How to Choose the Right Curtains for your Home


For years curtains have been adorning and protecting our sweet homes. It is known that even in 3000 BC people loved to use curtains for privacy and stylize their homes. But today, genre of curtain had become a pivot for interior designers to modernize and restructure any room. Every choice on a curtain has a direct impact on the visual posture of a room. So the fact is that you can simply change the visual output of a room by changing the curtains and drapes. But when you fail to choose the right curtains for your room, it will ultimately give a negative impact. Like any other interiors, you must know the function and form of the curtains before the buy. In this article, we discuss some tips to choose the right curtains for your home.

  1. The primary function

Before selecting the curtains, know the primary function of it. For many of us curtains preserve the privacy of our family. And for others, curtains are just another mean of interior decoration. In modern approach, curtains concentrate more on style than mere functionality. Rather than fabric contemporary curtains use various materials to add a special touch to the room.  It’s a fact that even the length of curtain determines the aesthetic of the home. Apart from this controlling unwanted light and dust curtain becomes the necessary part of any home.

  1. What are the options?

The best way to select curtain is to see it practically applied somewhere. Nowadays marketplace displays curtains and furniture exactly as in a house. This gives us a clear idea about the effectiveness of our choice. The selection process becomes easier when you know the different options available today. Let’s have a look;

  • Traditional curtains


These kinds of curtains are all time favorite. Usually, such type concentrates on fabrics used. These curtains are thick and opulent. Timber rod and ring system were the most popular in the traditional way. One of the other popular choices was blinds. But most of such materials were heavy and less functional in old days. Now designers have decreased the burden of weight. By increasing the functionality and maintaining the same style traditional curtains are back in business.

  • Decorative curtains

Decorative curtains mainly aim at making the aesthetical appearance more pleasing. These curtains are more transparent and lighter than traditional ones.

  • Blackout curtains

This selection strictly believes in the functionality. They are used behind decorative curtains to preserve energy and block unwanted sunlight. You can use these curtains wherever you need extra coverage.

  1. The color combination

Color combination is the art where curtains get their real life. Here you want to make a combination with walls, furniture, and the curtain color. To match colors include wall colors in curtain patterns. You don’t need to choose the exact color of the wall for the curtain. Preferring similar shade or color itself create the illusion of uniform combination.

  • Using opposite colors

If you have a high contrast wall then use less warm curtains to neutralize the appearance. By using printed or mixed pattern curtains you can increase the visual appearance of any room.

  1. Matters of materials

The quality and durability of curtain revolve around the materials used. Linen, silk, velvet etc., are the best choice since they hang perfectly. Faux silk is the best alternative for silk in sunny areas since it fades slowly compared to the latter. Silk with lining will last long in the case of curtains. If often cleaning curtain pleases you then choose washable materials.

  1. Selecting a theme

Selecting curtains with a theme and make the interior decoration simple. For an environmentalist, green and flower printed curtains itself will set the theme. In children’s bedroom, you can use short and colorful curtains to make them happy. For other bedrooms select warm colored and lightweight curtains for a pleasant mood.

  1. Curtain and placement

Placement of curtains in the room is as much as important as the selection of curtains. To get the exact outcome you must know where to hang them. A living room curtains don’t fit in a kitchen. Likewise, curtains covering a vent on the floor level are not appreciable. If your curtain is a decorative one then avoid placing other eye-catching material near the walls. Even if your curtain is ordinary one you can make it attractive by the folds you make in it. Seek professional help for such techniques.



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