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Prisunic Builders-How We’re Different from other Builders and the services we offer

There is an unavoidable need of a help lending hand in which you can invest your trust and affluence, a single entity for gratifying one of the most precious and valuable choices in your life that is home. There may be a thousand names to rely upon but the combo of reliability and quality is a conundrum when you crave for it. Such confusing situation can only be handled with the views of a veteran. Someone who build the dreams and foreseen the future. And there is a name which is a coalition of masterminds and service, the saga in building industry, you can call it Prisunic.

Prisunic is the symbol of exquisite quality service and unsullied reliability in the vast history of building industry. Its unique hallmark is comprised of quality and reliability with exceptional service.  A triumphant team of engineers, technicians and contractors with other individuals like NRIs and veterans who have proved their excellence in particular aspects is at your service when you choose Prisunic. Building iconic landmarks for the future is our motto. And we never deviate from that. We build your dreams. And once you are mingled with us you become the member of the loyal Prisunic family. So as a family member we enrich and encourage all your imagination and construct it into life.

How Prisunic is different from others??

      Prisunic builders have an unbiased record of customer satisfaction and service.  The name itself is the awesome fusion of pristine and unique, the ideals we always highlight and adore. That is why in these years pristine became the royal and dependable name in building industry. We approach every task assigned with complete honesty and creative viewpoint. We are proud to say that we excel other competitors by our excellent culture of making tremendous infrastructures and maintaining international standard throughout the constructing process. Transparency in procedures and premiere quality in housing we are carrying quality based services to our clients. From building the basement to maintaining your valuable property the pristine builders conserves its nobility and reputation. Once an agreement is established between us the relationship and trust remain intact for the long future.

Additional services we offer

Beyond usual constructing and property sales Prisunic builders believe in complete customer contentment that starts with drafting the architectural plan itself. Everyone hopes for a harmonious and peaceful life. We understand the struggles and virtues of your life. We consider your comfort as a primary objective. That’s why we offer some additional services which diminish the heft of usual hurly-burly of housing needs. Even after you successfully own your dream house some process make your life a bit mechanical. Such as paying bills of electricity, water and telephone charges with annual cable TV payment and unforgettable land or building tax. We take over these concerns to provide you with an uninterrupted service and hassle-free lifestyle. We insure your invaluable property if necessary and assure frequent maintenance check which is our sheer responsibility.

Rental services

We offer exceptional services to various clients which also includes rental services. Pristine works as the best agency for finding tenants and in the execution of the contract with the lessor or vendor. We conduct pre and post inspection of the apartment to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both tenant and contractor. Collection of rental and advance check is done accordingly to keep up the terms once made.

Home loan facility

Since the dream of a home is a supreme challenge because it needs a bulk investment. There needs to be some backup for your budget like a home loan. Some legal formalities make it an annoying hurdle. But with the advance of technology and development in service infrastructure getting a home loan is made simple as having a sim card. You may need to show your position and capacity with specific documents before dealing with a finance company or bank. Here is a list of general documents required for sanctioning the loan amount by a Housing Finance Company (HFC). Please note that the list is only indicative and there may be variations/additions for each HFC.

  1. Passport size photograph of all applicants
  2. Copy of passport and visa
  3. Copy of work permit
  4. Bank statement for last six months both international (in which the salary is credited) and domestic NRE account.
  5. General Power of Attorney as per the HFC’s draft duly attested by the Indian Consulate in case NRI is not in India. If NRI is in India then the POA can be locally notarized by Notary Public.
  6. Copy of appointment letter or Contract.
  7. Copy of Labour card or Identity card if employed in the Middle East.
  8. Salary certificate specifying Name, Date of joining, Designation Salary details and deductions if any or latest four months’ salary slips.
  9. Administration fee cheque from NRE account (0.5% of the loan amount)

As our customer, we will help you to initiate and arrange the facilities to acquire home loans from reliable sources and cross-check your documents before submission.

So join our venture towards the astonishing future and ride on your majestic dreams by establishing a long-term relationship between Prisunic builders. Your hopes are safe in our hands since we believe dreams and wishes are the essence of human existence and pouring life into such emotion is the ecstasy we own.

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Top 5 Reasons for Working With a Builder

Prisunic builders – the extractor of your dreams

The quest for home is an immortal custom of humankind. Beyond the alignment of generations, the dream of an own house or domicile is carved in every soul. They are the cocoons of happiness which no other havens can match. But the story of a realized dream is only written in the book of excellent planning. Without correct planning and guideline from pioneer, solemn effort made is in vain. Only a builder can help you in achieving your satisfaction. The five reasons for working with a builder are listed below;

  • They are the lighthouse for your dreams

A builder can transform your imagination into reality. He is a professional who provides correct and exact direction in structuring your needs and plans. Builder captures your ideas and polishes it with his experience and creativity. A good discussion between builder and client is the best way to start a successful project.

  • Conserves your precious money

Maybe you are investing a good deal of your savings on your dream home. If you fail to choose the appropriate builder all your struggle for a joyful future will be a line drawn in the water. Reliability and quality of work must be assured before you proceed with a builder. Otherwise, it’s the graveyard of your money and time.


  • They respect the value of your time.

We have a short and beautiful life to prosper with all happiness. And time is inevitable. A professional building partner knows this. He preserves the value of time by completing the assigned job within the deadlines which may lack in the customary builders. A diligent builder realizes the fact that saving time implies saving money.


  • Builder is the partner who mitigates all your concerns

Building a house is filled with many concerns. This includes Legal problems, budget problems, construction problems and many other mite embarrassments. Without proper help, you will feel deserted. But smart builders arrange and provide all solution under a roof. So such a choice of building companion means complete satisfaction and zero worries.


  • Reliable builder means long-term service

The agreement between a builder and client is to become a faithful relationship. Drawing a plan or constructing a home/ building is just some building blocks in that relationship. It only flourishes when the builder is reactive towards feedback and complaints from customers. Since you choose a house for a lifetime purpose the maintenance, security and legality of your property need to be assured by the builder.



So there is an unavoidable need of a help lending hand in which you can invest your trust and affluence, a single entity for gratifying one of the most precious and valuable choices in your life that is home. There may be a thousand names to rely upon but the combo of reliability and quality is a conundrum when you crave for it. Such confusing situation can only be handled with the views of a veteran.

Apartments in Calicut

Preparing for a Flat/Apartment? Plan your Dream before proceeding.


“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned”, are the words of Maya Angelou, an American poet. Home is not just a place for many of us. Rather it is an emotion. An emotion which keeps our soul relieved from all stress and strain of the outer world. From childhood we have that dream of house and many inherent felicitous plans. E, en you may have drawn pictures of it with your colorful crayons in those days.

So you have been started dreaming long ago but have you started planning to convert imaginations to reality? With globalization and its sibling urbanization, buying a plot and building your house from dust to life has become an expensive tradition nowadays.  So the easy choice is buying a flat or apartment.

Flats, apartments, service apartments, flats for rent

A flat or apartment is similar to house in some aspect but may differ in the real concept. A house is a whole construction with in a property in which you are completely responsible for the maintenance and safety of your possession. On the contrary a flat or apartment is usually a single entity owned by a third party which is open for renting/Buying. So when you have accumulated enough money you can move towards the acquisition of desired property. You can gather information about your concerning project from many sources like real estate broker, internet, print medias and so on. But real adroitness is in analyzing those data and finding the reliable party. But never believe everything you read in news paper and internet, because their pivotal intention is to hook you to those advertisements at any cost. So try to read between the lines. The same must be kept in mind when dealing with the loquacious brokers.  If you are to make an offer with the appropriate party there are other things to know before proceeding. Those are;

  • What you have in your pocket?

Well, it is all about how much money you have. In the process of converting dream to reality money plays the vital role. Never take a leap in the dark without drafting your budget plan. Foresee other expenditure to avoid starving with an empty purse for buying an apartment.

  • Prefer your location

Consider choosing location of your flat/ apartment seriously as this may ease your working life and life after work. A flat in the heart of the city is the most adorable location but with astonishing price. So make a balanced approach and wisely select the location which provides easy access to all main points like your office, hospital and school. If you prefer a placid place away from city then at least hope for a connecting road in front of your property.

  • Face value is not the exact value!

Every property for rent or sale is tagged with an attractive price. This face value itself acts as an advertisement tool which can dazzle you. But there will be additional demand of money on the preference of location, luxury, space and number of rooms with unavoidable and unmentioned taxes. And if your opted building is under construction, there will be sure hike in the announced price in future. Make sure you have made written agreement with your contractor to avoid large fluctuation in price and service offered.

  • Don’t forget the extra charges

Even after your initial payment there will be additional charges which a broker won’t remind you. Because those are customary payments like electricity bill, maintenance fee, security fee, plumbing charges and other expenses depending on your contractor’s terms and conditions.


  • Find back up for your invested money.

Even with your best budget plan there will deficiency in funding amount. Since there are legal restrictions on investing bulk amount at a stretch, loans will provide a legal check as well as back up for easing your money crisis.  But loans may haunt you if you forgot to repay.

  • Always do your research

Don’t urge to any decision without doing a thorough study on your desired property. Compare other offers if available which may save your money and expectations. Do study your neighbors because it’s difficult to endure with an annoying group next door. Beyond this, know your builder’s history to ensure the quality of your apartment and related services

  • Know the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’
    Don’t spend too much money for all your unlimited wish list. Priority must be given to your basic needs. Make sure there is enough space in your apartment and infrastructure is not farcical.
  • Legality means stability

Ensure your contract and transactions are legal to avoid future consequences. Things like approval of building by local authority, ownership etc., are paramount concerns.


  • Familiarize the technical terms

If it is your first dealing in real estate then make sure you have the required vocabulary. Terms like appreciation, carpet area, caveat etc may often confuse you in your dealings if you are not getting used to them.

Since you are to spend a good amount of money for buying an apartment/flat, literally it becomes the most valuable decision of your life. So make sure each coin spend rewards your dream about home. Then you can die with memories rather than dreams.



Villas in Calicut

Top 6 tips to consider before buying a Villa

Almost everyone dreams of owning a home of their own. Well built, spacious home which can protect and nourish you and your family with comfort and joy. If you are someone who is busy with work and related issues, building a new house of your taste will be a tough task for you. That left you with a single option, which is to buy a home villa. With a compound of your own and a lot of privacy to cherish, a villa is indeed a great option. But when it comes to buying one it is an entirely different story as it comes with its own share of sweat and risk. There are awful lots of things that can go wrong. You have to take a great deal of caution in the process. We are helping you in this process by giving you six important things to consider before buying a villa.

Villas in Calicut
Mind the budget
Ensure that your dream villa will not derail your budget. This part of the buying process is really important and is worth giving a lot of attention. Make sure your purchase is within the pre-approved loan budget. After settling the initial price and EMI, make sure you have enough money left for your normal lifestyle. It’s always better to choose a purchase that will not challenge your income, don’t risk your home for something that is difficult for you to afford.
Get clear idea of the Total cost
Many costs are involved in the buying process. This includes stamp duty, registration fee, home owner’s association fee, maintenance fee, insurance etc. Getting a clear idea of the costs involved will help you plan the budget accordingly. This will keep you away from any unwanted deficits.
Do little research on your builder
Doing a little research on your builder will help you to find the villa of your dreams. A stroll through some of their projects may help you to decide whether the builder is reliable or not. Verify that the land you buy is not involved in any legal issues. You can use post queries related to the builder in online real estate forums.
Location is Important
Location is one of the most important things to be considered before buying a villa. Choose your location based on whether you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or a place in town where it’s easy for you to work. Also make sure your location is near to social facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping areas, banks, restaurants and bus stops. Ensure that the neighbourhood is safe, location is well connected and is away from all sorts of pollution.
Consult a Professional
If you know someone who is familiar with real estate business, it will do good to consult him with the business and showing him the villa you plan to buy. Make sure that the person you consult isn’t an agent of any builders. An unbiased expert opinion will always act in your favour.
Consider the Resale Value
Human minds are frequently subjected to changes. You may feel a need for change in the future, you may feel to have a bigger house or you may feel to move to a rather peaceful place after your retirement etc. In any of these cases, if you want to sell your house for good money, you better keep in mind the factors that may affect the resale price.
A home is something that silently shouts your status to the world, somewhere you can be comfortable and safe. Buying one is of great importance since your very life is depended upon it. So when you are out for home shopping, don’t be in a hurry, take your time, make your decision a perfect one.