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How to make your Guest Bedroom more Appealing

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This article shares some ideas about making your guest room in your Villa more welcoming to your loving guests. This section of Villa may be the least used one. But when a guest arrives, your home will be rated on the appearance of the guest room. So make it captivating with some simple tips.

The guest room may not be the most sought out place in your Villa. You once gave a place for it in your house plan. And eventually forgets about the necessity it owns. But this room silently brands your Villa in front of an unexpected guest. So it demands a classy appearance.
Let’s discuss some ideas that can recreate your guest space.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

  • Keep it simple and make space
    If you want to make any space in your Villa awesome then simplicity is the way. Don’t clutter the guest room with unwanted items. Keep the room clean. Avoid exaggerated furnishing tendency. So perfect number is one/two chairs with one table. Limiting the furniture smartly gives more space to your guest room. Of Course, Space gives cosy look for the room.
  • Remember the essentials

Always prepare your guest room by foreseeing the needs. Such as space to keep luggage, a table and chair, a pot of water, and a mirror for sure. Remember to empty cupboards by removing your possessions from it.  Ensure there is working plug points for charging mobile and lap. After a long journey, your guest will certainly search for these.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

  • Bedding is an art

The main attraction of a guest room is the bed. So bedding becomes a talent. Choose to clothe according to climate and comfort. Select themes for children. Place bed at the centre of the room as in hotels.  Whoever your guest is , keep it clean. Don’t forget to provide duvet or blanket.  Match pillows with beddings. That makes it classy.

  • Importance of bathroom

Nevertheless to say your guest room must have an attached bathroom. Your guest deserves that. For a refreshing, he/she will visit the bathroom. So make sure there are a first-hand towel, soap and shampoo with face creams. Be sure that Washroom smells good.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

  • Privacy

Room always implies privacy. Inside those for walls, one is their own. In guest room importance of privacy doubles. So cover windows of guest rooms with beautiful curtains. Recheck the strength of door locks. To keep the privacy uninterrupted you can place a telephone in the room. By this, you can avoid knocking at the doors.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut


  • Determine the Decorative

Again keep it simple. Decorative imparts life to an inactive room. A must wall decoration is a working clock. And you can adorn walls and tables with pleasing pictures of scenery. Don’t try a stuffed tiger head instead. Place a basket of fruits on the table. You can also choose an exclusive paint for your villa’s guest room.

  • Lighting is special

What if lighting fails? Then your every effort to revamp the room goes in vain. Select trendy bulbs with the rich look and soothing light. Try to lit up every corner of the room with a different set of lights. And if there are different switches to control each set, guest will love it. A cool bed light is recommended which can be controlled from the bed.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

  • Entertainment

If you can provide entertainment options in guest room then it is called luxurious. A TV or music system in this room is a wonderful option. Books are an alternative. Select some books and place it near the bed. Consider the character of your guest in a selection of such items.

villas in Calicut

villas in Calicut

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Five tips to design your Dining Room

What is the real joy of family? Let’s say it is the endless reunions and gathering that each member makes every time. We share feelings, news, opinions and numerous emotional things in those get-togethers. And you know the best place for such reunions is your dining area. But some people neglect the dining area thinking it’s a waste of effort. In fact, dining area designs are too important for a better family bond. So in this article, we are discussing five tips to design your dining area.

  1. The correct position

Before deciding on the designing plan you better find an exact position for the dining area. Since dining room demands calm and uninterrupted atmosphere you should keep it away from the home entrance. To ensure easy passage between kitchen and living room the desirable position of the dining area is at the center of the home. Place your dining table near a window so that space is filled with air and natural light. Don’t congest dining room with unnecessary furniture. Instead, turn your dining area’s design as the focal point of that room. Rather than words let the guests are welcomed by delightful dining space.

  1. Importance of measurement

Dining area design demands some mathematical approach. Unlike other rooms, the measurement of furnishing in this space must be accurate for a better experience. Let’s have an insight;

  1. a) Table

We all know that the primary furniture in a dining area is the dining table. The arrangement of the dining table can determine the overall visual output of the room. The size of the table must be finalized according to the strength of your family. Rather than selecting the extreme end of small and big consider buying a table of medium size. Even though there are no hard rules on the size there are general options you can consider. For that first choose the shape of the table. Square and round is the common option and later is the favorite option. Round tables have many advantages. It’s visually pleasing and provides easy seating arrangement. A round table with diameter 4’0” is suitable for a 4 to 6 person family. The diameter can be 5’ or 6’ but above that, you got some problems. Because bigger the table bigger the risk of communication across the table. And the shared area of the table starts to congest the room. A 6’ table can seat 12 people if you adjust the cramping by appropriate chair selection. If you are a fan of rectangular tables then a table with 3’ width and 6’ length can accommodate 6 to 8 people smoothly. To give good leg spaces follow the standard 30 inches (76cm) height of table height.

  1. b) Chair

In the dining room, the purpose of the chair is more important than its visual appeal. The wrong size and height of the chair can ruin the total experience of this space. It is better to try out chairs with the table at the time of the initial buy. Sometime a 6’ wide table can’t seat in its full capacity due to the table leg spacing. Since the dining table comes with chair set let it be your least worry.

After setting dining table consider saving at least 36 inches of space between wall and table. We can’t jump over the table and grab a seat right?


  1. Mix and match

The traditional way of setting the dining area is sticking to the monotone. But the creative minds can mix and match the colors to add a dramatic appearance to this space. The best option you have in mixing is the chairs around the table. It’s good to follow the same shape and different color method in chair selection for a mix and match.

  1. The creative part

Once you finished with the table and chair setting the creative part works as bonus points. Place a carpet under the table to create a reserved space illusion. Or place the dining area to an open space where a scenery or exterior view adds drama to space. Trying a combo of the living room and dining area is a common practice now. With the wise placing of furniture, you can fuse these two special areas.

  1. Light gives life

There is no doubt about the importance of light in a dining room. The variation of light provides a different mood for the dining area. The yellowish tone of light can add a cozy feel and a delicious color to food. Bright and dim light is your last option since we need smooth light to see others face and what we are eating. A chandelier is a fitting option in the dining room. Recessed or monorail lighting feels good in most of the dining area. Set a focus light to the table. Apart from ascending light, you need to add some layers of light to serve the purpose.

Above given are some concepts for dining area designing. Add your creative and personal touch to these ideas and make every reunion worth to remember.



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How to decorate living room on a small budget


Home is made out of love. Likewise, your room becomes a living space only when you personalize it. Interior decoration is a creative and calculated approach to make a room functional with all its beauty. If you plan to decorate your room by priority then living room demands primary consideration.  Because the living room is a large space packed with furniture and other essentials. And this is the best space where you can impress any guest or relatives. But most people are dejected by the bulk money demand for such decoration. That’s why in this article we discuss some tips to decorate a living room in a small budget.

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

  1. Importance of planning

If you don’t plan before decorating a large space like the living room extra expenditure is inevitable. Do research on popular websites and download some pictures of beautiful living rooms. This will definitely give some insight to fill the space in a living room effectively. If you have professional help, even the old furniture can be used to make a modern living room.

Builders in Calicut, Top builder in Calicut, List of builders in Calicut

Builders in Calicut, Top builder in Calicut, List of builders in Calicut

  1. Filter unnecessary

This part is very important. Many of us bulkily purchase and store attractive accessories in rooms. But such habit eventually steals the functional space and freedom of a room. Arranging limited accessories in proper position makes the interior decoration meaningful. The visual flow of a room must be maintained to get a beautiful outcome.

  1. The natural way

You don’t have to buy many items you utilize the natural boons. One example is the sunlight. Allowing sunlight to enter into the living room brings positive energy with it. It also gives the feeling of more space in the room. When brighter wall colour is combined with sunlight the necessity of artificial light becomes a night option. To allow more sunlight;

  1. a) Use lighter or warmer colours in walls
  2. b) Opt for Shiny or polished surface
  3. c) Try mirrors in walls
  4. d) Give some air space in the living room


  1. Art helps your budget

Are you an artist? Whether or not creative art can transform a living room into a special space. We don’t recommend expensive paintings. Instead use small crafts, family photographs, precious medal etc. to make a room with some life. You can use arts to personalize and setting a theme in the room. Use it wisely or otherwise your room will be no different than a craft shop.


  1. Experiments on walls

Walls in your living room are the canvas of your personality. One way to reduce expenditure on the wall is painting yourself. It’s demanding work but the final result will defiantly satisfy you. Use offers available in wholesale shops. Buy your samples as a combo. This will save money. You can use some apps which relate the total wall area to the paint needed.

  1. Ceilings and floors
  2. a) Ceiling

Ceiling defines the size of a room. So hanging an expensive chandelier in a small room isn’t decorative. Know the proportion of the room and select the fittings in the up space. For low ceilings choose low profile furniture. This will help to maintain the space between floor and ceiling. You can use cheap vertical lined wallpapers to create an illusion of a high ceiling.

  1. b) Floor

Carpet with area rugs is the best alternative to the wall to wall carpet. Various texture and colors are available for a personalized look. Or you can make a custom rug to fit in the overall theme of the living room. Relate the rug or carpet size to the furniture or wall. An alone carpet will make a negative impression.

  1. Furniture selection

Furniture is the most important and expensive necessity in living room decoration. To decrease the blame in the budget, try mixing older furniture with fresh items. You can polish and repair old and functional table and chairs. Divert the gained money to buy some contemporary piece of furniture. Convertible furniture is another great choice. They can be wall mounted or stand free. Such item replaces the need of other furniture.



How to arrange furniture in your living room so that it looks spacious and elegant

100019091-500Everybody loves a spacious living room with a stunning interior. But people realize the trouble when the cost calculation begins. Usually, a total makeover of home needs plenty of money. And house owners who spent money without a plan end up in desperation. But there is good news. That is we have a simple way to renovate the living room. Your money is preserved if you know the art of selecting and arranging the furniture in the living room. All you need is a creative mind and some help from a professional.


The impact of furniture in the living room

If there is a thing that defines the living room that is the furniture in it. Each and every item you arrange in that room itself makes the room lively or weird. Irrespective of the size of room modern villas are concentrating on interior designing to make a positive outcome. Professionals recommend selecting furniture based on comfort and room proportion.


The rule of function and form

Every room in our home has its own priority like the kitchen for cooking and bathroom for refreshing. But the living room needs to be extra attractive and spacious since this room is going to welcome all your guests. So how can you make your living area extraordinary? The answer is simple, just concentrate on the furnishing. But the selection of furniture is not an easy process. You may easily get distracted by the enormous offers out there in the market. Most people find the item they brought with confidence becomes a liability when it comes to arranging them in the room. They simply don’t fit in the room. To avoid such situation you must follow the rule of function and form. The rule says the form (size of furniture) need to be justified by the function. For example, you can select a long table for the room if it adds beauty and space to the room.


Think beyond the box

When you are ready to select furniture for your living room don’t just stick on the practical use of it. Analyze the visual space of the furniture. Imagine how particular furniture is going to cover the area in your room. All the furniture must blend into the overall theme of your room. If a single item disrupts the flow of view, your living room might seem congested. Below we discuss some furnishing techniques to increase the space and elegance of the living room.


  1. a) Traditional and modern approaches in materials

Don’t stick to heavy wooden furniture. You have steel and glass variants. A glass table never blocks the visual flow hence benefit in room space. Shining steel item also reflects light and makes the room brighter in tone.

  1. b) Multipurpose variants

Multipurpose furniture is suitable for small rooms. This approach is modern and useful. In multipurpose options, you can convert a sofa or cupboard into a large bed. This is technique is also known as resource furnishing. Converting is the essence of this method.

  1. c) Making a layout

You can divide and layout the living room using furniture. Placing furniture close to the wall isn’t always necessary. You can make different sections in the living room by a set of sofas and cushions. A gaming area and recreation space in the living room can be set up by furniture arrangement.


Art of making space

Don’t make your living room look like a store with lots of stuff inside. Space between furniture is an important thing. If you can’t reach particular furniture easily then the functionality of the room is in doubt. Limit large furniture in the living room. Try to make the arms of sofas and chairs small. You can use furniture with own storage to hide the clutter inside. Make sure all furniture is placed with fitting pairs. Contradicting height and color diminishes the elegance of the room.

Catching the eyes

Sometimes distracting the views of your guest makes benefits. If your living room is small then try installing some exceptional furniture in the room.  A stylish armchair in the corner of a room readily attracts any outsider. Or low floor cushion with soft carpet calms the mind. You can set one or more focus in a room. But don’t try to place distraction in every corner. Arrange furniture according to a planned note.




How To Select Best Bathroom Vanity


Everyone begins their day in the bathroom to get a fresh push. So isn’t that nice to make a bathroom more accessorized based on the usual needs? Bathroom vanities help in converting a bathroom space into an effective recreational room.  Whether your bathroom is big or small in size, bathroom vanities can make it a better place. Because bathroom vanity is the art of choosing stylish decorative based on the basic necessities.

bathroom villa

Since bathrooms are relatively small space in the villa, selection of vanities has a greater impact. So choose bathroom vanities by foreseeing the challenges and advantages. Let’s discuss how to select the best bathroom vanity among the favorites.

Types of vanities

When you have determined to have vanities in your bathroom it’s better to know the options available for you. Consult an interior designer who has insight into the aesthetics of the room. Prior to consulting an expert know some vanity varieties.


  1. Wall mounted

This kind of vanity is becoming more popular among people. Because wall mounted vanities give an airy look as well as more space to the room. You can fit a cupboard or frame to the walls which help in storing some essentials. But the strength of the vanity depends on how much it is attached to the wall. Wall mounted vanities mostly comes up with a clean-lined contemporary design.

  1. Independent

The independent style is just opposite to wall mounted vanities. Anything under this category can be portable and adjustable.


  1. Sink combinations

Sinks are an integral part of an accessorized bathroom. Instead of a single sink, contemporary trends use multiple sinks with a combination of storage space under them. If you wish to experiment with sinks then consider the freestanding approach. Otherwise, you can wall mount them. If you don’t have a minimum 45 inches space then consider a sink in corner of the room. Apart from the installing options, you have numerous sink types which differ in color and shape.


  1. Cabinet vanity

Cabinets are suitable for relatively big bathrooms. If you have adequate counter space in your bathroom then never hesitate to have a cabinet vanity. Cabinet vanity sizes usually start from 18 inches to 72 inches or above. You can keep medicines to clothes in it. To save space one can combine cabinet with sinks and use sliding doors against swinging one.


The conflict between Trend and Need

Day by day innovating ideas are blooming in interior designing. So naturally, bathroom vanities also possess numerous trendy varieties for you. But before spending bulk money on such items know your needs first. You may need a drawer for keeping essentials or a sink that best defines the beauty of the room. Whatever it is, your selection must be utilitarian.

After knowing the trend you can bravely go for the trends. One of the active trends is open shelving and floating vanities. Open shelving is more friendly and easily accessible than cabinet kind.  In the case of floating vanity, the biggest advantage is the option to adjust height. Those who have a small bathroom will find this handy.


For who loves luxury, marble and quartz sinks are available in the market. This will give a simple and modern look. No matter how you experiment with bathroom vanity stick to the minimalistic concept. Because less space more utility is the hallmark of contemporary styles.

Know your room

Before making any checklists for bathroom vanity know your room proportion. A square and the rectangle shaped bathroom demands different selection. Exaggerated use of vanity will result in congested room space. Contemporary villas have multiple bathrooms plus a master bathroom. If you prefer to make a special bathroom for your guest then you can concentrate on making it the master one.

Ways of installation

After selecting the most suitable bathroom vanity next step is to install them. To avoid unwanted expenditure study about the plumbing line, door openings, ventilator, and closet. Because these things can be a hurdle for the installation and effectiveness of bathroom vanity. A door opening to the cabin or a sink blocking the closet can be a headache. A bathroom remodeling engineer can calculate the space division between vanities. Otherwise look for faucet openings and water connection and install the vanity yourself.



How to choose tile for your bathroom


A bathroom is a place where you can experiment with your creativity. This article deals with some tips on choosing your bathroom tile.

The true aesthetic of your villa lies in the interior designing of rooms. It’s certainly not an easy task because much money is invested upon each idea. So you might suppress the sensation to experiment to an extent. But one of your often visited places in home, the bathroom is away from all these worries. Its small space is the canvas for your experiments. When building up your bathroom, the most important task is tiling. The tiles you choose must endure the water drenched conditions. Style and purpose are the two important factors in the tiling of your bathroom.

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

Understand the purpose

Choosing your bathroom tiles is easy when you know the purpose. Since bathrooms are mostly wet, you need to opt for water-resistant tiles. Less porous tiles like porcelain tiles are most suitable for bathroom decoration. The tile you chose for your bathroom must defend bad smells, easy to clean, scratch resistant and beautiful. Highly polished tile gives shine and makes cleaning easy. But tiles that make you slip is not recommended.

Decide the look

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

The amalgam of durability and style is what your bathroom floor deserves. If you ignore the style factor, then the bathroom will become a negative space rather than a refreshing point. So Bathroom is the perfect place for a show-off. It can reflect your personality and creativity. But styling means expense. Coloured and deep pattern pieces are costly. So make your selection wisely. Closet or bathtub attached rooms may have multiple curves to finish. So combinations of small and large tiles are essential to plant the floor effectively. If your budget offends your luxurious plans, then think about the wow factor. You can set ordinary tiles in the floor by mixing unique stones in between. So that those special cozy stones capture your guest’s attention.

Quality matters

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

When you are to purchase tiles, make sure you examine the water absorbing ability of that tile. This is a primary concern because lesser the absorbing rate higher the durability. You can check the grade of tile to ensure durability. Closely watch any cracks or thickness change before fixing tile into the floor or wall. Usually, the manufacturer depicts the quality of tiles with labels. Abrasion resistance is the indicator that you need to concentrate. It shows how strong your tiles are against wear and tear. When comparing to a kitchen or living area, a bathroom is okay with low-grade tiles.

Foresee future

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

Once the tiles are placed, it is a tough task to replace them. Any plan to replace a tile will empty your time and pocket. So when you choose bathroom tile for your villa it must cover the modern innovations. Instead of selecting contrasting color, opt for classic and unique patterned pieces.

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

villas in calicut, builders in calicut, luxury homes in calicut. villa projects in calicut

Different types   

You always have options. In bathroom flooring, the different types of tiles are ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, marble, travertine etc. Usually vinyl is the popular choice since it is low cost and pragmatically lasting. If you are up to patterns and colors go for ceramic and porcelain. They are much expensive than vinyl materials but are harder enough. If you wish a radical look, use stones and plastic laminated alternatives available in the market. But those are not perfect practical choice indeed.


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Find out how to Accessorise your Living room

Find out how to accessorise your living room, with suggestions on house plants, wall arts and some decorative tricks.

Luxury homes in calicut

Luxury homes in Calicut


once you have made all the major decisions for the living room, such as the wall colour, flooring choice and selection of statement furnishings, don’t think that the project you have been working for months has finally come to a satisfying end. Because accessorising the room doesn’t have to be yet another thing on your do list. With such a huge choice of accessories ranging from quirky to chic, picking out the perfect ones for your living room can be a lot of fun! Here we provide some awesome tips for making your living room charming and more beautiful. Consider the following suggestions next time you decorate your living room.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in Calicut

  • Bring the outdoors in.

Extending home comforts to your outdoor space and bringing the beauty of nature into your home are popular decoration trends. The easiest way to bring the outdoors into your home is through houseplants. Choices for the houseplants range from colourful Anthurium to exotic bamboo.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in Calicut

Another method is to bring more natural light in. This can be done by strategically placing glass accessories around the room. Not only for windows but add glass touch also for the roof, and you get trendy roof lights. And for the plants use chic black framed oval mirror vases. This, not only bounces light across the room but also creates an illusion of space, making the room feel airier.


  • Decorate the walls
luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

If you are looking to liven up the living area wall art is the way to do it. You can add simple but stylish design flair enrich in personality through a wall art. Starting from striking black and white prints to resplendent flower. Animal prints bursting with brilliant colours to abstract themes. And to what not, the sky is the limit for arts. Alternatively, invest for a memo board and decorate with ornaments and pictures as well as useful reminders.

Luxury homes in calicut

Luxury homes in Calicut

  • Photo frames


Displaying family photographs in beautiful frames is a great way to personalise the living room as the heart of the home. Opt for walnut frames to add more warmth, black frames for more edgy and contemporary feel or cream and silver photo frames for a neutral look to suit any space. Photo frames are not confined to the walls, they also look great on mantelpieces, sideboards and bookcases. Often it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference to the look and frame of room, giving the space a character and personality.

luxury homes in calicut

luxury homes in calicut

After all, a living room in a home is very important as it is the gathering space of family members and guests. So remember to keep it furnished, decorated, and accessorised. Because this has much to do with your dear ones smile. Keep the suggestions in mind and let the living space talk with stylish accessories from antique mantel clocks to distinctive twisted door handles. And turn your home into a functional and fashionable abode.

Luxury homes in Calicut

Luxury homes in Calicut


How to Control Pest in your home

How to control pest in your home

Home is one of the valuable assets in our life. And any harm to our property has a direct effect on our emotional and financial stability. When checking the factors that affect the health of home we come across the annoying pest factor. Because every home has these uninvited guest invaded in the nook and corner. The problem with pests is that they live in our house and eventually becomes a threat to the entire atmosphere of the home. The list of pest is vast from tiny ants to tricky rodents. They are difficult to trace since most of this group inhabit in the dark corners and cracks in your home. And pests usually increase their population exponentially. So if you fail to defend these little creatures from your home you may have a series of a sleepless night. That’s why this article discusses the reasons for pest attack and how to control them effectively.

  • Let’s start searching  

Before running for solution know your problem. Examine your house carefully to find which pests are prominent in your house. Because the method to fight pest is different according to their size and spread.

  • Identifying the attractions 

There are some materials in our home which act as a magnet which attract pests. Uncovered food items, old clothes, wood items, etc. are some of the favorite dreams of any pest. Another welcome gesture for pest is wet spots. In Kerala due monsoon curtains, carpet and furnishing may drench in water. And it can create a favorable atmosphere for micro pest growth.

  • Clutter and cleaning 

Lazy people create dump yards inside the house. They dumb unwanted clothes and furniture in rooms or backyard without noticing it’s attracting termites and cockroaches. And improper disposal of food items near the kitchen will certainly invite rodents and fruit flies inside your home. So practice cleaning as a frequent process. Wipeout any spills with soap water. And store remaining food in airtight containers. Release standing water in the sink and fix any leaking pipe.

  • Prohibit unauthorized entry

Due to changing climate condition cracks and gaps are certain in our walls and windows. These gaps are a haven for numerous pests. Painting in regular intervals is an ultimate solution to seal numerous cracks. If there are ventilations or holes in your home place a proper screen in front of the openings. Also, keep vegetation and stacked wood away from your walls to deny easy passage for pests.

  • Try these 

If you are facing severe attack from pests then taking mere safety measures won’t hold them back. In such condition try the following;

Special plants

Some plants are natural defenders of pests. Herbs like Neem, Basil or Rosemary can keep away bugs and mosquitos from your home.

Create a hotspot
 To protect the food and wooden items from pest create an alternate attraction point for pests. Hanging a small source of food items outside your home keeps hazardous pest away from your home. Mixing glue or other trap with this effectively reduces their comebacks.

Home remedies

Some easily available things like vinegar, garlic, onions, etc. can be used to confuse and diffuse pest attack. Wiping tables and floor with an appropriate amount of such items are found to be useful to control the pest.

Mild pesticide 

Every method fails you can try mild pesticide inside your home. Professional assistance is advised in such a situation since these can be harmful to the youngest members of the family.



Location or size- What is more important for a home buyer?

Nowadays buying or building a home is comparatively easy thanks to the technological advancement. But choosing the perfect home from the vast sea of option is certainly demanding. If you are new to the real estate sector there will be numerous conflicting ideas that delay your final deal on a home. One of the most confusing problems for a customer is the location and size. By size here we mention the overall project or property size. The fact is clear that both location and size are an important factor. But the factor that matters to you depends on your personal needs. The only way to solve the dilemma between size and location problem is to understand your primary needs. In this article, we will discuss how to make a decision between the size and location of a home.

  • Know your needs

Before compromising between size and locations of the property ask a simple question. Why are you buying this home? For many people buying a home means finding a new space for their family. For some others owning a new home means a strategic move to make life easier.  Both these demand gratifies the importance of size and location of a home. Let’s go further deep.

  • Why the size of home matters
  1. a) A vibrant family

If you are planning to move a big family then the size of home matters. Congested rooms and scarcity in space may lead to complaints. House with more bedrooms is essential for joint families. If family members can share the initial cost then a big house is an easy target.

  1. b) More socialized

A large home always expects guests. If you are open to guest and friends home with a spacey living room is a fine shot.

  1. c) Budget

   When you concentrate on the size of the home it doesn’t mean that you are intending to increase the size. Sometimes the budget limit forces us to opt for a small and well-accessorized home.  If you have budget constraints then spending money on home rather than location is recommended. 

  1. d) Aesthetic type

   Some people love an artistic home. They are more emotionally attached to the home. For them, the size and formation of the home are more important than location. This group of people can concentrate on the quality of materials and the contentment it brings.

  1. e) The meeting point

   Home can be used as a conference spot. You may be a member of many neighborhood organizations or leads a busy life like a businessman or politician. For those home serves official space to operate. Those who wish to operate an office inside the home forget about the location and concentrate on infrastructure.

  • Why the location of home matters
  1. a) The professional type

   Sometimes people buy a new home to make their career hassle free. Studies show that the distance between office and home has a direct effect on one’s mind. Less distance equals more free time and peace of mind.

  1. b) Renting home

If you are buying a home for renting in future location is important than property size.  Property in city perimeter has evergreen demand because of its location than mere size. A property’s resale value stays constant until its location preserves its demand. Any positive development inside and around the location benefit you as an owner.

  1. c) Free bird

Some guys stay in the house after work. But some others prefer roaming around all night. For the latter group, location is important than size. A well-developed network of the road may be the primary need of such group.

  1. d) Concentration on outdoor lifestyle

Many people concentrate on improving indoor amenities of their home. But those who love the outdoor lifestyle won’t worry about the home size. Imagine a small home with a pool and gym outside. It’s nothing less than a luxury villa.


  1. e) Belief in community

   A good neighborhood always helps to begin better housing. A home inside a particular elite community glorifies one’s address. And being a part of a strong community provides safety for your family also.

  1. f) Value for privacy

In contemporary society, privacy is a priceless right. Maybe you need a location away from the buzzing city life. Like a home on a seashore or in the woods.

After approximating budget consider the above points to choose between size and location.  Or maybe you may find a perfect home without such confusion at all.

How to give your small home a spacious Appearance

Everyone loves their home regardless of the size and vanity it possesses. Home is the most satisfying haven we have. But it gives more satisfaction when it looks spacious. When you know how to utilize the space you got, even the small home becomes gratifying. Interior designing and decorative approach can make a small home look spacious and elegant. Let’s have a look at some ideas to make every home spacious.

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Villas near calicut,villas in calicut city, Villa builders in calicut, villas in calicut price


Walls and space

The wall of a home is the soul of the room. If your walls are modern then the house is modern. Any changes in the walls have a direct impact on the interior of the house. So when we need the feeling of space wall is the best option you can experiment with. By hanging a long picture or curtain in walls we can create the illusion of space. A window frame touching the floor and ceiling can also foster the feeling of space. Try mirrors in the walls which can create extra virtual space inside the rooms. Or make long inbuilt shelves which give the same virtual effect. When you need to separate the big room into multiple compartments uses curtains or thread walls instead of concrete walls.

Villas near calicut,villas in calicut city, Villa builders in calicut, villas in calicut price

Villas near Calicut, villas in Calicut city, Villa builders in Calicut, villas in Calicut price


For most of the large house, the ceilings are the least concern element for the eyes. But when it comes to the aspect of space, ceilings play a vital role. Homes having less carpet area usually has ceiling close to the floor. This may give an impression of living in a cage. It is practically hard to redesign roofs once created. But you can use the lights to resolve this problem. Artificial lights pointed towards ceilings (uplighting) can overcome the congested feeling of the room. You can also try a glass window near to low ceilings. This helps to distract the guest’s critical eyes and the natural light will give your home spacey look. By painting ceilings with light colour than walls and using non-pendant light can contribute to the spacious look. If you are fond of hanging the light in rooms use it in the side portion of rooms instead of the centre point.

Villas near calicut,villas in calicut city, Villa builders in calicut, villas in calicut price

Villas near calicut,villas in calicut city, Villa builders in calicut, villas in calicut price

The magic of colours

It is known that our brain calculates space according to the colour combinations around it. The easy way to make a room spacious is painting. Brighter colours always make the room visually larger than the dark paints. The combination of dark floor and white ceilings always tricks every eye. If you are fed up with pure white walls then consider light green or blue colours instead. And when lighter colours are used in the walls match it with curtains also, because a matching curtain blends in with the wall and makes a flawless visual effect. It is better to maintain monochromatic colours in a small space to set up the visual continuation.

Avoiding Clutter

Every living space faces the problem of clutter. Sometimes we store unwanted and useless items inside the rooms which steal the precious space. A protruding decorative or overcrowded shelf can corrupt the spacey look. Always try to maintain a particular distance between items inside the rooms. If there is no white space inside a room it gets hard to live in it. And cluttering items like clothes attracts dust and the air eventually becomes polluted. That makes your room virtually and physically congested.

Villas near calicut,villas in calicut city, Villa builders in calicut, villas in calicut price

Villas near calicut,villas in calicut city, Villa builders in calicut, villas in calicut price


Rather than other interior decorative flooring has a huge impact on the space of the home. A shining and stylish floor can pin one’s look down. Single stone flooring gives incomparable space to a room. The best options for flooring lie between dark and light colours. If you choose light colour flooring it will pose a better leg space. Light floors reflect colours and the room looks airy and welcoming.

But dark floors are as good as brighter ones. You can use rich colours instead of black. But remember to balance the dark tone with bright walls and ceiling.

Carpets or tiles having vertical stripes do magic in the space issue. Those stripes when coming parallel to the walls show the room as a long area. Or try diagonal tiling that helps in deceiving the eyes and make the room spacious than in real.


Most of us select furnishing materials based on the style and size of it. But when you forget the proportion of the room this selection become a burden. For small house always choose low profile furniture. Bed close to floor and sliding doors are choice that reflects modernity and space. Mounting TV on the wall and using multipurpose furniture can be tried for utilizing the space you got. Remember not to allow any furniture take large floor space in a room. Instead, personalize your little room so that the appearance makes it emotionally spacious.