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How to take Care of your Villa during Monsoon

Rain can severely affect your villas sustainability and beauty. But if you know how to maintain your villa in monsoon then this season is your least worry.

Yet again rain is here. It’s a delight to watch raining with a cup of tea in your hand, sitting back in that armchair in your villa. But for a house owner, this is the season of extreme adversaries also. Monsoon is the best opportunity to understand the strength and weakness of your villa. By preparing home for monsoon you are having two advantages; diseases free at the same time a renovated home. Know some monsoon problems and solutions in this article.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Roofs under threat

In monsoon roofs of your villas are the most affected part. It lay its protection over you but begin to deteriorate under changing the weather. After hot climate when rain falls on the roof it readily absorbs all the water, adding more pressure on it. Mostly your villa is made of superior quality materials. But if otherwise then you are going to worry. For some older building, the roof materials like asbestos hit the floor in monsoon. The same can happen in your villa but thank God your builder is a perfectionist.

You may have a vent in the roof to make sure water doesn’t enter through it when the wind blows. Check those broken shingles and blocked water gutter. You can add an extension to that water/rain gutters and pump off water away from your villa.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

The Linen problem

Curtains, tablecloths or carpets- these linens can cause treble in monsoon. Don’t ever dumb cloth items in your racks or under the bed. Because when it rains and moisture increases fungus finds haven in such liabilities. If those clothes are valuable sheets or carpets but not using currently, then better to keep them inside a polythene sheet. In rainy days replace linen or rag carpets with rubberized materials. If your curtains are affected by the fungal attack then use detergents to wash them off.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Electronic appliances

Moisture and electronic equipment don’t go hand with hand. The heightened moisture in the air can cause short circuit and corrosion. In either way when your electronic appliances are in contact with water its working is affected and user’s security is under threat. Get a help from an electrician to inspect your villa before the rain, Insulate moved wires and seal open holders.


It’s a nightmare when your home starts to weep because of rain. In Indian condition, the monsoon is followed by summer. And in summer your villa’s walls and roofs might crack due to heat. Or wetness itself weakens the attic or wall. Either way, water enters your villa. A gap between a closed ventilation and window can also be a reason for leakage. Install shades above windows to prevent water intrusion.

Wooden worries

Wetness accompanied by monsoon leads to bacterial and fungal attacks in your home. Your beautiful wooden belongings are very prone to such attack. The moisture in the air rises to an extreme level and wood start to absorb it. Subsequently causing decay in quality. Otherwise, the very enemy comes in, that is termites. They can drill your valuable items into soulless materials. So what can you do is polishing the wooden part of your home and furniture with turpentine or any other mild chemical which creatures hate. Polishing beautifies your wooden item and prevents absorbing water hence it is saved.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Paint for future

The best remedy for monsoon-related worries about your villa’s exterior is painting. Painting your walls in every monsoon isn’t an easy task since it is not economic. Most house owners paint their home in an interval of five years. So when you do this task make it worthy. Now there is fiber or enamel containing paints on the market, most of them exaggerated. But you can avail the series of paints that can prevent water to a great extent.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Remember rain causes damages only if you are not ready for it. So enjoy these beautiful monsoon days by taking care of your beloved villa.


Maintenance of a luxury villa is a cyclic process. The regular evaluation and correction are what maintaining process demands.  This article is about some tips which help in maintaining luxurious villa.

Your own luxurious villa is a satisfied dream. A dream that needs to be pampered for uninterrupted happiness in future. For that, your property must be maintained properly. Maintenance of such property assures three things- safety, style, and sustainability. Maintenance of a luxurious home is a continuous process. It demands patience, keen observation and some attachment to your lovely home. Here we share five tips that help you to complete maintenance task much accurately.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  1. Look at the walls

Why starting with the wall. Well, the luxury might be defined in exclusive amenity or décor, but walls are the part that silently speaks to your guest. Inspect your walls for any marks or cracks. Choose quality paint which leaves an option to wash off the dust. If your walls shining, halfway done in maintaining the luxury.

  1. The water issue

Issue mentioning here is about the leakage of water. Mostly happens in your kitchen and bathroom attached bedrooms. A continuously wet floor or wall may lose its freshness eventually. This may seem a small issue but if unnoticed clearly diminish the beauty of your home.  Check your connections daily. If any loose contact call the plumber. Less water wasted much beauty confirmed.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  1. Seasonal threats

The main seasons that challenges a luxurious villa is monsoon and summer. In summer your home will be captured and covered with dust particles. Also the hot climate makes cracks on the walls and roofs sometimes. Summer is followed by monsoon and the problem becomes worse. Those cracks which were early made are now filled with water and dust. These cracks are enough to destroy your villa. But don’t worry. Paint with white cement in the roof. This reflects heat waves in summer and protects ceiling from rain drops. It is good to evaluate your villa condition after or before every season.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  1. Fix your furniture

Some materials in our homes are frequently used and hence easily damaged by time. Such is the furniture in our villa. Look at your favourite sofa after that first five years. If it looks horrible that’s your fault. It is ok that your furniture bears some symbol of lively interaction. But a torn out sofa or three-legged chair cannot be justified in a luxury villa. So each year examine whether your furniture is strong and aesthetic as it was before.

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

  1. Some external duties

Every part of your luxurious villa is important and all that nook and corner need equal approach. Like the interior upgrading process you need to schedule an exterior maintenance process. Roofs to the pathway of villa your eyes must foresee the future looks and condition of exterior. Any small change can do big wonders here. Nobody compels you to regularly clean and make up the exterior because it’s not an easy chore. Instead schedule exterior maintenance once in year or two. But you can inspect your homes external perfection in daily basis and note it down. Which is helpful when the maintenance date is due. Don’t ever ignore even a small leakage on roof. Such idleness may lead to expensive repairing process in future. If the gutters in the roofs are blocked by any means clean it readily. Otherwise every corner of villa may start to weep.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

So be a proud owner of luxurious villa where its beauty is admired by people. For that to be continued for years, always have your schedule for maintenance.





Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Here is the Checklist for buying Villas in Calicut


Preparing checklist before owning luxury villa reduces the burden of money loss and misconception. Your list helps to discover dream home effortlessly. Here we share some ideas that lead you to the future home forthwith.

Luxury Villas are the concoction of perfect lifestyle and modernity. When one covets to own such kind, it demands his/ her preplanning. A bulk amount of life savings is disbursed for a deal like a luxury villa. So have a checklist of features that best defines a luxury villa. Having a checklist before owning a property reduces folly and financial loss for a long term.  Here we discuss some factors to consider before approaching your builder.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  • Location is the key factor

Property analysis is the important factor in finalizing a deal like a luxury villa. But ignoring the location from your checklist will lead to agony in future. Check if the villa location is a well sought out place. Such place will have assured access to favourite spots of public interest. And elevated land guarantees good air flow and natural light. So your first choice must be that.

  • The ratio of Price and perfection

Your money is valuable and hence the perfection of a property must satisfy the expenditure on it. Search a villa according to your taste. It may be traditional or modern. Nowadays traditional style demands more money. But both traditional and modern style villas become adorable only when it is finished perfectly. Examine each Item in your coveted villa before signing a deal. Spend your money only if it deserves it.

  • Basic amenities

Here basics of house imply the necessity of life. A villa isn’t luxurious without uninterrupted electricity and water. Keenly evaluate every nook and corner of your future home. Remember that a villa is said to be modern only when the rooms are modern. Ostentatious descriptions of a villa need to be proven in the amenities rather than the outer appearance.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  • Uniqueness defines identity

Every villa has its own special features. The difference in style and building plan represents the luxury factor. Some builders depict luxury by combining lush of green outdoor.  Some others prefer unmatched modern interior décor. A villa having private garden or swimming pool readily comes under the luxury category.

  • Space is freedom

Ensure your luxury villa doesn’t belittle in the space factor. Congested living room or kitchen areas will ruin your easy life. Space induces creative and placid atmos. So extra space and privacy defines our lifestyle. Compare floor area and price concord. Spacious kitchen and bedroom itself redefine your everyday life.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  • Credibility of builder

An understanding of the credibility of your builder is highly recommended before a property deal. By doing background research on the builder, you are paving for a long lasting relation. Legality on the possession of villa, transparency in the transaction, unique offers, exceptional quality in service etc. are some hallmarks of a genuine builder. Compare each available builder’s service history to avoid tomorrow’s discontentment.



Tips to Choose the Right Locality for Buying a Home

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Location of your home is the factor that lustres the value of your property. This article describes why location is a primary concern when buying or building a home.

A beautiful home is the reflection of nonpareil happiness and sublime lifestyle. When you ensure some factors before buying a home, the benefit will be for a lifetime. Such is the location of your home. A clean and ‘strategic’ location is all you need to raise your home. Rather than the décor or amenities the place you live in matters more. Why? Read the following;

  • Ease of accessing

Always select a location that enables the route to essentials of life. That includes access to schools, hospitals, shopping centres and so on. Today home or villa in city perimeter is the most sought out place. A home located within the city is certainly the best address you can possess. Any visit to such home is smooth since most of the roads and paths connect that home to the outer world.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  • Legality

Beware of our laws. It’s good for you. When you are ready to consider a location, go through the legal sides of it. Know the present holder of location. Understand from whom he bought it. You don’t want to be haunted by nightmares like invading government properties. Make agreement docs which are necessary for settlements in future. After demonetization, the real estate sector is becoming strict for any cash transfers. Try to make every transaction transparent before the eyes of laws.

  • Your next door matters

Neighbours are helpful companions in our daily life struggles. If you are selecting a location which is congested between unmatched social structures, then no doubt you are in deep trouble. Remember, this is a matter of security whether it is institution or people, always study the neighbouring area directly by your initiative. Because no builders explain such factors in their websites.

  • Research the life in the location

A location for home is no ordinary kind. It needs to have life and stability. Find out selected location has water availability and uninterrupted electric connection. However lower the price is, never opt a location that lies in vulnerable geography. A home built by hard work collapsing in a landslide is the worst thing to imagine, right? Rather than marsh areas select rigid lands. Because the later saves the price for ground preparations.

  • Location determines the resale value

A home or villa packed with mesmerizing décor and unique amenities indeed elevate resale value. But if your location selection is a wrong shot then the graph of your property goes down.  A home within the city has a higher demand, while a deserted area doesn’t attract many investors.


Choosing the right locality for your dream house is important because when it’s about your life every single thing counts.


Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

What makes a Luxury Villa Extremely Beneficial to Live In

we all have coveted for a luxurious villa at least once in a lifetime.  The blend of beauty and perfection is labelled under that luxury. There are some reasons why the opulent villa genres are pursued frequently. Have a look;   

Exclusive amenities
There are some special amenities that depicts luxury of a villa. Those facilities redefine one’s lifestyle. An enticing garden or swimming pool is a mere representation of such amenities. Beyond that, an exclusively built villa is expected to consist modern facilities that enable your life’s full potential.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

style and structure

The architecture, design and aesthetic of a luxurious villa is the kind you never have seen before. A well-built villa is the best thing in the world you can behold. The space you have in such villa is enough for your family to relax and beatific all the time.

Security (modern tech)

Luxury villa doesn’t simply mean a pompous exaggeration. Such villas are comprised of high-end security. Whether it is surveillance camera or biometric locks the power of tech defends you from the risk of intrusion.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Resale value

In Indian scenario, there is always a quest for a luxury villa. Well maintained villa assures good resale value. The purchasing power of the individual is increased. And the privilege of buying a luxurious reside is clearly visible among them.  That means, as a luxury villa owner you won’t suffer much to sell it. If your villa is spacious and packed with amenities then buyers will readily come to you. Location and carpet are the other factors which boost the price index immensely.
Freedom and space
Owning luxurious villa is another way of acquiring freedom in life. In your own villa, you are free to move and manage. You have your own indoor and outdoor space. Whether it is 2 bedroom or 4, any final decision on how it can be used is ultimately vested in you.  Privacy is the incomparable asset preserved by the villa. Freedom and privacy thus make your life adorable under luxurious roofs.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Every room in a luxury villa opens an option. That is the opportunity to personalize your abode. You can choose the theme of your room, style of the décor, or how smart your room ought to be.

The special address

Luxury villa gives a unique identity to its owner. Eventually, this villa becomes the refection of his prosperity and aptitude. When you own a luxury villa, later it becomes the symbol of your existence. And for sure then it is easy for your guest to locate you.
location is the primary aspect in real estate business. Most of the builders locate their villa in the most sought out place. Luxurious villas are mostly located within city perimeter. By owning such villa, one get easy access to every favourite point of urbanism. There will be a network around you with spots like hospitals, schools, markets, transport and like. So a property adjacent to city heart always holds up its prominence in future.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Interior Designing Tips to make your Villa Trendy!!!

Without Interior Designing, your Villa is just a picture carved in bricks. Interior Design of a villa is an art of knowing its people and converting it to a functional space.Let’s discuss some ideas regarding this;

Here we share some ideas for effective interior designing your villa to make it trendy. From the bedroom to kitchen designing possibilities are unlimited. Roof to floor and wall to the piece of furniture interior designing your Villa can do magic. When designing is planned wisely villa is in vogue.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut


  • The first rule- make it catchy

Most fundamental rule of interior designing your Villa is to make it appealing. Before starting any plan determine the style of your rooms. This makes designing easier. There are approaches like modern, traditional, transitional etc. Each of these choices is unique in one way or another. Modern style favours simple furnishing and using ‘unorthodox’ patterns for crafting interior. On the contrary traditional approach often prefers abundance in the interior. And transitional style is the amalgam of modernity and tradition.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  • Size and proportion matters

Your villa must be a well-balanced one. Especially in the size and space of rooms, the ratio needs to be revised. If your villa has a too big room then it demands more work in interior designing. Because mere touchup won’t make a room ‘active’. There is a mathematical relationship between the size and contents of a room. For example, if you place huge cupboard in a small living room, it won’t fit. If you have tall attics try chandeliers or otherwise forget it. Don’t make rooms into a godown by scattering the items. Place subject as it pleases your eyes. Always preserve space for free walking.

interior designing your villa

  • Furnishing- a game changer

Furnishing is the main ingredient in a fabulous interior designing. Common furniture like table and seating plays the double role in a villa theme. One; it is an essential daily usable for working and relaxing. Two; you can make your villa more luxurious by opting majestic furniture. Traditional wooden products currently rule in common furnishing. But materials formed in steel and glass is conquering the part of modern villas.

  • Personalize your rooms

An interior designer can provide many innovative options for you. It is up to you to select the theme of your rooms. The antique piece of wooden craft, you can use anything which makes a room home. In your bedroom, find a place for family memorials like photographs. Use plane bed sheets for classy looks or choose fusion of colours for bedding and curtains.
Walls are the trump card in interior designing of the villa. The big windowless canvas if not utilized will ruin the inner elegance of your villa. A bright and warm paint always relaxes eyes and it provides space illusion. In a brightly coloured living room, one can feel the capacious atmos. Experiment with mixing cosy texture with neutral colours. A little more dark texture will do in the kitchen. Give beautiful frames to windows, which can outline the catchy walls.    

interior designing your villa

  • Light makes the atmosphere

This part is very important. As interior designing is an art of blending beauty and proportions, the lighting of the room plays a vital role in defining its true effectiveness. There are two options in lighting; one is using the natural light, two is using the artificial light. Natural light aka sunlight can be used with its true potential by the accurate placing of windows. But artificial lighting is the main concern of an interior designer. Favourite choices of secondary sourced light are electrical bulbs. From hanging a chandelier to ultra-modern LEDs you can make many combinations. But always highlight or focus on the deserved item in a room. Like, overhead lighting is not suitable for kitchens where living room demands it. Forget about using hot and archaic illuminators. Don’t go for quantity; concentrate on the quality of light.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Prisunic builders always quest for innovative ideas. With our premium class villas, we welcome you to Calicut. Be a part of our family by owning an exclusive villa at an affordable rate.


Builders in Calicut

Tips to get your Villa ready for Summer!!!


The hot wind is already started blowing. People are sweating to go out of their home only to find nature is preparing the pan for roasting. Yes, ‘the Summer is coming’. In India summer usually, last, for two to three months and for no doubt it is the toughest condition to spend inside a home or villa.

Precautions always benefit in future and mitigate any sorrow which otherwise might worse. So prepare your villa for the inevitable summer by renovating your villa with some handy tips.

villas in calicut

villas in calicut.

  • Recover from winter- Ready for summer

You and your villa just endured the winter season and now the climate is entering into an extreme phase change, summer. The thing you must consider first is to diminish any symbol of winter. I.e., change or dispose of any material which varies from wooden logs to woollen bed sheets. Summer is not a nightmare if you welcome it properly. Remember it is the best vacation you have, to spend with your family.

  • Time for painting and polishing
    Summer is the best season for painting your villa or home. You can change the paint of your own villa without any prior agreement with the builder. But a rented villa modification may need consent from your respected builder. If you are to paint your home then choose a dark colour for exterior and bright colour for the interior. Dark is to reduce dust damages where bright paint inside will help to reduce heat. The atmosphere of Kerala favours rainy seasons, so polish your furniture accordingly. And prevent any erosion of your property’s quality and beauty.
 Villas in Calicut, Apartments in Calicut

Villas in Calicut, Apartments in Calicut

  • Never underestimate outdoor area
    Summer doesn’t offer much inside a room. So rediscover those outside areas of your villa which can be turned into a haven to escape from the harsh sun. Hang a swing, set up chairs and tables and party outside. If you have a swimming pool, clean it and refill it with adequate water. Certainly, it will be helpful under the burning sun. Trim any shrubs and tree trunks but never pull them out.
  • Avoid dust ‘catchers’
    Hot air brings dust into your home which will eventually dull the interiors and clothes. Also, dust captured in carpets and dining table sheets will lead to allergenic reactions. So avoid those dusty deposits like soft or woollen carpets and sheets and replace it with plastic or rubber materials.
 Villas in Calicut, Apartments in Calicut

Villas in Calicut, Apartments in Calicut


  • Conserve water

             This is very important.  Your body will thirsty for a gallon of water but alas summer will curtail the water supply you got. So spend water cautiously by foreseeing the needs. Call your plumber to check any leak. Try rain harvesting early. It may be useful in the years to come.

Change warm and old light sources

You may a chandelier hanging in the attic. No doubt it’s beautiful but turn it off in this summer. Do not use filament bulbs which are definitely hotter than other available. You have better options like LED, fluorescent and so on. These sources give pleasant light and maintain room temperature effectively. If you are already using fluorescent or CFL lights then replace old one among them as it will tie down your soaring current bill. Use curtains wisely to control the sunlight.

  • Maintain Airflow

Ensure all your rooms, kitchen and living area of your Villa are ventilated perfectly. Otherwise, you may get roasted inside your room and the polluted air will harm every member’s health.

  • Recheck your cooling technologies

There are some unavoidable acquaintances in summer. Those are your AC and cooler. After the moderate use in winter, you need to check whether it is functioning with full potential. The warm condition demands it. Since ceiling fan won’t give much satisfaction Air conditioner is the best option in summer, so take time to maintain its long life. Changing water in the cooler will pledge healthy air and good product sustainability.

 Villas in Calicut, Apartments in Calicut

Villas in Calicut, Apartments in Calicut

  • Clean and make space

To overcome the difficulties of summer climate the easy and costless way is to clean your villa. Rearrange every nook and corner so that you get more space in the room. Remember cleaning and reducing the abundance in the room also gives air ventilation. Take adequate time for cleaning kitchen as it is the ‘warfront’ of every home.


In this summer spend a splendid vacation with your family and make better space in your Villa to overcome the high temperature.

Happy summer.




Builders in Calicut, Top builder in Calicut, List of builders in Calicut

Benefits of owning a Villa with Prisunic builders


The building industry and infrastructure in India are rapidly changing. New trends and ideas readily mushroom in this field each day. With the momentum of the vibrant world, Prisunic builders grasp and foster the innovations to provide a better result for its beloved customers. We proudly present our most promising villa projects in Calicut, the Premium Prisunic Palazzo in the dazzling city limit and the most sought after location for Villa projects in Calicut, near Chevayur junction.

villas in calicut

villas in Calicut.


The Prisunic Palazzo is a unique blend of modern amenities and the alluring purity of nature. You will never regret a single penny you spend on this villa projects in Calicut since Prisunic builders keenly wove each project with care and exclusive qualities. This much offering and a demanding villa project are expanded over 1.57 kilometres of the total project area, with exclusively built luxurious 19 units of Premium Villas. You can choose from the 3HK (3 bedroom- kitchen) or 4(HK) villas as per your requirements. The best thing is that this villa project is only 1 kilometre away from Chevayur junction which is geographically an advantage for you. The positioning of these luxury villas is well aimed at the easy accessing of ‘hotspots’ like hospitals, Railway stations, supermarkets etc., within the city networks.

Just have a look at the specific features of Palazzo Villa project series. It is raised in the breezy elevated land of Kozhikode so that you breathe ecstasy of life around you. The selection of the villa project area satisfies and resolves the concerns about transportation and although maintains peaceful surrounding.

Villa projects in Calicut

Villa projects in Calicut, Villas in Calicut

We believe in Nature’s phenomenal beauty and the project ensures and preserves the amusing views around the villa and the Palazzo itself is a delight for your eyes. The visually stunning landscape will make your city life more poetic. Each villa is accompanied by shrubs and trees which are an attempt to recreate nature’s elegant spirit.

Prisunic Palazzo Villas is extraordinary because of its exclusive amenities. Rather than usual rat race you need a relaxing and refreshing living condition to realize the true meaning of ‘life’. To acquire that level we have keenly crafted appropriate surroundings around your villa. The amenities include swimming pool, air conditioned Gym, Recreation area, Kids Play Area and so on. Replenish your body and mind without any fear of safety concerns. Because we are in charge of your safety with 24/7 security. Utilize these amenities to regain precious healthy environment and emotional stability. Dream a fabulous urban life without being a prodigal. Palazzo is the name for that dream.

Even if the project is rich with amenities and service, the location of the same has supreme priority. You are choosing a city by foreseeing the possibilities it carries. City life is organized and every development of world reflects in it. To catch the momentum you may need easy access to points like railway, airport, supermarkets and like. Let have a look at some location advantage of the project.


Chevayur Junction- 0.9km

Thondayad bypass Jn. -2.0km

Calicut Medical college- 1.6km

Calicut Railway station- 7.5km

Everything Supermarket- 1.0km

Hilite business park-3.0km

Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan-0.8km

Cyber Park-2.5km

builders in Calicut, villas/apartments in Calicut

Palazzo villa project is the best option you have to develop an ultra-modern city life. Let’s point out the main features of this project as follows;

  • 3HK/ 4HK villa options available
  • Most sought out city location
  • 19 unique villa planted in lush of greenery
  • Easy access to city’s favourite spots
  • Villas rich with exclusive modern amenities
  • 24/7 security assured
  • Customer friendly price options
Villa projects in Calicut, Villas in Calicut

Villa projects in Calicut, Villas in Calicut


Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

How to convert a Villa to a modern masterpiece!!!

Prisunic builders offers Villas in Calicut at affordable rates and believe in the influence of home in human existence. So if one is hoping for a smooth and jubilant worthwhile existence with his or her beloved mates then reassure home is happy. Modernize your villa and breath  fresh air from the masterpiece you just made.

Modernization is an ideology used to represent the gradual transformation of traditional and unbearable condition to a new and demanding progress line. This is a unique and unavoidable process in the pragmatic and prosperous human life. So how can we modernize our prestigious but often objectionable life? Beyond the theories and studies, there are some practical ways to achieve the very idea of modernization within the living condition. Adapting the new technologies and accessories which ease up the daily mechanical life we follow will be the first but the best step to modernization. To be more precise your home villa is the wonderful workplace you have to begin the successful modernizing set about.

Your villa and apartment have tremendous fruitful possibilities to experiment with. It’s an innovative thread which you need to develop with creative and prudent vigour. Each inch of your home can be converted into a sensual piece of art. As your villa or apartment is made with utmost care in each step, steps that span from drafting of the master plan to structuring of infrastructures then the process of modernization is advised to play out bit-by-bit with a sheer consolidation of effort. Here we are going to discuss the same. How to modernize your villa or apartment, actually inch by inch.

Your villa can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle. Missing one piece may result in the total downgrading of your hard work. So like completing a jigsaw, you need all elements of your apartment. These elements include nook and corner of your villa, bedrooms to bathrooms, windows to a wardrobe. Retouch and redraw every unfinished and out fashioned décor and infrastructure. Believe it or not, even an appropriate set of the attractive curtain may trigger a sensation of novelty in your home. So let’s analyze the characteristic of a typical modern villa.

How to convert an ordinary villa/ Apartment to a modern masterpiece

Home is definitely the primary asylum every human wish to inhabit through-out the unpredictable life. Our residence must give us some remedy and relaxations from the miseries of life. So make it sure that your home is not another dilemma that gnaws your indeed surviving possibilities. Imagine you are back in the boring house with unbearable tension and tiredness of the daily mundane life struggles only to find out that the remaining time is reserved for tuning the housing chores under the pale smile of your electric bulbs. Absolutely it is the worst disaster you should avoid. Adapt to some modern environment which is the best and demanding option you got. Modernization of your villa means converting or transforming the most annoying moods created by those sections of your villa to a sensible and beneficial living condition.

Here we are concentrating on the modification of different section of an apartment which has the ability to provide mesmerizing outcome after the renovation. See the following;

  • Start with the Doors and Windows:

Doors and windows are the supreme receptors of natural vibes. Your home respires through these windows and doors. Wide open doors give the feel of

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open arms welcome. It’s the first chant of the impression on your graceful guest. So make sure your villa or apartment has the beautiful set of doors and windows. Doors must be strong enough to keep away the external threats and at the same time, it needs to be classic craft. Choose a product which is the amalgam of tradition and trend. Definitely, it will contribute to the overall outlook of your sweet home.

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  • Choose furniture wisely and save the space:

The need for furnishings is undeniable. Maybe those wooden chairs and divan are very costly. But if those essentials snatch your precious living space then time for rethinking. Simplicity explains beauty. So keep it simple. Never opt for a behemoth dining table which is half the size of your living room. Glass table tops are a preferable alternative for wood due to comparatively low cost and trendy look. Don’t buy an excess number of chairs which aren’t really necessary for your actual needs. If you are buying a furnished villa from an authentic builder you will know the art of furnishing proportions.

  • Curtains and colours

These are game changers. A window curtain conserves your privacy as well as preserves the aesthetic of room. Like this, the wall paints redefines the space of your living room and bedroom. You can choose any exterior painting colours of your taste but in the case of interior painting bright colours are advisable since it can create an illusion of wide space and peace. But you can try different colours in each bedroom or even in different walls! Remember to match your curtains accordingly. Wallpapers are another economic and potent favourite.

  • The importance of Plumbing and wiring

Allocate money and time for stitching up the ‘veins’ of your villa. If electrical-plumbing works are done without proper devotion then you will regret it in the near future. Choose a quality product for such process. Again, never compromise on the quality. Your willingness to adapt quality will save money eventually by less electrical and maintenance charge. Use high yielding electronic devices like led lamps which consume less energy and contributes more shine for home.

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  • Bathrooms& Kitchen

Every enthusiast visitor of your new villa or apartment will certainly find time to sneak into rate and analyze your bathrooms and kitchen. The kitchen tends to be the busiest area of your home where the bathroom is usually the most private area. Both require utmost consideration.

In bathrooms, you can try the most ‘viral’ pipes and showers in the market. European closets became the common thing in a modern bathroom so consider it. Tiling of floor and walls of the bathroom is necessary to easily drain the water and protect walls from mildew. Remember the importance of quality plumbing work. Placing a mirror will affirm the class of your bathroom. Also, provide some frame or hanger to shelter the things you need in there.

In the kitchen, there are numerous options for creative and helpful upgrading. Racks are a requirement to shelve the groceries and utensils. Ventilations will ease up the tight environment in a kitchen and provide more oxygen and aroma to your working area. Brought in some of the helpful electronic accessories like mixer, grinder and microwave oven to subdue the pressure and rediscover the delicious recipes in your mind. Watery and cooking areas are usually adorned with granite or marbles which is helpful in cleaning the final chaos. Avoid fuming volcano resembling furnace and replace it with more efficient and cute gas stoves. You can explore more on the internet under ‘smart kitchen’ keywords and find resembling ideas about kitchen remaking.

  • Bedroom

Very important space of a villa and relatively more relaxing than other rooms of a home. So this portion of villa needs special treatment. When modernizing your bedrooms the theme must be peace of mind and content it could provide. Use cool illuminants and appropriate air conditioning. Avoid junk materials and protect the open space. If you possess a variety of dresses and ornaments one armoire will do. Select beds and mattress which can pamper and retaliate all your stress. As mentioned earlier you can experiment with unorthodox painting styles and adorning. Hang your favourite picture on those walls. And you can fix multiple mirrors for enhancing the potential of lamps and exhibiting the true beauty of your bedroom. Attach bathroom with bedrooms which is a classy and custom combination of modern apartments.

  • Floor and Ceiling

Floors and ceilings are like the cover page of a book. Everyone will start evaluating the home only after cross-examining the finishing of these. Plant tiles, marbles or granite as your wish and budget in the floor. Use appropriate carpet and mats to make cleaning easy and floors ever shining. Your ceiling can be decorated with fabulous fans and shine.


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Tips to decorate your Villa/ Apartment in this Christmas

Tips to decorate your Villa/ Apartment in this Christmas

Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way and Christmas on the way! Beyond religious frames, Christmas is celebrated by all altruistic human beings around the world and like any other celebration, it is the gratification of hope over the adversaries of life. And you may notice that even nature is bedecked in chilled white to welcome the merriment of its arrival. It’s the best holiday you got to spend with your family in your villa or apartment with utmost regalement. In this Christmas be the part of the festive mood of the world by inviting the happiness to your villa and apartment. Be yourself prepared for the delight by decorating your lovely home

Villas in Calicut

Villas in Calicut

Everyone enjoys embellishing and beautiful stuff. The exhilaration is high when your eyes catch a Christmas decorative like draped glittering paper stars, leafy wreaths, Christmas trees, Christmas garlands, colourful emanations of lights and so on. These adorn emancipates some positive vibes which gigivepecial convivial environments where it belongs. So decorating your villa for Christmas itself ensures sublime happiness in your family.

Villas in Calicut

Villas in Calicut

Decorating your villa or apartment for Christmas isn’t a humdrum job. For satisfying results for your creative works, you need to have that zeal for celebrations and vigorous planning for the blessed day. Christmas is the union of colours, lights and music. And your apartment is the fabricated nest of joy, memories, and reunions, sharing and caring. So it is undoubtedly clear that home is the excellent venue for all those special festivals and so the Christmas.

This article will give you some tips to decorate your villa and apartment for this glorious Christmas.

Christmas decoration stuff varies from huge Christmas trees to glittering tiny stars. Each of these stuff belongs to some designated position where its beauty is you have to plan your decorative steps according to the size and objectivity of the decoratives you have. Here we are categorizing the decorations as inside(interior) and outside (exterior) decorations. Let’s have a look:

Outside decoration ideas

Outside decorations welcome your guest ( and Santa) as well as provides an astonishing greatness to your villa. Seeing such a home will make your good neighbours happy. It’s what Christmas is meant for. See the following.

 villas in calicut

Villas in Calicut

# Christmas tree

well, the adorned Christmas tree is an incomparable symbol of Christmas Eve. For years it has been used to represent the joy and strength of relations and the glory of Christmas. You can set one in front of your villa by your self. A pine tree is the most preferable one but you can choose your own plant for decoration. If you don’t have such plant, artificial one can be built which is a usual practice. or you can buy attractive tree models from Christmas market. There is no specification in materials for decorating a Christmas tree. You can use light bulbs, bells, stars or whatever cute things you have. It’s up to your creativity. If you are small family then choose a small tree for your villa to make the job perfect.

Villas in Calicut

Villas in Calicut

# Christmas stars and lights

Its a delight to see various blinking lights and Christmas stars. Isn’t it? These things easily draw everyone’s attractions. Christmas is a day and night celebration and these shinings outcast the show when the sun is down. You don’t need to place lights and stars to get the appropriate environment.rather it is recommended to select a few energy efficient bulbs(LED is the best option) and unharmful and much economical paper stars for the decorations. Harsh light is not the Christmas type. Hang stars and lambs in the most catchy face of your villa. And careful with burning lamps if you have children in your apartment.

#exterior furnishings

Beyond temporary arrangements, you can concentrate on your villa’s exterior furnishings as part of decoration as well as long-term use. You can change your carpet and furniture in this Christmas and select combination of trend and tradition which you will not regret later. Red and white mixed carpet gives a Christmas mood but you can have your choice on clours.

And if you are preparing for a total makeover of a villa  in this Christmas painting and changing wallpaper is a recommended option.


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Inside decoration

Since Christmas is the event for getting together with your friends, families and other guests so, decorating interiors of your villa or apartment is a must do. You have the option to separately decorate each type of your room. In bedrooms, kitchen, and living room the most creative space is the living room. Because it is spacious and the first noticeable place for your guest. The materials you can use for decorating your living room are listed below:

Villas in Calicut

Villas in Calicut

#leafy wreaths:

place it on the doors and table stands. Simple hence beautiful

#bells and ribbons: adore your entry doors and windows with these. The movement and little giggling noise it makes creates an evangelizing mood inside your home. Tieing ballons with this will make it more appealing and live.

#wall papers: use Christmas themed wallpapers for your rooms along with appropriate curtains to set up the festive scene. You can also apply religious or heartwarming pictures on the wall.

# dining table: yes it is a perfect decorative canvas for your creativity. Choose table clothes wisely. And fill the table with delicious food and vine. Don’t forget to place a Christmas cake at the centre with a lighted candle on it.  Your guest and Santa will certainly love it.

Here we only mentioned living room because of its importance in every celebration. You can redraw your decorating sense as per the requirement and along with these arrangements keep your villa or apartment clean and well maintained. which will make your decorations more vibrant and effective.

To celebrate this Christmas with the fusion of unlimited happiness and peace with your family and friends. Absorb and disseminate the value of renouncement, generosity and hope. Sow and reap happiness.Wish you a Merry Christmas.