Location or size- What is more important for a home buyer?

Nowadays buying or building a home is comparatively easy thanks to the technological advancement. But choosing the perfect home from the vast sea of option is certainly demanding. If you are new to the real estate sector there will be numerous conflicting ideas that delay your final deal on a home. One of the most confusing problems for a customer is the location and size. By size here we mention the overall project or property size. The fact is clear that both location and size are an important factor. But the factor that matters to you depends on your personal needs. The only way to solve the dilemma between size and location problem is to understand your primary needs. In this article, we will discuss how to make a decision between the size and location of a home.

  • Know your needs

Before compromising between size and locations of the property ask a simple question. Why are you buying this home? For many people buying a home means finding a new space for their family. For some others owning a new home means a strategic move to make life easier.  Both these demand gratifies the importance of size and location of a home. Let’s go further deep.

  • Why the size of home matters
  1. a) A vibrant family

If you are planning to move a big family then the size of home matters. Congested rooms and scarcity in space may lead to complaints. House with more bedrooms is essential for joint families. If family members can share the initial cost then a big house is an easy target.

  1. b) More socialized

A large home always expects guests. If you are open to guest and friends home with a spacey living room is a fine shot.

  1. c) Budget

   When you concentrate on the size of the home it doesn’t mean that you are intending to increase the size. Sometimes the budget limit forces us to opt for a small and well-accessorized home.  If you have budget constraints then spending money on home rather than location is recommended. 

  1. d) Aesthetic type

   Some people love an artistic home. They are more emotionally attached to the home. For them, the size and formation of the home are more important than location. This group of people can concentrate on the quality of materials and the contentment it brings.

  1. e) The meeting point

   Home can be used as a conference spot. You may be a member of many neighborhood organizations or leads a busy life like a businessman or politician. For those home serves official space to operate. Those who wish to operate an office inside the home forget about the location and concentrate on infrastructure.

  • Why the location of home matters
  1. a) The professional type

   Sometimes people buy a new home to make their career hassle free. Studies show that the distance between office and home has a direct effect on one’s mind. Less distance equals more free time and peace of mind.

  1. b) Renting home

If you are buying a home for renting in future location is important than property size.  Property in city perimeter has evergreen demand because of its location than mere size. A property’s resale value stays constant until its location preserves its demand. Any positive development inside and around the location benefit you as an owner.

  1. c) Free bird

Some guys stay in the house after work. But some others prefer roaming around all night. For the latter group, location is important than size. A well-developed network of the road may be the primary need of such group.

  1. d) Concentration on outdoor lifestyle

Many people concentrate on improving indoor amenities of their home. But those who love the outdoor lifestyle won’t worry about the home size. Imagine a small home with a pool and gym outside. It’s nothing less than a luxury villa.


  1. e) Belief in community

   A good neighborhood always helps to begin better housing. A home inside a particular elite community glorifies one’s address. And being a part of a strong community provides safety for your family also.

  1. f) Value for privacy

In contemporary society, privacy is a priceless right. Maybe you need a location away from the buzzing city life. Like a home on a seashore or in the woods.

After approximating budget consider the above points to choose between size and location.  Or maybe you may find a perfect home without such confusion at all.

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