the market. European closets became the common thing in a modern bathroom so consider it. Tiling of floor and walls of the bathroom is necessary to easily drain the water and protect walls from mildew. Remember the importance of quality plumbing work. Placing a mirror will affirm the class of your bathroom. Also, provide some frame or hanger to shelter the things you need in there.

In the kitchen, there are numerous options for creative and helpful upgrading. Racks are a requirement to shelve the groceries and utensils. Ventilations will ease up the tight environment in a kitchen and provide more oxygen and aroma to your working area. Brought in some of the helpful electronic accessories like mixer, grinder and microwave oven to subdue the pressure and rediscover the delicious recipes in your mind. Watery and cooking areas are usually adorned with granite or marbles which is helpful in cleaning the final chaos. Avoid fuming volcano resembling furnace and replace it with more efficient and cute gas stoves. You can explore more on the internet under ‘smart kitchen’ keywords and find resembling ideas about kitchen remaking.

  • Bedroom

Very important space of a villa and relatively more relaxing than other rooms of a home. So this portion of villa needs special treatment. When modernizing your bedrooms the theme must be peace of mind and content it could provide. Use cool illuminants and appropriate air conditioning. Avoid junk materials and protect the open space. If you possess a variety of dresses and ornaments one armoire will do. Select beds and mattress which can pamper and retaliate all your stress. As mentioned earlier you can experiment with unorthodox painting styles and adorning. Hang your favourite picture on those walls. And you can fix multiple mirrors for enhancing the potential of lamps and exhibiting the true beauty of your bedroom. Attach bathroom with bedrooms which is a classy and custom combination of modern apartments.

  • Floor and Ceiling

Floors and ceilings are like the cover page of a book. Everyone will start evaluating the home only after cross-examining the finishing of these. Plant tiles, marbles or granite as your wish and budget in the floor. Use appropriate carpet and mats to make cleaning easy and floors ever shining. Your ceiling can be decorated with fabulous fans and shine.


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Tips to decorate your Villa/ Apartment in this Christmas

Tips to decorate your Villa/ Apartment in this Christmas

Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way and Christmas on the way! Beyond religious frames, Christmas is celebrated by all altruistic human beings around the world and like any other celebration, it is the gratification of hope over the adversaries of life. And you may notice that even nature is bedecked in chilled white to welcome the merriment of its arrival. It’s the best holiday you got to spend with your family in your villa or apartment with utmost regalement. In this Christmas be the part of the festive mood of the world by inviting the happiness to your villa and apartment. Be yourself prepared for the delight by decorating your lovely hoChristmas-home-décor-tips-for-compact-homes-shutterstock_161696120-resizedme.

Everyone enjoys embellishing and beautiful stuff. The exhilaration is high when your eyes catch a Christmas decorative like draped glittering paper stars, leafy wreaths, Christmas trees, Christmas garlands, colourful emanations of lights and so on. These adorn emancipates some positive vibes which gives special convivial environments where it belongs. So decorating your villa for Christmas itself ensures sublime happiness in your family.

Decorating your villa or apartment for Christmas isn’t a humdrum job. For satisfying results for your creative works, you need to have that zeal for celebrations and vigorous planning for the blessed day. Christmas is the union of colours, lights and music. And your apartment is the fabricated nest of joy, memories, and reunions, sharing and caring. So it is undoubtedly clear that home is the excellent venue for all those special festivals and so the Christmas.


This article will give you some tips to decorate your villa and apartment for this glorious Christmas.

Christmas decoration stuff varies from huge Christmas trees to glittering tiny stars. Each of these stuff belongs to some designated position where its beauty is you have to plan your decorative steps according to the size and objectivity of the decoratives you have. Here we are categorizing the decorations as inside(interior) and outside (exterior) decorations. Let’s have a look:

Outside decoration ideas

Outside decorations welcomes your guest ( and Santa) as well as provides an astonishing greatness to your villa. Seeing such a home will make your good neighbours happy. It’s what Christmas is meant for. See the following.

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# Christmas tree

well, the adorned Christmas tree is an incomparable symbol of Christmas Eve. For years it has been used to represent the joy and strength of relations and the glory of Christmas. You can set one in front of your villa by your self. A pine tree is the most preferable one but you can choose your own plant for decoration. If you don’t have such plant, artificial one can be built which is a usual practice. or you can buy attractive tree models from Christmas market. There is no specification in materials for decorating a Christmas tree. You can use light bulbs, bells, stars or whatever cute things you have. It’s up to your creativity. If you are small family then choose a small tree for your villa to make the job perfect.

# Christmas stars and lights

Its a delight to see various blinking lights and Christmas stars. Isn’t it? These things easily draw everyone’s attractions. Christmas is a day and night celebration and these shinings outcast the show when the sun is down. You don’t need to place lights and stars to get the appropriate environment.rather it is recommended to select a few energy efficient bulbs(LED is the best option) and unharmful and much economical paper stars for the decorations. Harsh light is not the Christmas type. Hang stars and lambs in the most catchy face of your villa. And careful with burning lamps if you have children in your apartment.

#exterior furnishings

Beyond temporary arrangements, you can concentrate on your villa’s exterior furnishings as part of decoration as well as long-term use. You can change your carpet and furniture in this Christmas and select combination of trend and tradition which you will not regret later. Red and white mixed carpet gives a Christmas mood but you can have your choice on clours.

And if you are preparing for a total makeover of a villa in this Christmas painting and changing wallpaper is a recommended option.


Inside decoration

Since Christmas is the event for getting together with your friends, families and other guests so, decorating interiors of your villa or apartment is a must do. You have the option to separately decorate each type of your room. In bedrooms, kitchen, and living room the most creative space is the living room. Because it is spacious and the first noticeable place for your guest. The materials you can use for decorating your living room are listed below:

#leafy wreaths:

place it on the doors and table stands. Simple hence beautiful

#bells and ribbons: adore your entry doors and windows with these. The movement and little giggling noise it makes creates an evangelizing mood inside your home. Tieing ballons with this will make it more appealing and live.

#wall papers: use Christmas themed wallpapers for your rooms along with appropriate curtains to set up the festive scene. You can also apply religious or heartwarming pictures on the wall.

# dining table: yes it is a perfect decorative canvas for your creativity. Choose table clothes wisely. And fill the table with delicious food and vine. Don’t forget to place a Christmas cake at the centre with a lighted candle on it.  Your guest and Santa will certainly love it.

Here we only mentioned living room because of its importance in every celebration. You can redraw your decorating sense as per the requirement and along with these arrangements keep your villa or apartment clean and well maintained. which will make your decorations more vibrant and effective.

To celebrate this Christmas with the fusion of unlimited happiness and peace with your family and friends. Absorb and disseminate the value of renouncement, generosity and hope. Sow and reap happiness.Wish you a Merry Christmas.

Villas in Calicut

A villa in the City limit- Know why we recommend it for you

If you are seeking a beautiful villa for spending your spontaneous and joyful life with family then there are some factors that really matter. Such a concern is the location of your master project, your villa. Beyond the blueprints and colourful imagination about your villa you need preplans about the location or exact point where your villa would be raised in future.
The selection of territory is important in building a home since it has prolonged effect on your future living condition. Here territory includes city or urban area, coastal area, suburb, rural and so on. The changing tide indicates that most rural inhabitants tend to migrate to city life which is relative to the remoulding of lifestyles of generation and tremendous developments happening all over the country.

We are aware of the difference in statistics of development when compared to city and rural areas. City life is an ever upgrading one. Its trend and infrastructures modify within a blink of the eye. The city is a real alma mater for every humankind. Because it is complex with its diversities. As once said, a city is a flowing river in which one cannot step in twice. So if you wish to know the real pulse of dynamic life, a city is the best choice for your home or villa. It is true that city life is much louder and vibrant than the rustic life in the village. But benefactors of city life know that there is a harmony dissolved in the busy buzzing of its streets.

But if you are about to own a villa in city limit then beyond the undefined beauty of city you will realize the safety and amenities a city is inheriting. The economic and social importance of city made it an apple in the eyes of every government. Cities are the cross section of a nation so its peace and prosperity has supreme importance. Health, food, transport, education, entertainment, security et cetera are something a social being like us can’t avoid. And by selecting villa in city limit assures the best of these essentials. Let’s evaluate the benefit of choosing a villa in city limit one by one.

City transit saves precious time

Apart from the prominent national highways city consolidate numerous connecting roads and routes. Cities have organized traffic systems to avoid unwanted traffic block and thereby reduce time wasting. You can choose your own vehicle or private or public transit vehicles to grab your destination within the exact meeting time. This helps to manage your smooth adaptation from office life to family life. Since online guiding programs like google map is perfectly drawn almost all the city routes, finding and exploring ways is not a puzzle anymore. So you can enjoy the vast geography of the city without any troubles. Easy access to railway stations and airports make city centre a favourite location for building a home. So you can hope best from a villa in the city centre and there will be no regret.

‘Health is wealth’ then city is your strength

Our ultimate earning is our body and its health. A well-maintained health provides the exquisite and consistent happiness than any exhumed treasures of this world. So hospitals are the most adequate reasonably advised place to visit when our invaluable health is in stake. Usually, hospitals and health centres concentrate on large and developing cities by considering the population and possibility of smooth functioning. By residing in a villa situated in such a place will definitely conserve and enable a healthy life.

Safety is indicator of development

Well, city embodies some threat and risk like any other place in the world. But the best part is, it offers paramount safety features which are unimaginable for insular peoples. Just a dial near police force and other security and recovery options like ambulance and emergency fire services make city life an easy choice for any man or women who believe in a harmonious and undisturbed living. Now the government is initiating new schemes for improving and securing city perimeter by implementing CCTV cameras and efficient street lights. Some already experimented programs like ‘she taxi’ and ‘pink patrolling’ are mainly focused on the safety of womanhood.

Education is better in city

For a family person, assuring good education to his or her child is an unavoidable responsibility. Every parent dreams about their progenies’ better future. Since education is renowned as a key to success and catalyst for making a better personality, it is the greatest gift you can give to your true successor.  Then making a villa in a city means uninterrupted, gentle and adequate education to your children. Apart from schools and colleges city involves famous institute for pursuing an advanced level of study like researching and inventing. Above mentioned features like various transit option and safety make student’s educational journey more jovial. City also provides a pragmatic way of studying with earning through some jobs from the numerous possibilities it upholds.

Food+ Celebrations+ Entertainment

By erecting your dream villa in city limit you will have access to unlimited and astonishing fun and entertainment harboured by the city. You can taste continental dishes as well as traditional homely meals from fabulous hotels around your place. A perfect city never sleeps. So can you? Day and night partying and cultural programs refill your soul with the special unspoken feelings and unforgettable experiences which are worth saving till your last breathe. Who knows what you will find in your explorations. Watch movies, make friends, relive every moment you enjoyed if you can. Hear what the fading moments say to you. Past is gone and future is unknown. You only own this present moment. This is the essence of city life. If you are aware of this then don’t hesitate to be a part of the city. Raise your home in the lap of urbanism. Revamp with its tiny evolutions.

So don’t underestimate or accuse city life without knowing the rhythm of the Luxury Villas in Calicutcomplexity of its soul. We are under the era of globalization and city is the exact place one can chase the change. If you are set for an innovative and extraordinary life then welcome to the city.


Villas in Calicut

Must have Amenities for your Dream Villa

Villa is a symbol which depicts luxury and beauty in artistic proportion, so no wonder about the perennial fame it acquired through these years in the aspirant minds. Villas are best options for individuals and families with desiderated private space and peace of mind. You can rent a villa according to your planning or build a brand new one in the desired location. For both, you may need a builder for achieving your satisfaction. But before going to a builder, have some insight about your villa which may later become the pillars of your future achievement. So prior to consulting a suitable builder foresee the necessities which have long-term effect on your lifestyle and contentment. Listed below are some must-have features for your dream villa;
1. Breezy elevated land
Everybody loves a refreshing wind in their face and relaxing atmosphere around them at least when they are home. That is what home is. Nowadays nobody builds a hideous fort meant for hiding in some harsh mountains or pit. So look for an elevated land with natural environment which has adequate sunlight and air supply. Don’t opt for a deserted land which is isolated from the outer world. If you succeeded in finding the appropriate land just know that your plan for dream villa is on the right track and its half done.
2. Within city limit
We need some resources to thrive. Something other than the basic food and shelter aspects. As a social being our kind has developed well-structured living conditions for enriching and enabling better future. A city offers the best of such. Which include schools, hospitals, security and safety services, shopping and entertainment options and so on. An own Villa in city limit provides better access to above-mentioned features. With better roads and public transport options your work and family life will connect smoothly without unwanted time wasting.
3. Modern amenities-
Since you are wishing for a renounce from daily life struggle of this busy world, home can be a cure. A well arranged home or villa provides relief from most of the work stress you faced out there. Think about a smart kitchen which work with finger tips, pampering bedrooms for reclining and astonishing bathrooms which wash away and vanishes your worries and enhance you to see another beautiful angle of life. Prefer the combination of modern technology and creativity in your villa so that you can taste the elixir of hassle free life.

4. Exclusive lifestyle
We have only one life to celebrate. So make it worth. Start with your villa by making it the most beautiful place in your world. Choose home and related services which offers incomparable lifestyle. Be romantic with your routines. Cherish your moments with partying, gaming, meetings and enjoy every bit of life. Have that life in which your heart says “the night is still young”. Start finding happiness in small things instead of worrying about small things.
5. Spectacular view
Who hate a good view through the windows of their own home? We all admire rain drops, blue sky, waves of the sea, the mist and mountains because they are somewhat celestial. Now most of the builders offer such picturesque locations as well as delightful inside furnishing. Select your property as per your taste. Decide whether you need a diaphanous riverside villa or a lovely hut in the center of a redolent garden. Then open up your heart to the eternal beauty of nature. Remember a picture is beautiful when it is made in a quality canvas. So when building your villa don’t forget to consider the aesthetics of landscape around your project.

Villas in Calicut
6. Exceptional service is the bonus you deserve
We build our home for the long term future. It’s not a minutes rage or rush. Huge money and savings are invested on such dreams. But most time people struggle with the maintenance of their property and housing procedures. Sometimes the dreams abruptly collapse even before it sprouts because of budget deficit. Then our next step will be taking a loan which is certainly a disquieting event. The formalities, terms and conditions will eventually make your life a little rough. Even if you succeed in overcoming the budget constraint and made your dream villa into a reality, there exist some usual but exigent problems that are the daily housing shots. This varies from paying your current bill to rechecking the maintenance of your building. If ignored such responsibility may become a liability. So confide in a builder who can appreciate and uphold your aspirations as well as serene happiness by making essential approach towards the mentioned housing hurdles.

Such smart visions about your villa not only give you confidence but also provide an approximate budget graph and sustained peace. Now you need a game partner for your dream, which means time to meet a professional builder of your choice. Be practical with your imagination. Because once dreams are born it need to be raised into reality.