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How to Control Pest in your home

How to control pest in your home

Home is one of the valuable assets in our life. And any harm to our property has a direct effect on our emotional and financial stability. When checking the factors that affect the health of home we come across the annoying pest factor. Because every home has these uninvited guest invaded in the nook and corner. The problem with pests is that they live in our house and eventually becomes a threat to the entire atmosphere of the home. The list of pest is vast from tiny ants to tricky rodents. They are difficult to trace since most of this group inhabit in the dark corners and cracks in your home. And pests usually increase their population exponentially. So if you fail to defend these little creatures from your home you may have a series of a sleepless night. That’s why this article discusses the reasons for pest attack and how to control them effectively.

  • Let’s start searching  

Before running for solution know your problem. Examine your house carefully to find which pests are prominent in your house. Because the method to fight pest is different according to their size and spread.

  • Identifying the attractions 

There are some materials in our home which act as a magnet which attract pests. Uncovered food items, old clothes, wood items, etc. are some of the favorite dreams of any pest. Another welcome gesture for pest is wet spots. In Kerala due monsoon curtains, carpet and furnishing may drench in water. And it can create a favorable atmosphere for micro pest growth.

  • Clutter and cleaning 

Lazy people create dump yards inside the house. They dumb unwanted clothes and furniture in rooms or backyard without noticing it’s attracting termites and cockroaches. And improper disposal of food items near the kitchen will certainly invite rodents and fruit flies inside your home. So practice cleaning as a frequent process. Wipeout any spills with soap water. And store remaining food in airtight containers. Release standing water in the sink and fix any leaking pipe.

  • Prohibit unauthorized entry

Due to changing climate condition cracks and gaps are certain in our walls and windows. These gaps are a haven for numerous pests. Painting in regular intervals is an ultimate solution to seal numerous cracks. If there are ventilations or holes in your home place a proper screen in front of the openings. Also, keep vegetation and stacked wood away from your walls to deny easy passage for pests.

  • Try these 

If you are facing severe attack from pests then taking mere safety measures won’t hold them back. In such condition try the following;

Special plants

Some plants are natural defenders of pests. Herbs like Neem, Basil or Rosemary can keep away bugs and mosquitos from your home.

Create a hotspot
 To protect the food and wooden items from pest create an alternate attraction point for pests. Hanging a small source of food items outside your home keeps hazardous pest away from your home. Mixing glue or other trap with this effectively reduces their comebacks.

Home remedies

Some easily available things like vinegar, garlic, onions, etc. can be used to confuse and diffuse pest attack. Wiping tables and floor with an appropriate amount of such items are found to be useful to control the pest.

Mild pesticide 

Every method fails you can try mild pesticide inside your home. Professional assistance is advised in such a situation since these can be harmful to the youngest members of the family.



How to prepare your home for Monsoon?


Rain is a feeling that soothes and awakes the mind. It nourishes the earth from its droughtiness and decorates the nature with green. The water spews down from heaven to gift a reviving effect on all lives below. Even when it comes to saving the earth, it also carries some challenges. One of the main challenges is waterproofing our houses.

When pay attention to reality away from the romanticism, it needs more importance as it may destroy our shelters. There may be cracks on the rooftops, leakage seeks pots to catch drips, debris or leaves which gets collected on narrow gutters causes blockage and then results in an overflow of water to the yard and to the hall in the upstairs, growth of moulds and small mushrooms on walls, more chances of electric shock etc.

How can we rainproof our house?


  • There will be an outer extension in every house in common, to protect the house from terrible weather. The limitations need more ways to cope up the situation which is beyond the transborder. Use of waterproof paints plays roles not only in colouring the walls but also protecting it from bad weather. The tarpaulin can be used to protect up to a level.
  • You have to check prior to the expecting rainy season, whether the gutters are wide enough and there are no chances of blockage. Most likely there are chances of bunged up of gargoyle which obstructs the water flow as mentioned above.
  • There are chances of swelling of wooden doors and windows, which in turn causes difficulty in closing down the opening covers. Thus sandpaper can be used to restore it.
  • Cracks in concrete and pores in stone blocks should be checked prior to the season. Unless, it will result in leakage, causes ailing of walls and its shatter.
  • Water stains on the wall will not be removed by bare painting. So oil ground primary sealer should be used before painting.
  • To vaporize the water content and to reduce the amassing of moisture inside the room, air circulation is essential.
  • All the unleashed raws on the rooftop has the abrading power upon your house. So take care of your house throughout the season.

You should get ready for Monsoon rains, before dark clouds come suspended and poured over. Making your house rainproof is a big covenant, but it is a big endeavour.

You take effort to protect your personal possessions, so protect your shelter too.

Lets your dream find its place in the lap of luxury

All of us love dreaming. In fact, transforming better dreams to reality defines a successful life. Most of us have the dream of owning a luxurious home. We all love the comfort and pride that is blended in a luxury home. Imagine a home with modern amenities, cozy bedrooms, and a lot of space. The composure of perfect texture and style redraws your view of quality. And when you sip the favorite drink beside the blue swimming pool you are breathing the true excitement of a king’s life.
The definition of luxury
Before dreaming about the luxury you want to know what it is. Luxury is not merely defined in the visual perspective. Luxury gains its meaning from many minuscule. From property value to the project location the thread of luxury is long to infinity. The definition of luxury home changes with respect to a particular location and the demand. And there are ultra luxury homes as well as small well-arranged villas which come under the luxury label. Anyway owning a property with a luxury label is a big deal. To give life to a dream of the luxury home you need great planning and loads of money. But even with good planning, the aim of owning a premium property gets shadowed by the money obstacle.
How to own a luxury home
There are some simple steps to reach the lap of luxury. And that starts with the search process. The easy way to find your dream home is internet resources. But for ultra-luxury deals, it is recommended for you to make personal connection around the project area.
But if you are looking for a modern luxurious villa which won’t test your budget plan then go for builders. Reliable builders can give you professional advice to choose the dream home you deserve. They won’t make decisions for you. Instead, they will have suggestions for a good buy. Builders will navigate you to complete the legal and financial documentation needed for a home. Select properties by foreseeing the retail value of it. And ensure that the home you own satisfies your true self.

Landscaping- Tips and Tricks


What are the elements that define the beauty of your home? Well, there are many answers to it. The interior and exterior designing including wall paints of home can readily make an impression on your neighbours. But those who know the art of landscaping can really astonish any critics. Landscaping is the best way to renovate the appearance of your home without much financial bias. So in this article, we discuss some tips and tricks for landscaping.

An introduction to Landscaping

Smart landscaping is the technique of adding more interest and attractiveness to the terrain of your home. From ancient time people realized that manipulating the land around a home will increase the practical and aesthetical value. In the beginning, landscaping was merely placing of structures and adding plants. But eventually, modern home designers invented the true potential of landscaping and many homes became heavens. Today landscaping starts even before house constructed. To increase perfection engineers divide your land into small plots. Each plot can be converted as per pragmatic or visual need.

Why landscaping?

Landscaping is where you combine professionalism and art. Here scientific knowledge of a horticultural professional is as much as important as the skill of a landscape architect. It is your duty to make sure each section of your land is retouched as your dream theme. Because most of the landscaping inputs are meant for a lifetime. Since perfect landscaping enhances better lifestyle people are getting to realize the importance of such approaches.

Tips and Tricks

Now let’s discuss some tips and tricks about landscaping

  1. Make a plan

Without a plan in mind, you won’t reap the advantages of landscaping. It’s better to have plans to utilize the land before the construction phase starts. If you can’t attain a plan yourself don’t hesitate to seek professional help. They can guide you through the possibility and limitation of the land.

  1. Approach your land plot wise

After finishing the plan, point out where you want to begin. Make a plot chart of your land according to the consideration it demands. Some part of the land might have structures to demolish. Or some other plot may demand a new structure to be built.

  1. Utilize the unwanted

The waste product such as barrel, bottle, tire etc. can be used for building structures or planting a tree. There are many ideas to convert plastic bags and bottles to make landscape fabric. With professional help, you can use such waste material to make a floor bed which keeps weeds away.

  1. Making walkways

Making walkways between a garden and lawn is an easy way to connect those plots. You can pave concrete step stones or colour bricks to make the way.  Rather than straight walkways try to make curved ones. Because the round edge makes more visual appeal than square blocks.

  1. Making structures

 Erecting structures in your lawn is a direct way to make a statement. A beautiful statue, fountain or even a big rock can steal the eye of your visitors. Making small ponds with plants around is an old but evergreen landscaping trick.

  1. Don’t forget the corners

For many houses corners of their compound are untouched. Bare corners will reduce the visual wideness of the ground. So make corners attractive by adding a private seating arrangement or built a mound there. The latter can be adorned with flowering plants or pebbles.

  1. Make a Garden

For years gardening acts as the synonym of landscaping for common people. It’s true that landscaping is incomplete without a beautiful garden. By combining structures and seating a flowering garden can be the primary focal point in the compound. Using big pots and climbing plants adds drama to a garden. Since garden demands frequent care, opt for low-maintenance plants. You can also try erecting structure right in the middle of a garden.

  1. Magic of illumination

Illumination can do wonder by enhancing the focal point inside the compound. Light add colours to the structures and increases the safety by illuminating sidewalks in the night.  Upward or downward light can add magic to trees and grass turf.

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An own home is a dream of any human. In any financial scenario, people desire for a safe and undisturbed place for serenity. This is why house properties in the real estate sector always preserve high demand despite any situation. Due to the high demand, buying or building an own house became hard work which is suitable for an affluent hand. But fortunately, the availability of home loans is keeping alive the dreams of millions to have their own home. Whether it is a bank or private sector loan is a helping hand for a man in need. Rather than money backup home loans have other benefits. That’s why this article explains the advantages of buying a property on home loans.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Why Home Loans

Some people plan to wait for a particular property by thinking the base value will decrease some day. After waiting for long they realize that the demand and price of that property are multiplied and time is wasted. This makes them compromise with smaller home and unhappiness. But a home loan can provide immediate money back up with some security and sufficient document. Since the price of the desired property is unlikely to go down home loan is the best choice to seize the moment.

Flats in Calicut.Premium Flats in Calicut, Budget flats in Calicut, Flats in Calicut for sale

Flats in Calicut.Premium Flats in Calicut, Budget flats in Calicut, Flats in Calicut for sale

Know your Home Loans

Home loan is an amount of money or security provided by a bank or financial institution based on your ability to payback. Since you have to pay interest for the principal amount over depending on loans is not wise. The company lending you money takes your property as security. When a borrower fails to pay his dues they will take legal measures to recover the property. There are different kinds of loans available for homes. Those are;

  1. Home purchase loan: as the name suggests this loan is provided for buying a property
  2. Home improvement loan: this type covers the expenditure including repair, maintenance, and renovation of the home.
  3. Home construction loan: helpful when you are constructing a new home.
  4. Land loan: this is the initial type. Loans for land will benefit from tax relaxation in the future.
  5. Joint Home Loans: two or more people can take a home loan. This option avails exceptional tax deductions and shared loan repayment.
Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Steps for getting a home loan

After determining the specific need you can approach a bank or money lending organization with the necessary document of property. When you pay the processing fee they will start the valuation of the document. The sanction or approval process will take its time based on the location. An official will check the legality of the property directly. After the site estimation, the Company will proceed to final validation and signing the agreement. Earlier these steps were time-consuming but now it’s faster and smoother.

What are the advantages?

  • Tax benefit:

The different section of Income Tax of India Act straightly gives a number of tax deduction options for loan buyers. If one succeeds to complete his home then he can avail tax deduction based on procedures.

  • Transfer facility:

Some options allow you to change the home loan to another lender if they offer a loan at lower interest.

  • Monthly Installment:

Rather than spending a huge amount of money at a time monthly instalment make the burden small. You can connect the loan to your salary account which ensures due payment.

  • Long tenure:

Home loans stand unique because of its high repayment tenure. Most money lending institution allows time period up to twenty to thirty years based on your income security.

  • Assured resale value:

Considering the present inflation and interest rate the price of your property will definitely go high in the future. So buying a property as soon as possible makes sense.

  • Safe purchase:

Buying a property whether it is land or home increases the reliability. The experts will explain all the legal and technical angle of the property to you. That information can be used to validate the resale of property in the future.


  • No rent payment

When comparing to the soaring rent rate in cities paying small amounts for a home loan is relaxing. Money lenders won’t increase the interest rate as the landlords do.


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How to save Space in Your Apartment

Why saving space in the apartment is always a matter of concern? Because of today’s populous world, own space is the most precious asset. The scarcity in space is directly reflecting in the living condition itself. Our apartments are becoming smaller and organized. Many people live in a congested room and blame the unavailability of space around them. But think about it. You can save space in your apartment irrespective of the carpet area. The only thing you want to change is your attitude towards space management. In this article, we share some simple tips to gain more space in your apartment. Let’s have a look;

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  1. Make a list before a wish

Before running for market make a list of most necessary accessories. This will help you buy items without wasting money. Try drawing a rough image of the room which you dreamt of. You can simply mark accessories like furniture and electronics in it. By doing this you can determine the space and size of each item in the room. This is the first step for preserving the space in the apartment.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  1. The myth about Doors and windows

If you have an own apartment then the possibilities are limitless. In many conventional houses, the doors and windows itself steal a good amount of space. Since every square foot count for us, the in and out windows and doors are unnecessary. Sliding doors are best alternatives to save space. To divide room sliding doors with rails is a cool option. The same is applicable in windows also.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  1. How to choose furniture

Furniture selection implies your intelligence in space management. You can’t curtail the number of furniture after a limit because of its high importance. Select furniture based on functionality and priority. Below are some ideas relating to furniture selection;

  1. a) Convertibles are a wonderful choice for space hunters. From simple seating to large beds convertible options are modern and practical. Sectional sofa which can be converted to a bed, storage box usable as sitting etc. are some example.
  2. b) Break into piece furniture is another option. This type of furniture comes in small pieces which can be combined to form bigger piece whenever necessary.
  3. c) Wall mounted table and chair never lacks style and strength. A dining table which can be folded back to the wall is a great example of space saving.


  1. The art of storing

Here comes the toughest part. Most of us fail to organize the numerous items in our homes. And this leads to space scarcity. But this problem can be solved by utilizing every nook and corner of our apartment.

  • In the Living room wall mounted shelf increases the depth of the room and provides more space to store items.
  • In kitchen install as much as drawers to neatly store the utensils. Wall hangers will help to place the spoons and towels in an artistic way.
  • In bedroom utilize the space under the bed. The one wardrobe you have in the bedroom can be converted into a good storage place. Divide the upper section for cloth and remaining for other precious.


  1. Lighting

Lighting can’t practically increase the size of your apartment. But perfect lighting can present a room look larger. If more light enters the apartment then the boundaries of the room merge itself. Using a blind rather than a curtain allows more sunlight into the apartment. More light contributes to the feel of space and freshness.

You can add special attraction zones using artificial light. Such focus points can convert any congested rooms into positive space.

  1. Walls and Special Zones

Making temporary walls using cardboard like light material in large rooms provides special zones. You can make a garden or recreational area in such a room. This helps you to organize and use every inch of the large space.

In permanent concrete walls, you can install trays for LED tv and music player. You don’t need to buy extra stands for such electronics.




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Latest Trends in Flooring Your Villa

Ranging from mere dirt to resilient vinyl material the history of flooring is quite interesting. For ancient homes in India, floors were meant to be a surface to move on. But in modern villa concepts flooring is one of the kingpins and defining factor of interior designing. It became a creative process that benefits the aesthetical finishing of your home.   Flooring trends don’t change in fast phase. But modern and luxurious villas are experimenting with catchy floors that can hook your eyes into the ground. In this article, we share some latest trend in flooring

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

  • Hardwood flooring
villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

This type of flooring excelled in every epoch. Hardwood flooring is becoming popular among folks because of its active and smooth look. It can be easily cleaned and comes in cheesy colours also. And it is indeed suitable for your adorable babies and pets. Most favourite of such kind is natural looking woody floor material. This Variety can hide marks and dirt quite amazingly. Unique proportions of floor planks are its best character. If it is big, you can finish planting the planks by a fewer item. This gives spacey look for rooms and the breaking joint lines are reduced by this. Colours that best suit your furnishing can achieve by hardwood flooring. For better quality the price increases adequately.

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

  • Laminating
villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

This type of flooring is adapted by villa owners widely because it is both adorable and economical. Its cost is determined by the thickness of the planks used. The burden of the budget reduces with the thickness of the plank. Laminating was once very easy choice for house owners. But when wood and vinyl flooring appeared in the market, lamination lost its popularity. But lamination is back again. Modern markets added more colures and textures in lamination planks. It can provide a neat and hard surface. The extent it can replace other flooring techniques is limitless. Since the production technologies are upgraded, drop in lamination is expected to decrease. Quality for quantity makes it an evergreen trend in the market. Tiles representing your attitude are available in the market. Shining or shaggy every piece justifies the price invested. Original wooden or ground resembling laminators are the most sought out now. Complex and unique designs are quested by most of the trend lovers.

  • Vinyl flooring
villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in Calicut, builders in Calicut, luxury homes in Calicut. villa projects in Calicut

Easy to install and amazingly durable, that is the simplest appreciation of resilient vinyl flooring. No one can soak it in water since it is waterproof. Your child can’t make marks on it since it is tough. It is becoming a sound alternative to stone and ceramic tile. It comes with contemporary designs and patterns. Sheet, tiles, and planks are the basic types of vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl is an easy to install rolls of material. Sheet or tile vinyl materials can be acquired at an affordable rate. If you don’t mind spending money, then luxury vinyl tiles are available that can mesmerize your guest.

  • Carpet

Carpets in the floors have a long story to tell. In ancient sultanate regime in India carpets played the role of a royal decorative item. The glorious artwork on it tells the story of prosperity and creativity. But regimes collapsed and so does the carpet. But carpets survived when modern homes started experimenting. The warm smell and soft touch tinkling your toes make carpets unique. In past carpets were prone to usage defects. But technology advancement made it more durable. Neutral tone patterns are a general choice. Instead, numerous patterns and colour variations are available that can warm your heart. That rag smell of carpet became old stories now. Aromatic and dust free carpets are ruling the market today. Wool and polyester carpets are being replaced by nylon materials. Natural sisal carpets, pattern carpets etcetera are the perfect option for your villa. This can absorb excessive sound and annoying dirt. And of course, you can change the carpet theme according to your present mood. No other flooring material offers that possibility.

Luxury homes in Calicut

Find out how to Accessorise your Living room

Find out how to accessorise your living room, with suggestions on house plants, wall arts and some decorative tricks.

Luxury homes in calicut

Luxury homes in Calicut


once you have made all the major decisions for the living room, such as the wall colour, flooring choice and selection of statement furnishings, don’t think that the project you have been working for months has finally come to a satisfying end. Because accessorising the room doesn’t have to be yet another thing on your do list. With such a huge choice of accessories ranging from quirky to chic, picking out the perfect ones for your living room can be a lot of fun! Here we provide some awesome tips for making your living room charming and more beautiful. Consider the following suggestions next time you decorate your living room.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in Calicut

  • Bring the outdoors in.

Extending home comforts to your outdoor space and bringing the beauty of nature into your home are popular decoration trends. The easiest way to bring the outdoors into your home is through houseplants. Choices for the houseplants range from colourful Anthurium to exotic bamboo.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in Calicut

Another method is to bring more natural light in. This can be done by strategically placing glass accessories around the room. Not only for windows but add glass touch also for the roof, and you get trendy roof lights. And for the plants use chic black framed oval mirror vases. This, not only bounces light across the room but also creates an illusion of space, making the room feel airier.


  • Decorate the walls
luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

If you are looking to liven up the living area wall art is the way to do it. You can add simple but stylish design flair enrich in personality through a wall art. Starting from striking black and white prints to resplendent flower. Animal prints bursting with brilliant colours to abstract themes. And to what not, the sky is the limit for arts. Alternatively, invest for a memo board and decorate with ornaments and pictures as well as useful reminders.

Luxury homes in calicut

Luxury homes in Calicut

  • Photo frames


Displaying family photographs in beautiful frames is a great way to personalise the living room as the heart of the home. Opt for walnut frames to add more warmth, black frames for more edgy and contemporary feel or cream and silver photo frames for a neutral look to suit any space. Photo frames are not confined to the walls, they also look great on mantelpieces, sideboards and bookcases. Often it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference to the look and frame of room, giving the space a character and personality.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

After all, a living room in a home is very important as it is the gathering space of family members and guests. So remember to keep it furnished, decorated, and accessorised. Because this has much to do with your dear ones smile. Keep the suggestions in mind and let the living space talk with stylish accessories from antique mantel clocks to distinctive twisted door handles. And turn your home into a functional and fashionable abode.

Luxury homes in Calicut

Luxury homes in Calicut


luxury homes in calicut



Easter is the merrymaking of a holy rebirth. In this jolly day decorate your villa to commemorate the sacrifice and love. Here we share some simple ideas to adore your villa in this Easter.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

EASTER IS HERE!!! THE BLESSED CELEBRATION OF RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. Celebrating this festive season in your villa with family and friends is indeed a felicity. Let this be the best opportunity to revive your villa as well. Since your guests are waiting for an appropriate day like Easter to visit your villa, decoration becomes the most part. Easter decorations are always close to nature. The stuff used as décor needs to be simple and jubilant. Let’s have a look;

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Décor Close to nature

Select decorative that is costless natural materials. Like using green grass with little fresh flowers instead of plastic. Fruit and Vegetable carvings are tremendous options for beautifying the Easter day. Paper crafts and cotton threads can do magic when combined with vivid imagination.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Dining

The axis of ester décor is your dining table. Place a spacey table in your living room. Because food and related decorations are important in Easter. Mix seasonal blooms and exclusive dishes together. Ester decoration demands thinking out of the box. Find crazy matches to garnish and adorn. Chinese clay plates and pots can enhance the true beauty of your dining. Tie crockery with decoration and colour. Try to make an abundant effect on the table. It must tell the story of prosperity.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Cards everywhere

People still love to have a card that whispers about love and wishes. Adorn every corner of your villa with cards that welcome guest at a glance. Religious or not, try to make it with your own hand. Your efforts can make it more valuable. Hang some cards on the front door or in any other favourite position of yours.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Brighten up
    Spread the light
    Fill your villa with warm lights. These lights act as a makeup for your decor. You can improvise your electrical bulbs to bulb bunnies. Easter calls for creativity. When you can combine art with a light it will be a delight. LED and candles create a wonderful atmosphere. And It’s economical. So try that also.
luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Easter eggs

In any religion, eggs represent fertility, birth etc. Easter eggs, sometimes depict the sealed tomb of Christ. You can make it with edible items like chocolate or simply painting a boiled egg. It is a custom to place coloured eggs in the villa. But rather than traditional practice Easter eggs embellish every other decorative.


  • Walls

Fill your wall with style and joy. These are the place to express your unique emotions. You can place wood bunnies, leafy wreaths, or any funny stuff you can make. Some people love to place pictures of family and other Easter wall hanging on the wall. There are many kinds available on the market. Banners and stuff with scrapbooking paper give other options for more creativity. Find your own ideas that outcast the common practices.

Prisunic Builder wishes you and your family the happiest Easter of all.

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5 ways to enjoy your holidays at home.

As a most trusted leading builder in Kerala, Prisunic builders offers best luxury homes in Calicut.

Holidays are the time for leisure and fun. Drooling in front of the television, taking a nap, or lying on the couch staring at the ceiling could be your usual thoughts of amusement. But, does it always have to be just that? Wouldn’t it be great if you could incorporate some glorious stuff that would enrich your inner self, as well? Read on. Here are some ideas that you could use. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out at all from your luxury home.

luxury homes in calicut

Here are five awesome ways you can spend your holidays indoors at your home.

1.Lift a few weights :

As we all know, working out is important, for a healthy body and a healthy mind. And no, you don’t always have to go to the gym to do that, unless you are planning to become Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Doing a little cardio and strength building workouts, like power lifting will help you to get fit and hey, you don’t have to spend a single rupee at that expensive gym that you hate going to.

2.Grab a good book:

luxury homes in calicut

 Yes. The undying art of reading. “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand,” said Neil Gaiman. Reading is the most exciting thing to do if you plan to stay at home. Books are these magical things that carry you mysterious and marvelous lands. Or if you aren’t already a good reader, now is the time to start. You are not only getting a chance to explore new worlds but also the chance to gain some knowledge and polish your vocabulary. So grab a book and be lost in a reverie at your luxury home.

luxury homes in calicut

3. Do a little networking:

They say it is not good to bring your work home. But in the age of constant connectedness, it is not a sin to do that. It is okay to make effective use of your devices to connect with your peers and co-workers outside the office. So, after you are done with a bit of reading and working out, you could do just that. Strengthen your connections at the workplace. Maybe, increase the chances of that promotion you wanted so much, right?Invite them abode.

4. Clean up:

Yeah, I know. Its boring. But hear me out. Organising your luxury home helps in organising the mind too. Do you know that it relieves tension and boosts our confidence about ourselves? ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’, so goes the saying. Instead of sitting idly and calling that relaxation, you should be giving yourself a makeover. Trust me, it gives astounding results. You will be glad that you did it. Chores like ironing your clothes, organising your home office and cooking for yourself gives you a feeling that you are in the right path, unlike that depressing feeling that you get when you are in the middle of a mess. I am not saying that you must be remodeling your  home. Starting from the smaller things is just enough.

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5. Kiss Mom and Dad:

This has been repeated over and over and you are tired of hearing it. But guess what? This is the most important thing of all. Spending time with your loved ones. If you are a person who can’t stand having a nice casual chat with mom, you are making her feel alone and you, yourself aren’t in much of a good mood either. Talk to them. Share your worries and insecurities that even you are afraid to confront. They are your home and home should be the place that makes you the most happy. Sit with them and enjoy a nice little evening movie marathon. If you are up for spending time with your family once in a while, you will be pleased to find how enjoyable and worthwhile the experience had been for you.

So, that about it. Happy Holidays!