Wall decor ideas for your room

We have some interesting ideas that you could consider. These ideas are inexpensive to make and you can totally make them yourself, and what’s best is that they will look great on your walls.
Of course, you always have wallpapers to adorn your walls. You could choose a lovely pattered one which goes with the design of the house. This could be an expensive and a comparatively more inflexible option though.
Gather all the postcards you’ve received or collected during your travels and frame them together to create a lovely postcard wall decor.
Pick out your favourite photographs of sceneries and locations that you’ve been to and frame each of them and hang them at various heights and you have your own personal art gallery at home.
Paintings are photos are not the only things you can frame. Pull out those old silk scarves, frame them and hang them up to add a lovely pattern and texture to the room.
Adding one oversized painting or photograph to your room (bedroom, perhaps) gives it a dramatic effect and immediately creates interest.
Color block is so in these days and there are endless ways you can experiment with that. You could try whacky and unconventional ideas like 3D wall art.
A lovely bookshelf is an evergreen idea for your walls. If you have a huge blank wall, try putting in bookshelf there and fill it with books. It instantly adds class and an erudite feeling to your house.
Another creative way of decorating your wall is to use maps as wallpaper. You could also frame maps of different parts of the world separately. This is a great idea for the children’s room.
Mirror mirror on the wall can do wonders to the room. You could tweak it a little by placing several mirrors of different shapes and sizes and different frames. Mirrors make you room look bigger.
One can always do with some inspiration and motivation. So why not have your favorite inspirational quotes pinned up on your wall?
Choose the one that catches your fancy and have fun decorating your wall.


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