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Apartments in Calicut

Why Apartments are a Wise Choice

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”- a quote by J.K Rowling the famous best-selling fiction author of all time. The point is that our life is the consequences of choice we made once. Surely one of the great choice we make in life is about home, where we devote our affluence and sentiments in one purpose. So any decision about your abiding needs to be close to perfect and emotionally satisfying. Here we are discussing why apartments are a wise choice for you than other possibilities and how this choice is special from available residing options.

Usually, an apartment is one or a set of rooms in a building block which is available for rent. Now India has a wide range of apartments as you can see how high the demand is. Everyone loves an own house, a house with extra amenities like swimming pool, Gym, poolside party area, library, indoor game zones and so on. But the dream of owning these amenities and adding one to your home is costly enough. But relax, Prisunic Builders is here with exclusively built apartments which consist most of the lovely spaces you have coveted them. And of course, it is really amiable to your budget concerns.

The terms Flat and Apartment often confuses people when they enter into business in the Indian market in the quest for comfortable choice. For a linguist, these two terms may imply the same meaning which is true most time. But at the present scenario in building industry, Apartment is more organized and clearly satisfies customer demands.

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  • Perfect for your Budget Plans Apartments are popular for their affordability. A luxurious villa or house may be attractive but an apartment is always a good recommendation for a family man or individual who has clear ideas about his budget plans. You can have your apartment on rent or in some case you can own them on lifetime agreement. When comparing to the buying and maintenance cost of villas and house, Apartment is truly an economical option. You can save your money and invest it in other business and for the welfare of your family. The best characteristics of nowadays apartment are that you don’t need to compromise on amenities or quality based on your spending for the same.


  • More space than Flat and rented dwelling rooms

Naturally, an Apartment is a self-contained group of a private unit under a large building complex or compound. It has two or three rooms with adequate space. With private space, it also combines community hall and party area. Open space available is adequate for better moves and freedom of work so the cost varies with the area of your apartment.


  • More privacy than Hotel rooms

Numerous residing options are available around you. So the choice becomes tough. Like the cheap rates offered by hotels for temporary stay. They will offer room service and other refreshments. But the privacy offered by an Apartment is incomparable. Hotels rooms may be good for temporary stays and single person but for a family, an apartment is the best choice.


  • Amenities- both for your needs & dreams

The apartment is comprised of all the basic needs and space like infrastructures, automatic lifts, parking lot. Beyond these, it offers excellent leisure areas like swimming pools, garden, children’s playing area, indoor game zones, common library space and much more. It is like a dream come true, a perfect environment for peaceful repose with family and friends. This is what apartment is.


  • Civilized, socialized and organized

Well, we need friends and family to support our emotions and share our feelings. Our personality develops only when we are in good company. If your choice was wise then you will certainly get a chance to make new friends and social interactions which is a psychological advantage of most apartments. And Prisunic Builders believes in developing such helping and meaningful connections by creating special space like internal recreation hall or party area. You can eventually form clubs and groups to make every celebration more pleasing. For creative and active minds owning a space in an apartment means owning a big family.


  • 24-hour security and timely maintenance work.

Every apartment under a corporation or entity gives paramount importance to the safety of their tenants or residents. This is why apartment is usually gated and will be strictly under the open eyes of the surveillance camera. They will certainly welcome your guests but definitely blocks any unwanted intrusions from ‘foreigners’. That is what you want, right? With the technical assistance, there will be security personnel for every query and helps.

Also, the apartment becomes good choice because it mitigates your worries about maintenance issues. The electrical- water- gas lines are usually centralized and under keen observation. Since these things come under a single unit, any interrupted service has a wide effect. So the problem will be solved immediately. Or if there are unattended issues you can directly dial the builder or manager to get adequate answers.




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Top Reasons to buy Flat in Calicut

Top reason to buy flat in Calicut
Think about a vast urbanized area where compassionate people live in harmony by reciting the astonishing sagas and kindness of their beloved city. A vibrant and energetic landscape having scope for development and accomplishments with never-ending threads of entertainment. Then welcome, Calicut is the marvellous example of that imagination. This is why recommending a flat in Calicut is undoubtedly a fruitful choice for you and your loved ones.
Beyond the cultural and heritage hallmarks of Calicut, there are numerous reason for you to choose a flat in Calicut. Here we will point out some features of this city which makes it the best location for your flat.
A flat is a suitable option for those who are maintaining a busy schedule to support and stabilize their daily life chores. City ensures the exact solution and surroundings for such concerns. Calicut city is composed of some vibes that soothe life hassles. Hence this city is depicted as the best choice for owning flat and regaining the full potential of life.

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* Emerging metro city
More than thirty-eight percent of Calicut city is urbanized. And it has a population over five lakh inhabitants which make it one of the largest urbanized area in the state. Calicut city is now concentrating on basic infrastructure developments as well as the high yielding modernizations. Within years Calicut is going to outcast every successful stories of Kerala by its unique way of proceedings. Already it is predicted that Calicut is eventually become metro city like Kochi.

* Numerous housing options- Competitive builders
Calicut foster a range of housing option which varies from economic flat to luxurious villa. The housing demand in Calicut is high so naturally it became the hub for builders with unique building plans and dealings which meet the customer demand.
Calicut city has nourishing environment for builders and housing industry. This city provides you the exclusive choices for your dream home or any other temporary lodging because there is a fare competition between each builder in ensuring the quality of their project. This provides you the invaluable and splendid opportunity as an offer to own the affordable flat which doesn’t intend to violate your budget concerns. Since you are spending much precious money on such choice you deserve this city with its adorable gifts.
* Economical living
Calicut city is known for its economic living conditions. Here you can have cheap food and supply. Unlike most of the hailed cities Calicut city believes in relations and contentment. That means here you won’t meet any annoying bargaining about cost, instead every business seems friendly.
* Better climate- less pollution
Even though it is populous and witness heavy traffic of vehicles, there are no notable major concerns about pollution related issues. Some renowned space in the city like ‘Manachirra’ square act ads lungs of Calicut where you can savour peace and pleasure from the buzzing of busy city. The keen and reactive corporation authorities are doing appreciable initiatives towards cleaning and beautifying the city.
* Safety assured
There is police headquarters in Calicut which is pledged to maintain the safety of citizens and public and private property. Other than police security Calicut own very reactive health related and fire rescue services. The active nights and women friendly attitude of the city is certainly promising.
* The perfect living conditions
When comparing to rural conditions each city is far better to develop your career and a better family life. Every city consist appealing living condition that make life vibrant which includes transportation, food, malls, shopping and entertainment. Undoubtedly Calicut is the specialist to woven these features together. From ancient time this city was well known for its tradition in food and trade. Varieties of food which ranges from indigenous food to sub continental dishes you are literally in the heaven of illustrious and incomparable tastes.
Likewise the prestigious history of this city’s shopping styles is irreplaceable by any other place of the world. The iconic ‘SM Street’ is perfect example for ultimate festive mood of this city. You can have premium class shopping in the malls also. Calicut always sheltered every individual irrespective of his way of living and expenditure.
Well organized developments in transportation including good public transport and vast range of new connecting roads are another feature. You can catch your dream without any obstacles of delay with the use of such advancements.
This soil and soul of Calicut had already witnessed many historic moments. The ‘sculpture city’ believes in creative and enduring works. Let’s hope Calicut will prepare a plot to rewrite your successful story in its spectacular way.


Villament – Latest trend in Real Estate Business


Another eventful year is flown away by leaving relics of touching moments that we call memories. By burying most of the worries into oblivion every mind is set for a hopeful takeoff with the trust in the New Year. But some things, especially those waves created by some trends pursue its effect regardless of the frame of references you have set. Such a kind is ‘Villament’, the trending makes over in real estate industry.

Real estate sector has witnessed many astonishing changes in the last year. Demonetization and GST were some of the change in policies and its effect is certainly resonating in the real estate business. The exact outcome is yet to be calculated. But the trend or inclinations like Villament are very innovative and predictably invasive. Started its saga in Bangalore, Villament has already become a favourite of variety seeking investors. The trend is ‘infecting’ the real estate industry with a boom of investment in the housing sector.
Villament- A satisfied dream

So what is Villament and why it is so enticing to people and your buddies? Let’s define Villament as an excellent fusion of the luxurious Villa and economically affordable Apartment. An impressive name for a comeliness combination, right? Villament commonly has four or five premium class unit in a single block of the building. So you can understand it as some exclusive villas storeyed like an apartment. This commix was like a dream for many who were in the quest for their perfect home. Everybody loves the luxurious enchantment of modern villas. But the undeniable truth is that the substantial amount of money you have to pay for one is unbearable most times. Then you have to choose the next but compromising offer that is Apartment. The sorrow of the missed shot for a villa is mitigated by the security and social life offered by standard apartments without causing much budget concerns.

Villament is the point where these two possibilities meet. By owning a Villament you are having a place for leisure and peaceful repose. Each unit is keen crafted in a Villament. So it is assured that you can savour the sumptuousness and free space provided by the villa in the Villament also. Or maybe you can get more. Usually, Villament limits its unit to fewer numbers to concentrate on the quality and comfort. The amenities like cool and classy décor and commodious living room are well adapted to the Villament concept also. Since villa provides a single unit with relieving privacy but maintenance is a hassle, Villament offers scheduled maintenance and modifications of your choice. By combining the very features of villa and apartment you will get safety and connectivity to preferable communities which are the hallmark of the later.

Beyond the necessity aspects, Villament is distinctive with its unique characteristics. This may include a garden in the ground floor (certainly you will have a private one in your own balcony also), a swimming pool, spacious corridor or meeting hall. The open space in terrace can also be used beneficially than unorganized apartment top. Since one block of Villament shoulder balanced number of residents, the struggle to access your space is the least worry. Like this, Villament has predefined personalized parking space. In an apartment, you may not know everyone in person but in Villament more established relationship can be formed between neighbours. So Villament is a suitable choice for you and your family without haunting money crisis or corruption in quality.

Here we can summarize the features of Villament as;


  • Luxurious & Economic: price a little higher than an apartment but considerably lower than Villa with uncompromised life standards.
  • Modern amenities: stylish décor and delighting infrastructure
  • Privacy: less number of residents and well defined private space
  • Safety: security service, surveillance and well-outlined compound
  • More social: organized social living with your neighbours who meets your standards
  • Exclusive lifestyle: gardening, gaming, gyms and community hall, clubhouse and key to many entertainments with other technological advancements (like free wifi).

Prisunic Builders always try to adapt this pulse of innovations. We covert such trending ideas into customer benefit and renovate that with his or her imaginations. If you are interested in investing the luxurious and fairly economic Villament in Kozhikode then don’t think twice to meet with Prisunic Builders. Join hand with us and start the venture towards a trending life.