Let the ‘little space’ brighten up your home!


Be it in life or inside your pretty house, kids demand a special space. They seek space to play around, to hope more, and to to be ‘kids’. However, if you think decorating that ‘little’ space is easy, you are going wrong. Decorating your kid’s room the way he/she likes could be one of the most challenging tasks. More than just making it attractive, you’ve got to organize it in a way that supports your child’s growth. Overflowing drawers, a cluttered bed, and floors in disarray can make your kid feel frazzled. You can use some clever tricks to make it organised and attractive when it is for your little one.


Kids keep their things so dear that you find all the scraps near to their bed. To keep the chaos organised, you need to work bit creative. You can use wooden crates to keep their favourite drawing and story books. In order to store their stuff like blankets and clothes, you can use cute milk creates. They would love to see their stuff placed so cute. Use jumbo stacking baskets for all the on-the-go items like shoes, backpacks, coats etc. Always remember to choose furniture that comforts them for their room.

Here are some tips to make your kid’s room attractive and organised.

* Help your kid to be organised, starting from their bedroom. Keep things at their height and remember to keep most useful things closer.

* Make the room lively with wall paintings or art frames that kids love to see.

* Paintings of stars and moon or a cityscape on the sealing would make their bedtime sweeter. Make them excited about turning out the light at night.

* No doubt, kids love display space in their room. Try something that can be mounted on the wall and be used as a display space.

* Hang some attractive pictures and posters on strings for the little collectors to hold them dear.

* You can paint the dresser or other furniture in the room to make it kid-friendly in all aspects.

* Try installing a creative growth chart inside the room for you to see and also to make the child aware that they are growing.

* Always remember to balance but not to limit your colour choices.

Make your child’s living space most comfortable because, for them it is not just a place to sleep. It is their sleeping area, storage space, private den and playstation. Declutter their big little space. Now, let them thrive, learn and play.

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