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Interior Designing Tips to make your Villa Trendy!!!

Without Interior Designing, your Villa is just a picture carved in bricks. Interior Design of a villa is an art of knowing its people and converting it to a functional space.Let’s discuss some ideas regarding this;

Here we share some ideas for effective interior designing your villa to make it trendy. From the bedroom to kitchen designing possibilities are unlimited. Roof to floor and wall to the piece of furniture interior designing your Villa can do magic. When designing is planned wisely villa is in vogue.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut


  • The first rule- make it catchy

Most fundamental rule of interior designing your Villa is to make it appealing. Before starting any plan determine the style of your rooms. This makes designing easier. There are approaches like modern, traditional, transitional etc. Each of these choices is unique in one way or another. Modern style favours simple furnishing and using ‘unorthodox’ patterns for crafting interior. On the contrary traditional approach often prefers abundance in the interior. And transitional style is the amalgam of modernity and tradition.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

  • Size and proportion matters

Your villa must be a well-balanced one. Especially in the size and space of rooms, the ratio needs to be revised. If your villa has a too big room then it demands more work in interior designing. Because mere touchup won’t make a room ‘active’. There is a mathematical relationship between the size and contents of a room. For example, if you place huge cupboard in a small living room, it won’t fit. If you have tall attics try chandeliers or otherwise forget it. Don’t make rooms into a godown by scattering the items. Place subject as it pleases your eyes. Always preserve space for free walking.

interior designing your villa

  • Furnishing- a game changer

Furnishing is the main ingredient in a fabulous interior designing. Common furniture like table and seating plays the double role in a villa theme. One; it is an essential daily usable for working and relaxing. Two; you can make your villa more luxurious by opting majestic furniture. Traditional wooden products currently rule in common furnishing. But materials formed in steel and glass is conquering the part of modern villas.

  • Personalize your rooms

An interior designer can provide many innovative options for you. It is up to you to select the theme of your rooms. The antique piece of wooden craft, you can use anything which makes a room home. In your bedroom, find a place for family memorials like photographs. Use plane bed sheets for classy looks or choose fusion of colours for bedding and curtains.
Walls are the trump card in interior designing of the villa. The big windowless canvas if not utilized will ruin the inner elegance of your villa. A bright and warm paint always relaxes eyes and it provides space illusion. In a brightly coloured living room, one can feel the capacious atmos. Experiment with mixing cosy texture with neutral colours. A little more dark texture will do in the kitchen. Give beautiful frames to windows, which can outline the catchy walls.    

interior designing your villa

  • Light makes the atmosphere

This part is very important. As interior designing is an art of blending beauty and proportions, the lighting of the room plays a vital role in defining its true effectiveness. There are two options in lighting; one is using the natural light, two is using the artificial light. Natural light aka sunlight can be used with its true potential by the accurate placing of windows. But artificial lighting is the main concern of an interior designer. Favourite choices of secondary sourced light are electrical bulbs. From hanging a chandelier to ultra-modern LEDs you can make many combinations. But always highlight or focus on the deserved item in a room. Like, overhead lighting is not suitable for kitchens where living room demands it. Forget about using hot and archaic illuminators. Don’t go for quantity; concentrate on the quality of light.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Prisunic builders always quest for innovative ideas. With our premium class villas, we welcome you to Calicut. Be a part of our family by owning an exclusive villa at an affordable rate.


luxury homes in calicut



Easter is the merrymaking of a holy rebirth. In this jolly day decorate your villa to commemorate the sacrifice and love. Here we share some simple ideas to adore your villa in this Easter.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

EASTER IS HERE!!! THE BLESSED CELEBRATION OF RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. Celebrating this festive season in your villa with family and friends is indeed a felicity. Let this be the best opportunity to revive your villa as well. Since your guests are waiting for an appropriate day like Easter to visit your villa, decoration becomes the most part. Easter decorations are always close to nature. The stuff used as décor needs to be simple and jubilant. Let’s have a look;

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Décor Close to nature

Select decorative that is costless natural materials. Like using green grass with little fresh flowers instead of plastic. Fruit and Vegetable carvings are tremendous options for beautifying the Easter day. Paper crafts and cotton threads can do magic when combined with vivid imagination.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Dining

The axis of ester décor is your dining table. Place a spacey table in your living room. Because food and related decorations are important in Easter. Mix seasonal blooms and exclusive dishes together. Ester decoration demands thinking out of the box. Find crazy matches to garnish and adorn. Chinese clay plates and pots can enhance the true beauty of your dining. Tie crockery with decoration and colour. Try to make an abundant effect on the table. It must tell the story of prosperity.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Cards everywhere

People still love to have a card that whispers about love and wishes. Adorn every corner of your villa with cards that welcome guest at a glance. Religious or not, try to make it with your own hand. Your efforts can make it more valuable. Hang some cards on the front door or in any other favourite position of yours.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Brighten up
    Spread the light
    Fill your villa with warm lights. These lights act as a makeup for your decor. You can improvise your electrical bulbs to bulb bunnies. Easter calls for creativity. When you can combine art with a light it will be a delight. LED and candles create a wonderful atmosphere. And It’s economical. So try that also.
luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

  • Easter eggs

In any religion, eggs represent fertility, birth etc. Easter eggs, sometimes depict the sealed tomb of Christ. You can make it with edible items like chocolate or simply painting a boiled egg. It is a custom to place coloured eggs in the villa. But rather than traditional practice Easter eggs embellish every other decorative.


  • Walls

Fill your wall with style and joy. These are the place to express your unique emotions. You can place wood bunnies, leafy wreaths, or any funny stuff you can make. Some people love to place pictures of family and other Easter wall hanging on the wall. There are many kinds available on the market. Banners and stuff with scrapbooking paper give other options for more creativity. Find your own ideas that outcast the common practices.

Prisunic Builder wishes you and your family the happiest Easter of all.

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Benefits of owning a Villa with Prisunic builders


The building industry and infrastructure in India are rapidly changing. New trends and ideas readily mushroom in this field each day. With the momentum of the vibrant world, Prisunic builders grasp and foster the innovations to provide a better result for its beloved customers. We proudly present our most promising villa projects in Calicut, the Premium Prisunic Palazzo in the dazzling city limit and the most sought after location for Villa projects in Calicut, near Chevayur junction.

villas in calicut

villas in Calicut.


The Prisunic Palazzo is a unique blend of modern amenities and the alluring purity of nature. You will never regret a single penny you spend on this villa projects in Calicut since Prisunic builders keenly wove each project with care and exclusive qualities. This much offering and a demanding villa project are expanded over 1.57 kilometres of the total project area, with exclusively built luxurious 19 units of Premium Villas. You can choose from the 3HK (3 bedroom- kitchen) or 4(HK) villas as per your requirements. The best thing is that this villa project is only 1 kilometre away from Chevayur junction which is geographically an advantage for you. The positioning of these luxury villas is well aimed at the easy accessing of ‘hotspots’ like hospitals, Railway stations, supermarkets etc., within the city networks.

Just have a look at the specific features of Palazzo Villa project series. It is raised in the breezy elevated land of Kozhikode so that you breathe ecstasy of life around you. The selection of the villa project area satisfies and resolves the concerns about transportation and although maintains peaceful surrounding.

Villa projects in Calicut

Villa projects in Calicut, Villas in Calicut

We believe in Nature’s phenomenal beauty and the project ensures and preserves the amusing views around the villa and the Palazzo itself is a delight for your eyes. The visually stunning landscape will make your city life more poetic. Each villa is accompanied by shrubs and trees which are an attempt to recreate nature’s elegant spirit.

Prisunic Palazzo Villas is extraordinary because of its exclusive amenities. Rather than usual rat race you need a relaxing and refreshing living condition to realize the true meaning of ‘life’. To acquire that level we have keenly crafted appropriate surroundings around your villa. The amenities include swimming pool, air conditioned Gym, Recreation area, Kids Play Area and so on. Replenish your body and mind without any fear of safety concerns. Because we are in charge of your safety with 24/7 security. Utilize these amenities to regain precious healthy environment and emotional stability. Dream a fabulous urban life without being a prodigal. Palazzo is the name for that dream.

Even if the project is rich with amenities and service, the location of the same has supreme priority. You are choosing a city by foreseeing the possibilities it carries. City life is organized and every development of world reflects in it. To catch the momentum you may need easy access to points like railway, airport, supermarkets and like. Let have a look at some location advantage of the project.


Chevayur Junction- 0.9km

Thondayad bypass Jn. -2.0km

Calicut Medical college- 1.6km

Calicut Railway station- 7.5km

Everything Supermarket- 1.0km

Hilite business park-3.0km

Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan-0.8km

Cyber Park-2.5km

builders in Calicut, villas/apartments in Calicut

Palazzo villa project is the best option you have to develop an ultra-modern city life. Let’s point out the main features of this project as follows;

  • 3HK/ 4HK villa options available
  • Most sought out city location
  • 19 unique villa planted in lush of greenery
  • Easy access to city’s favourite spots
  • Villas rich with exclusive modern amenities
  • 24/7 security assured
  • Customer friendly price options
Villa projects in Calicut, Villas in Calicut

Villa projects in Calicut, Villas in Calicut


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Villament – Latest trend in Real Estate Business

VillamentAnother eventful year is flown away by leaving relics of touching moments that we call memories. By burying most of the worries into oblivion every mind is set for a hopeful takeoff with the trust in the New Year. But some things, especially those waves created by some trends pursue its effect regardless of the frame of references you have set. Such a kind is ‘Villament’, the trending makes over in real estate industry.


Real estate sector has witnessed many astonishing changes in the last year. Demonetization and GST were some of the change in policies and its effect is certainly resonating in the real estate business. The exact outcome is yet to be calculated. But the trend or inclinations like Villament are very innovative and predictably invasive. Started its saga in Bangalore, Villament has already become a favourite of variety seeking investors. The trend is ‘infecting’ the real estate industry with a boom of investment in the housing sector.
Villament- A satisfied dream

So what is Villament and why it is so enticing to people and your buddies? Let’s define Villament as an excellent fusion of the luxurious Villa and economically affordable Apartment. An impressive name for a comeliness combination, right? Villament commonly has four or five premium class unit in a single block of the building. So you can understand it as some exclusive villas storeyed like an apartment. This commix was like a dream for many who were in the quest for their perfect home. Everybody loves the luxurious enchantment of modern villas. But the undeniable truth is that the substantial amount of money you have to pay for one is unbearable most times. Then you have to choose the next but compromising offer that is Apartment. The sorrow of the missed shot for a villa is mitigated by the security and social life offered by standard apartments without causing much budget concerns.

Villament is the point where these two possibilities meet. By owning a Villament you are having a place for leisure and peaceful repose. Each unit is keen crafted in a Villament. So it is assured that you can savour the sumptuousness and free space provided by the villa and in the Villament also. Or maybe you can get more. Usually, Villament limits its unit to fewer numbers to concentrate on the quality and comfort. The amenities like cool and classy décor and commodious living room are well adapted to the Villament concept also. Since villa provides a single unit with relieving privacy but maintenance is a hassle, Villament offers scheduled maintenance and modifications of your choice. By combining the very features of villa and apartment you will get safety and connectivity to preferable communities which are the hallmark of the later.

Beyond the necessity aspects, Villament is distinctive with its unique characteristics. This may include a garden in the ground floor (certainly you will have a private one in your own balcony also), a swimming pool, spacious corridor or meeting hall. The open space in terrace can also be used beneficially than unorganized apartment top. Since one block of Villament shoulder balanced number of residents, the struggle to access your space is the least worry. Like this, Villament has predefined personalized parking space. In an apartment, you may not know everyone in person but in Villament more established relationship can be formed between neighbours. So Villament is a suitable choice for you and your family without haunting money crisis or corruption in quality.

Here we can summarize the features of Villament as;


  • Luxurious & Economic: price a little higher than an apartment but considerably lower than Villa with uncompromised life standards.
  • Modern amenities: stylish décor and delighting infrastructure
  • Privacy: less number of residents and well defined private space
  • Safety: security service, surveillance and well-outlined compound
  • More social: organized social living with your neighbours who meets your standards
  • Exclusive lifestyle: gardening, gaming, gyms and community hall, clubhouse and key to many entertainments with other technological advancements (like free wifi).

Prisunic Builders always try to adapt this pulse of innovations. We covert such trending ideas into customer benefit and renovate that with his or her imaginations. If you are interested in investing the luxurious and fairly economic Villament in Kozhikode then don’t think twice to meet with Prisunic Builders. Join hand with us and start the venture towards a trending life.


Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

A villa in the City limit- Know why we recommend it for you

If you are seeking a beautiful villa for spending your spontaneous and joyful life with family then there are some factors that really matter. Such a concern is the location of your master project, your villa. Beyond the blueprints and colourful imagination about your villa you need preplans about the location or exact point where your villa would be raised in future.

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

The selection of territory is important in building a home since it has prolonged effect on your future living condition. Here territory includes city or urban area, coastal area, suburb, rural and so on. The changing tide indicates that most rural inhabitants tend to migrate to city life which is relative to the remoulding of lifestyles of generation and tremendous developments happening all over the country.

We are aware of the difference in statistics of development when compared to city and rural areas. City life is an ever upgrading one. Its trend and infrastructures modify within a blink of the eye. The city is a real alma mater for every humankind. Because it is complex with its diversities. As once said, a city is a flowing river in which one cannot step in twice. So if you wish to know the real pulse of dynamic life, a city is the best choice for your home or villa. It is true that city life is much louder and vibrant than the rustic life in the village. But benefactors of city life know that there is a harmony dissolved in the busy buzzing of its streets.

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

Villas in Calicut, Buy flats for sale,

But if you are about to own a villa in city limit then beyond the undefined beauty of city you will realize the safety and amenities a city is inheriting. The economic and social importance of city made it an apple in the eyes of every government. Cities are the cross-section of a nation so its peace and prosperity have supreme importance. Health, food, transport, education, entertainment, security et cetera are something a social being like us can’t avoid. And by selecting villa in city limit assures the best of these essentials. Let’s evaluate the benefit of choosing a villa in city limit one by one.

City transit saves precious time

Apart from the prominent national highways city consolidate numerous connecting roads and routes. Cities have organized traffic systems to avoid unwanted traffic block and thereby reduce time wasting. You can choose your own vehicle or private or public transit vehicles to grab your destination within the exact meeting time. This helps to manage your smooth adaptation from office life to family life. Since online guiding programs like google map is perfectly drawn almost all the city routes, finding and exploring ways is not a puzzle anymore. So you can enjoy the vast geography of the city without any troubles. Easy access to railway stations and airports make city centre a favourite location for building a home. So you can hope best from a villa in the city centre and there will be no regret.

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

Villas in Calicut, Buy flats for sale,

‘Health is wealth’ then the city is your strength

Our ultimate earning is our body and its health. A well-maintained health provides the exquisite and consistent happiness than any exhumed treasures of this world. So hospitals are the most adequate reasonably advised place to visit when our invaluable health is in stake. Usually, hospitals and health centres concentrate on large and developing cities by considering the population and possibility of smooth functioning. By residing in a villa situated in such a place will definitely conserve and enable a healthy life.

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

Safety is an indicator of development

Well, city embodies some threat and risk like any other place in the world. But the best part is, it offers paramount safety features which are unimaginable for insular peoples. Just a dial near police force and other security and recovery options like ambulance and emergency fire services make city life an easy choice for any man or women who believe in a harmonious and undisturbed living. Now the government is initiating new schemes for improving and securing city perimeter by implementing CCTV cameras and efficient street lights. Some already experimented programs like ‘she taxi’ and ‘pink patrolling’ are mainly focused on the safety of womanhood.

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

Villas in Calicut,Buy flats for sale,

Education is better in city

For a family person, assuring good education to his or her child is an unavoidable responsibility. Every parent dreams about their progenies’ better future. Since education is renowned as a key to success and catalyst for making a better personality, it is the greatest gift you can give to your true successor.  Then making a villa in a city means uninterrupted, gentle and adequate education to your children. Apart from schools and colleges city involves famous institute for pursuing an advanced level of study like researching and inventing. Above mentioned features like various transit option and safety make student’s educational journey more jovial. City also provides a pragmatic way of studying with earning through some jobs from the numerous possibilities it upholds.

Food+ Celebrations+ Entertainment

By erecting your dream villa in city limit you will have access to unlimited and astonishing fun and entertainment harboured by the city. You can taste continental dishes as well as traditional homely meals from fabulous hotels around your place. A perfect city never sleeps. So can you? Day and night partying and cultural programs refill your soul with the special unspoken feelings and unforgettable experiences which are worth saving till your last breathe. Who knows what you will find in your explorations. Watch movies, make friends, relive every moment you enjoyed if you can. Hear what the fading moments say to you. Past is gone and future is unknown. You only own this present moment. This is the essence of city life. If you are aware of this then don’t hesitate to be a part of the city. Raise your home in the lap of urbanism. Revamp with its tiny evolutions.
Luxury Villas in Calicut

So don’t underestimate or accuse city life without knowing the rhythm of the complexity of its soul. We are under the era of globalization and city is the exact place one can chase the change. If you are set for an innovative and extraordinary life then welcome to the city.


Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Must have Amenities for your Dream Villa

Villa is a symbol which depicts luxury and beauty in artistic proportion, so no wonder about the perennial fame it acquired through these years in the aspirant minds. Villas are best options for individuals and families with desiderated private space and peace of mind. You can rent a villa according to your planning or build a brand new one in the desired location. For both, you may need a builder for achieving your satisfaction. But before going to a builder, have some insight about your villa which may later become the pillars of your future achievement. So prior to consulting a suitable builder foresee the necessities which have a long-term effect on your lifestyle and contentment. Listed below are some must-have features for your dream villa;

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

1. Breezy elevated land
Everybody loves a refreshing wind in their face and relaxing atmosphere around them at least when they are home. That is what home is. Nowadays nobody builds a hideous fort meant for hiding in some harsh mountains or pit. So look for an elevated land with natural environment which has adequate sunlight and air supply. Don’t opt for a deserted land which is isolated from the outer world. If you succeeded in finding the appropriate land just know that your plan for dream villa is on the right track and its half has done.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

2. Within city limit
We need some resources to thrive. Something other than the basic food and shelter aspects. As a social being our kind has developed well-structured living conditions for enriching and enabling better future. A city offers the best of such. Which include schools, hospitals, security and safety services, shopping and entertainment options and so on. An own Villa in city limit provides better access to above-mentioned features. With better roads and public transport options, your work and family life will connect smoothly without unwanted time wasting.


Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

3. Modern amenities-
Since you are wishing for a renounce from daily life struggle of this busy world, home can be a cure. A well-arranged home or villa provides relief from most of the work stress you faced out there. Think about a smart kitchen which works with fingertips, pampering bedrooms for reclining and astonishing bathrooms which wash away and vanishes your worries and enhance you to see another beautiful angle of life. Prefer the combination of modern technology and creativity in your villa so that you can taste the elixir of hassle-free life.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

4. Exclusive lifestyle
We have only one life to celebrate. So make it worth. Start with your villa by making it the most beautiful place in your world. Choose home and related services which offer an incomparable lifestyle. Be romantic with your routines. Cherish your moments with partying, gaming, meetings and enjoy every bit of life. Have that life in which your heart says “the night is still young”. Start finding happiness in small things instead of worrying about small things.
5. Spectacular view
Who hates a good view through the windows of their own home? We all admire raindrops, blue sky, waves of the sea, the mist and mountains because they are somewhat celestial. Now, most of the builders offer such picturesque locations as well as delightful inside furnishing. Select your property as per your taste. Decide whether you need a diaphanous riverside villa or a lonely hut in the centre of a redolent garden. Then open up your heart to the eternal beauty of nature. Remember a picture is beautiful when it is made on a quality canvas. So when building your villa don’t forget to consider the aesthetics of landscape around your project.

Villas in Calicut
6. Exceptional service is the bonus you deserve
We build our home for the long-term future. It’s not a minutes rage or rush. Huge money and savings are invested in such dreams. But most time people struggle with the maintenance of their property and housing procedures. Sometimes the dreams abruptly collapse even before it sprouts because of the budget deficit. Then our next step will be taking a loan which is certainly a disquieting event. The formalities, terms and conditions will eventually make your life a little rough. Even if you succeed in overcoming the budget constraint and made your dream villa into a reality, there exist some usual but exigent problems that are the daily housing shots. This varies from paying your current bill to rechecking the maintenance of your building. If ignored such responsibility may become a liability. So confide in a builder who can appreciate and uphold your aspirations as well as serene happiness by making an essential approach towards the mentioned housing hurdles.

Such smart visions about your villa not only give you confidence but also provide an approximate budget graph and sustained peace. Now you need a game partner for your dream, which means time to meet a professional builder of your choice. Be practical with your imagination. Because once dreams are born it needs to be raised in reality.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Top 6 tips to consider before buying a Villa

Almost everyone dreams of owning a home of their own. Well built, spacious home which can protect and nourish you and your family with comfort and joy. If you are someone who is busy with work and related issues, building a new house of your taste will be a tough task for you. That left you with a single option, which is to buy a home villa.

With a compound of your own and a lot of privacy to cherish, a villa is indeed a great option. But when it comes to buying one it is an entirely different story as it comes with its own share of sweat and risk. There are awful lots of things that can go wrong. You have to take a great deal of caution in the process. We are helping you in this process by giving you six important things to consider before buying a villa.

Villas in Calicut
Mind the budget
Ensure that your dream villa will not derail your budget. This part of the buying process is really important and is worth giving a lot of attention. Make sure your purchase is within the pre-approved loan budget. After settling the initial price and EMI, make sure you have enough money left for your normal lifestyle. It’s always better to choose a purchase that will not challenge your income, don’t risk your home for something that is difficult for you to afford.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Get clear idea of the Total Cost
Many costs are involved in the buying process. This includes stamp duty, registration fee, home owner’s association fee, maintenance fee, insurance etc. Getting a clear idea of the costs involved will help you plan the budget accordingly. This will keep you away from any unwanted deficits.
Do little research on your builder
Doing a little research on your builder will help you to find the villa of your dreams. A stroll through some of their projects may help you to decide whether the builder is reliable or not. Verify that the land you buy is not involved in any legal issues. You can use post queries related to the builder in online real estate forums.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Location is Important
Location is one of the most important things to be considered before buying a villa. Choose your location based on whether you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or a place in town where it’s easy for you to work. Also make sure your location is near to social facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping areas, banks, restaurants and bus stops. Ensure that the neighbourhood is safe, location is well connected and is away from all sorts of pollution.

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Villa Projects In Calicut, Villas in Calicut, Luxury Villas in Calicut

Consult a Professional
If you know someone who is familiar with real estate business, it will do good to consult him with the business and showing him the villa you plan to buy. Make sure that the person you consult isn’t an agent of any builders. An unbiased expert opinion will always act in your favour.
Consider the Resale Value
Human minds are frequently subjected to changes. You may feel a need for change in the future, you may feel to have a bigger house or you may feel to move to a rather peaceful place after your retirement etc. In any of these cases, if you want to sell your house for good money, you better keep in mind the factors that may affect the resale price.
A home is something that silently shouts your status to the world, somewhere you can be comfortable and safe. Buying one is of great importance since your very life is depended upon it. So when you are out for home shopping, don’t be in a hurry, take your time, make your decision a perfect one.

Property Buying : Things you cannot compromise on

Buying a property is a kind of lifetime investment. But, before deciding on buying a property, what are the things that pops up on you mind? As property buying is a lifetime investment, you have be wise and practical. However, there might be a few things that you are not ready to compromise while proceeding for the property buying. They are usually termed as the non-negotiable part of property purchase. Researchers have been working to find out the things that customers are not ready to compromise while buying a home. Getting the perfect home is one of the happiest things in everyone’s life. Only difference is the ‘perfection’ has different definitions for different people. Some would like to own a sprawling villa estate in a remote place whereas some wants to own an apartment amidst of the city. Choices differs according to people.

However, there are a few things that no one is ready to compromise on. Everyone looks for a place that gets lot of natural light, a place that ensures privacy, parking service, storage option and nearness to market. Here are some of the major things that property buyers don’t want to compromise:

● Location: One of the biggest and non-negotiable thing while property buying. Because, it is the one thing that cannot be changed. People do not choose a property that is located in a very remote area where even transport facility is not available. However, the fact is that you get such places for a very less budget.
● Property features: Like its infrastructure, things like property layout, space and land size does matter. Nobody wants to buy a congested property.
● Healthy environment: If the property is situated in the midst of an unhealthy environment. People look for a property where there is no air pollution and sound pollution or other thing that cause health risks.
● Reputation and market standing of the builder: property rate is usually quoted as per the property reputation. Well-known and reputed builders give assurance to the property. Quality of construction, legal sanctity and after sales support will also be assured when dealt with a reputed builder.

When is the right time to invest?

Calicut today is hosting a flourishing IT and related industry in terms of good career and business opportunities which is attracting many investors now. Reputed real estate builders and investors are keeping a close watch on Calicut as a space for real estate investment. If you are thinking when is the right time to invest? Act now! 

With the easy availability of finances, favourable tax structures and fast economic growth it is easy for an investor to buy a property in Calicut now. Here are some reasons why this is a great time to make investments in real estate.

Rising Appreciation

Residential Properties in Calicut are currently priced at approx. Rs. 5000 PSF. Almost 30% increase in just 5 years. Also this trend is set to continue in the upcoming years, a perfect city with promising appreciation. It’s better to buy property now.

IT Hub

With the establishment of the two IT Parks in the city, it is quickly filling up by the people across the globe coming for better career and educational opportunities. The presence of many multinational companies and 2 Cyber Parks made Calicut a source for commercial and residential real estate investments.

Budget Friendly Residential options

Many builders in Calicut are offering a lot of budget-friendly apartments to prospective home-buyers even though the demand for residential properties is increasing day by day.

Low cost of living

When compared to other cities in India, the living costs and operational expenses are much lower in Calicut now.

As a growing city it is definitely the best time to invest in real estate in Calicut.  As it may soon become a financial hub it may also get included in the list of best cities of India. More investors may soon try to explore the opportunities by investing money in properties in Calicut & the property prices may go up later.

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Why should you invest in commercial Real Estate?

Investing in commercial real estate is like investing in a piece of the commerce and business activity that drives the economic engine of the nation. When it comes to investing commercial real estate stands a notch higher amongst the other choices as Commercial real estate investments do not fluctuate with the same volatility as the stock market.  Here are some reasons as to why should you invest in commercial Real Estate?

  1. Regular income stream

Commercial Real Estate Investments offer a regular income stream which is significantly higher than typical stock dividend yields as the assets are generally secured by leases.

  1. Appreciation of Asset Value

There is excellent appreciation in value that meets and exceeds other investment types for commercial Real Estate Investments.  With proactive management like making cost-effective improvements to the property that improves the usability and desirability of the asset, properties generally can go up in value. Also external factors like supply and demand imbalances also increase the value.

  1. Accumulate Equity

The ability to place debt on the asset which is several times the original equity is another important characteristic of commercial real estate investing which works to your advantage. As the loans are paid down this allows you to buy more assets with less money and significantly magnify your equity.

  1. A superior Hedge against Inflation

As shown by studies conducted, commercial real estate investments have the highest correlation to inflation when compared to other asset classes like shares & corporate bonds.  In fact, owning commercial real estate acts as a hedge against inflation.  When inflation occurs, the price of real estate will also rise.

  1. Security Advantage

Commercial Real Estate is a hard asset with meaningful intrinsic value. The property’s land as well as the structure itself has value. By choosing the location and asset quality wisely, investors can benefit from the asset which has the potential to earn income regardless of what happens to the existing tenant(s).

  1. Tax Benefits

As the owner of commercial real estate, mortgage interest and depreciation deductions can shield a large portion of your income stream.

  1. Pride of Ownership

The pride of ownership factor which comes with owning commercial Real Estate is one of the highest among all asset classes. There is great joy and pleasure in knowing you own an income producing property.

Now that you know the reasons for why should you invest in commercial Real Estate? Do not hesitate! Start investing now!


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