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Five decor ideas for a large balcony

Life inside our own home is beautiful right? But no matter the peace or luxury of an indoor space we all try to find an outdoor extension. When thinking about an outdoor space which is exposed to fresh air and preserves privacy the answer narrow down to balconies. Most of us find peace of mind by sitting in our own balcony rather than spending time in a public park.  A well planned and decorated balcony increases the visual appeal of your home as well as your life. That is why this article explains five décor ideas for your unique balcony.

  1. Preserve the Space

It doesn’t matter if your balcony is large or small if you know the art of decorating the space. The advantage here is that you got a comparatively small space in the home which is easy to maintain. The décor in the balcony must enhance you to completely savour every inch of that space. Let’s point out the elements of space preservation in balcony décor;

  1. a) Furnishing

When it comes to balcony décor you need to be more selective in furniture. Everything you place in this space must be relaxing and fitting to the environment. Balconies are not meant for public gathering. So you can add small beds for a fresh air sleep or hang a hammock to relax.

  1. b) Removing visual barriers

When arranging space in balcony concentrate on removing visual obstacles between the outer world. Which mean cloth curtain and protruding sunshades are not a favorite option for balcony. Using glass curtains will provide a clear outdoor view and beauty to the balcony. But if you are into more privacy then you can go with the former.

  1. c) Keep it simple

There are two ways to fill in a balcony. One is placing cozy and attractive decorative in the space. Which include fluffy pillows to flower pots. But the other is the way of simplicity. Managing free movement in the balcony, adding selective furniture, visually unfocussed decorative, etc are the hallmark of simplicity.

  1. The role of Light

Fresh air and the natural light is the primary luxury of any balconies. The joy of the balcony comes from the light and shade it offers. So always utilize the natural sunlight as a decorative for balcony. Bright is the usual mood of the balcony. By adjusting the light levels using curtains and shades you can create an entirely different feel in this space. Adding glimmering and low lit artificial light can make your nights magical.

  1. Green always fit

Like we said balcony is an extension from home to nature. So to make it a transition zone between nature and indoor life you can use the charm of greenery. Try setting a small garden in the corner and railing of your balcony. The availability of sunlight make the plants grow healthier and within months you can see heaven starting to bloom in your balcony.

  1. Using Floor and Wall

Unlike the indoor wall and floor, the area of a balcony is limited and special.  The carpet or rug you use on the floor needs to mingle with the outdoor tone. Grass pattern carpet, wooden interlock, or stone tiles, the options are many. You don’t need to completely cover the floor with carpet. Instead, spend money to find the best piece of art to fill the open space on your floor.

When it comes to ceiling and wall choose warm and dustproof paint. You don’t need to paint the same exact outdoor paint in balcony walls.

  1. Foresee the Climate

Since the balcony is an outdoor space anything you wish to décor in it must be resistant to climate scenario. For example, if you are planning to build a home with balcony in Kerala you must know the monsoon factor. In such place reduce wooden and metal item for decorating the balcony. Or you can resist the side effects of the changing climate by shades and coverings. For extra safety from dripping water use PVC blinds to seal the space.

Above are the five ideas or areas you need to concentrate before you plan to décor your balcony. Remember a well-arranged balcony itself can change the overall appearance of the home. And if you are wise to retouch every inch of balcony you will be gifted with a unique space to ease and free your mind.


How to choose tile for your bathroom


A bathroom is a place where you can experiment with your creativity. This article deals with some tips on choosing your bathroom tile.

The true aesthetic of your villa lies in the interior designing of rooms. It’s certainly not an easy task because much money is invested upon each idea. So you might suppress the sensation to experiment to an extent. But one of your often visited places in home, the bathroom is away from all these worries. Its small space is the canvas for your experiments. When building up your bathroom, the most important task is tiling. The tiles you choose must endure the water drenched conditions. Style and purpose are the two important factors in the tiling of your bathroom.

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villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

Understand the purpose

Choosing your bathroom tiles is easy when you know the purpose. Since bathrooms are mostly wet, you need to opt for water-resistant tiles. Less porous tiles like porcelain tiles are most suitable for bathroom decoration. The tile you chose for your bathroom must defend bad smells, easy to clean, scratch resistant and beautiful. Highly polished tile gives shine and makes cleaning easy. But tiles that make you slip is not recommended.

Decide the look

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

The amalgam of durability and style is what your bathroom floor deserves. If you ignore the style factor, then the bathroom will become a negative space rather than a refreshing point. So Bathroom is the perfect place for a show-off. It can reflect your personality and creativity. But styling means expense. Coloured and deep pattern pieces are costly. So make your selection wisely. Closet or bathtub attached rooms may have multiple curves to finish. So combinations of small and large tiles are essential to plant the floor effectively. If your budget offends your luxurious plans, then think about the wow factor. You can set ordinary tiles in the floor by mixing unique stones in between. So that those special cozy stones capture your guest’s attention.

Quality matters

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

When you are to purchase tiles, make sure you examine the water absorbing ability of that tile. This is a primary concern because lesser the absorbing rate higher the durability. You can check the grade of tile to ensure durability. Closely watch any cracks or thickness change before fixing tile into the floor or wall. Usually, the manufacturer depicts the quality of tiles with labels. Abrasion resistance is the indicator that you need to concentrate. It shows how strong your tiles are against wear and tear. When comparing to a kitchen or living area, a bathroom is okay with low-grade tiles.

Foresee future

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

Once the tiles are placed, it is a tough task to replace them. Any plan to replace a tile will empty your time and pocket. So when you choose bathroom tile for your villa it must cover the modern innovations. Instead of selecting contrasting color, opt for classic and unique patterned pieces.

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

Different types   

You always have options. In bathroom flooring, the different types of tiles are ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, marble, travertine etc. Usually vinyl is the popular choice since it is low cost and pragmatically lasting. If you are up to patterns and colors go for ceramic and porcelain. They are much expensive than vinyl materials but are harder enough. If you wish a radical look, use stones and plastic laminated alternatives available in the market. But those are not perfect practical choice indeed.


Five tips to make your kitchen look spacious.

A spacious is an essentiality for any good home. Without a big enough space to feed your family, the concept of a good home is always incomplete. It doesn’t really matter, if you didn’t allow much space for the kitchen in your house plan, proper arrangements and furnishings can always make the available space more than enough for your needs.

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premium flats in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

Implementing some simple tricks and tips can change the whole outlook of a kitchen. Try these tips to create an Illusion of a bigger space than you have.

●Light it up!

A beautiful blend of natural and ambient lighting can create a huge difference. First and foremost, make sure that your kitchen gets Ample sunlight. This can be made possible by the right positioning of the windows. small glass portion on the ceiling will help a lot in this. well, thought and creative combination of artificial and natural lighting simply creates an expanded look. Artificial light should be chosen carefully. The light provided in the kitchen must be comfortable to the eyes during both the day and night.A beautiful blend of light create a relaxing atmosphere and elevates the look and space of a kitchen.

●White theme.

 White floor, white walls, white ceiling, white cabinets and everything else white! sounds great right? it feels the same as well! The colour white does magic in a kitchen. it has the ability to reflect light well and brighten up everything. Choose white tiles for the floor and tile up the wall as well .white ceiling appear higher and Brighter than they actually are. It makes the kitchen lot more airy and open.The same colour ceiling gives a rich and full atmosphere that feels complete.

You can also opt other pretty shades of white which can serve the purpose.Cream, Ivory , beige, cosmic latte& peach are other preferable options.All these light Shades give an open

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and spacious look your kitchen.
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●Clever cabinets.

Cabinets used in the kitchen decide the style and overall outlook of the kitchen. Therefore, you should be very cautious and creative in choosing them. the design, colour, material and positioning of the cabinets are very important. cabinets play the two most important functions -storage and style. cabinets satisfying these two purposes can make your kitchen look and feel luxurious.

The most important thing to keep in your mind while trying to make your kitchen look spacious is creating the look of Emptiness. the idea is concealing your appliances, cookware, groceries and everything else that is supposed to be in the kitchen in the cabinets. nothing of the above should be showing up in the kitchen when you enter. all you have to see is clean plain surfaces. This is why cabinets are so much relevant in a kitchen .even the biggest kitchen can look spaceless and terrible if it is filled with items. so, the decluttering process has to be put on top of the list. Eliminate all unnecessary things and promise yourself to not grab unwanted items when you are out for shopping the next time. give a proper and fixed ‘home’ for each and every item in the kitchen. if something seems to be ‘homeless’ in your kitchen, it obviously means it’s not supposed to be there! so toss it out.decluttering your present kitchen and making sure to not clutter it again can save you so much of space and time.

Install more upper cabinets than lower ones .make sure that the lower cabinets are Shallow. it provides lot more floor space. you can compensate it by fixing deeper cabinets on top. use cabinets with glass doors. it elevates the style of the kitchen to another level. you have a bonus too! cabinets with glass doors compel you to keep it clean and organised as you happen to see through them everytime you are there. the more organised you are the more space you have. fixing light coloured cabinets go very well with our white theme. altogether the kitchen turns out simply fabulous!

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premium flats in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

●Make it simple!

 The kitchen is not the perfect place to display intricate woodworks and embellishments. from the door to the ceiling, leave everything simple and beautiful. it gives the area an expanded look .while purchasing appliances, cookware and utensils choose the slim ones .these little ones can perform the functions of the huge alternative and free up some space for you which is great!

 Go for single sinks than double sinks which eat up a lot of space.

It is an untold Reality That bigger sinks are directly proportional to more dirty dishes. So stick on to the simple single sink! the ideal kitchen contains only necessary items and not everything and anything .very often we find the corner space in the kitchen is wasted use it efficiently by fixing appropriate sized corner shelves with glass doors.

●Keep it organised.

premium flats in calicut, budget flats in calicut

premium flats in Calicut, budget flats in Calicut

Keeping everything organised is the secret to a spacious and beautiful kitchen. it makes much easier and comfortable to work in there. Here are some tips to make your small kitchen feel much bigger and useful space.

 – use medium or big sized food storage containers of the same size and shape(preferably square or rectangle) instead of using many small mismatched containers.

– keep all your appliances in one space rather than scattering the kitchen counter. This helps your kitchen to be better organized and also helps you save time..

– clean your draws and cabinets once in a while and get rid of all the items you do not need. also, remove the appliances that are obsolete and dust collecting.

– use labels on your spices and other powders so that you do not take out ever jar/bottle and create a mess when in need of a single one.

– instead of digging in an overcrowded drawer for a single utensil, easy it up by investing in a cutlery tray which has divided sections for different types of cutlery.