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Top 6 tips to consider before buying a Villa

Almost everyone dreams of owning a home of their own. Well built, spacious home which can protect and nourish you and your family with comfort and joy. If you are someone who is busy with work and related issues, building a new house of your taste will be a tough task for you. That left you with a single option, which is to buy a home villa. With a compound of your own and a lot of privacy to cherish, a villa is indeed a great option. But when it comes to buying one it is an entirely different story as it comes with its own share of sweat and risk. There are awful lots of things that can go wrong. You have to take a great deal of caution in the process. We are helping you in this process by giving you six important things to consider before buying a villa.

Villas in Calicut
Mind the budget
Ensure that your dream villa will not derail your budget. This part of the buying process is really important and is worth giving a lot of attention. Make sure your purchase is within the pre-approved loan budget. After settling the initial price and EMI, make sure you have enough money left for your normal lifestyle. It’s always better to choose a purchase that will not challenge your income, don’t risk your home for something that is difficult for you to afford.
Get clear idea of the Total cost
Many costs are involved in the buying process. This includes stamp duty, registration fee, home owner’s association fee, maintenance fee, insurance etc. Getting a clear idea of the costs involved will help you plan the budget accordingly. This will keep you away from any unwanted deficits.
Do little research on your builder
Doing a little research on your builder will help you to find the villa of your dreams. A stroll through some of their projects may help you to decide whether the builder is reliable or not. Verify that the land you buy is not involved in any legal issues. You can use post queries related to the builder in online real estate forums.
Location is Important
Location is one of the most important things to be considered before buying a villa. Choose your location based on whether you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or a place in town where it’s easy for you to work. Also make sure your location is near to social facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping areas, banks, restaurants and bus stops. Ensure that the neighbourhood is safe, location is well connected and is away from all sorts of pollution.
Consult a Professional
If you know someone who is familiar with real estate business, it will do good to consult him with the business and showing him the villa you plan to buy. Make sure that the person you consult isn’t an agent of any builders. An unbiased expert opinion will always act in your favour.
Consider the Resale Value
Human minds are frequently subjected to changes. You may feel a need for change in the future, you may feel to have a bigger house or you may feel to move to a rather peaceful place after your retirement etc. In any of these cases, if you want to sell your house for good money, you better keep in mind the factors that may affect the resale price.
A home is something that silently shouts your status to the world, somewhere you can be comfortable and safe. Buying one is of great importance since your very life is depended upon it. So when you are out for home shopping, don’t be in a hurry, take your time, make your decision a perfect one.

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