How to Control Pest in your home

How to control pest in your home

Home is one of the valuable assets in our life. And any harm to our property has a direct effect on our emotional and financial stability. When checking the factors that affect the health of home we come across the annoying pest factor. Because every home has these uninvited guest invaded in the nook and corner. The problem with pests is that they live in our house and eventually becomes a threat to the entire atmosphere of the home. The list of pest is vast from tiny ants to tricky rodents. They are difficult to trace since most of this group inhabit in the dark corners and cracks in your home. And pests usually increase their population exponentially. So if you fail to defend these little creatures from your home you may have a series of a sleepless night. That’s why this article discusses the reasons for pest attack and how to control them effectively.

  • Let’s start searching  

Before running for solution know your problem. Examine your house carefully to find which pests are prominent in your house. Because the method to fight pest is different according to their size and spread.

  • Identifying the attractions 

There are some materials in our home which act as a magnet which attract pests. Uncovered food items, old clothes, wood items, etc. are some of the favorite dreams of any pest. Another welcome gesture for pest is wet spots. In Kerala due monsoon curtains, carpet and furnishing may drench in water. And it can create a favorable atmosphere for micro pest growth.

  • Clutter and cleaning 

Lazy people create dump yards inside the house. They dumb unwanted clothes and furniture in rooms or backyard without noticing it’s attracting termites and cockroaches. And improper disposal of food items near the kitchen will certainly invite rodents and fruit flies inside your home. So practice cleaning as a frequent process. Wipeout any spills with soap water. And store remaining food in airtight containers. Release standing water in the sink and fix any leaking pipe.

  • Prohibit unauthorized entry

Due to changing climate condition cracks and gaps are certain in our walls and windows. These gaps are a haven for numerous pests. Painting in regular intervals is an ultimate solution to seal numerous cracks. If there are ventilations or holes in your home place a proper screen in front of the openings. Also, keep vegetation and stacked wood away from your walls to deny easy passage for pests.

  • Try these 

If you are facing severe attack from pests then taking mere safety measures won’t hold them back. In such condition try the following;

Special plants

Some plants are natural defenders of pests. Herbs like Neem, Basil or Rosemary can keep away bugs and mosquitos from your home.

Create a hotspot
 To protect the food and wooden items from pest create an alternate attraction point for pests. Hanging a small source of food items outside your home keeps hazardous pest away from your home. Mixing glue or other trap with this effectively reduces their comebacks.

Home remedies

Some easily available things like vinegar, garlic, onions, etc. can be used to confuse and diffuse pest attack. Wiping tables and floor with an appropriate amount of such items are found to be useful to control the pest.

Mild pesticide 

Every method fails you can try mild pesticide inside your home. Professional assistance is advised in such a situation since these can be harmful to the youngest members of the family.



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