Tips to make your kitchen attractive


All of us have a favourite space in our villa. And each of us has different reasons behind it. But whatever your favourite is the kitchen area outstands all other rooms. An accessorized and well-equipped kitchen has a direct impact on the house atmosphere. The kitchen is not just a busy floor for cooking and washing dishes. Instead, it’s the place where you realize the true lover and genius in you. An attractive kitchen is simply capable of keeping you happy. That’s why this article shares some tips to make your kitchen attractive and more functional.

  1. Look around

When you are ready for a makeover do not skip planning. Just analyze your kitchen before making any modification. By analyzing you will get an idea about what is needed and what is excess in the kitchen. Make a list and note down the essentials for a makeover.

  1. The hardware

Hardware gives meaning to your kitchen. You can start by concentrating on the cabinet styling. Finishing and quality of material used in the cabinet itself give your kitchen attractiveness. Always choose durable materials which can withstand the rush of the kitchen. And install all hardware in an easily accessible point. Cabinet in the kitchen is well occupied most of the times. So choose wooden or metal frames wisely. You can use a knob or pull in shelves and drawers. A combination of pull and knob will increase the visual aesthetic. So for attractive kitchen hardware;

  1. a) Never compromise on quality
  2. b) Finishing is important
  3. c) Combine knob and pull
  4. d) Experiment with wooden and metallic structures
  5. e) Personalize your hardware
  6. Accessorize to attract
  7. a) Utensils

Accessorizing is the best technique to improve the look of the kitchen. There are infinite accessories available to enhance the true beauty of your kitchen. Let’s start with utensils. When you select utensils know the purpose. Make a list for different dishes and related utensils. And don’t stick on ordinary types. Printed and shining steel utensils will definitely make it a fest to watch.

  1. b) Electronic accessories

Electronics are the part which makes a kitchen dynamic. It makes the routine works easier. But modern kitchens demand more stylish instruments than mere work power. Rather than plastic or fiber metal covered stow and mixer makes it sleek. Try glowing digital consoles that make the kitchen special and contemporary. Instead of simply placing accessories try some thematic approach. In concise make it personal.

  1. c) Glass accessories

Try to include glass accessories in the kitchen as much as you can. But never use glass materials in work areas where heavy works are going to happen. You can use glass doors for shelves and windows which make them more transparent and welcoming. Most of the non-stick pans are combined with glass tops for a special finishing so you can use that.

  1. Preserve space

If there is a simple way to make your kitchen attractive then that is preserving space. Never dump materials in the kitchen by forgetting the functionality of that room. A congested room with full of accessories will never give satisfaction. Do space allocation to highlight the better in your kitchen. Use the unattended nooks in your kitchen creatively so that you can free up the center space in the room.

  1. Magic of colors and light

Colors and light can do magic in kitchen. Suitable colors with correct lighting can make a simple kitchen into a masterpiece. Always select warm and welcoming colors in kitchen. Colors like white, yellow, blue, green, red etc. gives good output. White and red will give positive energy in the kitchen. Since there is no rule in color combination experiment till you are satisfied.

After the selection of color, highlight it with suitable focal lights. Rather than traditional approach try modern ideas. There needs to be one main light source to provide adequate lighting. Modern villas have task light and decorative light. When there is a number of light sources try to fit it in multiple levels. Lined ceiling light and fusion of cabinet line are an example for this. Whatever your choice in lighting maintain the intensity of light. If you can’t arrange the lighting, call for a professional who can effectively rearrange the kitchen interior.


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